24 Year Old, Had Small Breasts After Weight Loss, No Kids. France, FR

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I read a lot of reviews on realself before finally...

I read a lot of reviews on realself before finally taking the step towards "a new me", so I figured it was only right to let you guys know how it went for me!

I have always been quite flat chested, however after losing 12kg (27 pounds), they had lost even more volume and were just awful to look at. I didn't want a huge size and was also completely turned off by all the horror stories I had heard about breast implants. Those things can kill you.

I had the operation on the 4th october, so I'm currently just over 3 weeks out. I went in the morning and was the first patient, and had the PS draw all over me. He took fat from my hips, flanks, thighs and arms.
Before I even knew what was going on I was out like a light and then woke up in recovery. When I was still groggy, I remember having shooting pain going through my flanks, and the nurse must have given me something for it because the pain was later gone. After a few hours I was walking around and in no pain at all, laughing and joking, ha ha ha. Little did I know that this was because they had pumped a lot of pain medication into my body. The next day was much less funny. I'm not kidding, this was really painful. I don't understand how some people get this procedure done on the Friday and go to work on the Monday. The worst was actually my back, as he had gone in there to get fat from my hips. I was numb on half my back and couldn't sit, lie down or basically do anything without that hurting. It was a nightmare, impossible to sleep more than a few hours a night before being woken up from the pain. My boobs were sort of tender, but not painful at all. The worst part was getting that STUPID garment off me to take a shower, which made me go all dizzy and I had to lie down for ages.

Anyway, after about a week of no sleep and horrible pain in my back (thighs and flanks were actually alright, just sore), I was finally able to sleep somewhat comfortably, though I can't get used to sleeping on my back. Urgh. Also, I have always had stomach issues, unexplained stomach aches etc, and the garment was really not doing that any good. Even large spanx seemed to hurt me, so after meeting with my PS for the 1 week checkup, we decided it was probably best to stop wearing the garment. HALLELUJAH.

Concerning the ladies, I'm so afraid to say "I'm happy with them" because I feel like the minute I say it, they will deflate and all the fat will run away. I have even had dreams of the fat all going away and being left with saggy old lady breasts. Yep. So for now I'll just say "they are fricking amazing AT THE MOMENT". I'm super happy with the size, the roundness, the feeling of them, I love love love them (AT THE MOMENT)!! The doctor put in 270CCs, which is a lot considering he thought he would only be able to get 150CC because I'm so "thin".

I'm also super happy with the areas that were lipo'ed. I've always held my fat in my face and arms, so it's a joy to see such a difference in the before and after pictures. At 3 weeks, I still have a bit of discomfort, but it just feels like I had a good training session. I have started working out again since the 3 week mark, but only weightlifting, no cardio yet.

I will update again every few weeks or so to let you know if the size changes, but I pray they'll stay like this! For now I am fitting a small C big B, which is exactly what I wanted.

A few more pictures of just after surgery

As you can see, my bruising was barely noticeable, except the one on my lower back. My arms obviously look a little beaten up. My boobs were super high and swollen but thankfully now I'm finally feeling like myself again!

Pictures of the scars

Here is an update of what the scars look like at almost one month, on my two thighs and one arm. Not sure why the scars are a different colour on each thigh, is this normal? I put my finger next to them to get an idea of the size. I'm putting Bio Oil on the scars twice a day.

6 week update

I'm just going to be straight up and say... I'm a little sad :( I LOVED my boobs even up to the 4 or 5 week mark, they were volumptuous and a good C cup and I was really hoping it would stay the same. Then all of a sudden, one day near week 6, I lost what seems like a whole cup. You judge from the picture. The middle picture is at week 4. Perky, lots of volume on top. Now, the volume on top has sort of gone down.

Obviously, they're still so much better than before (top picture). But it's true that all the surgeon visits, undegoing general anesthesia, wearing the compression garment, having horrible pain that is STILL present etc, makes me wonder if it was all worth it...

Concerning the pain, yes it is still here. I workout 5 times a week but have to be super careful. For instance, I can't go heavy on my squats because of the swelling in my back. I did happen to do only 40kg squats and my back was extra swollen for 2 days. To be honest it does feel like it's just soreness from fitness, but I'm still surprised that it's still present at nearly 7 weeks.

Anyway, sorry to be a downer. I am happy that I have bigger boobs, but I think the fact that I thought my 4 week boobs would be my permanent boobs makes it a little sad when I see they're visibly smaller... What do you guys think?

Bikini update

Here are some pictures of before and after. The first one with my A bra and the second one with a bikini. Granted, both have a little padding. Happy when I see these sorts of results. Thanks so much everyone for all the positivity :) will update next at month 3!!

3 months Post Op

Finally I am at 3 months!!!! I therefore FINALLY went bra shopping and I am apparently a 70C, considering that before I was a AA that's a 3 cup augmentation which is pretty impressive. I must say that I am finally starting to really love my new breasts and don't find the need in doing fat transfer again. I feel like they go with my body type and they're just great.

Concerning the lipo'ed areas, I have to say there is actually STILL soreness in my arms. I'm not sure why but when I squeeze them it's quite painful and it shouldn't really be.. Going to my last checkup next week so I will ask him about that.

Other than that I can say I have gone back to my full routine of working out, sleeping on my belly and all sorts of other wonderful things!! :) :) :)

Updated pictures given to me from my surgeon!

What a shocker to see all of these together! As for the breasts, oh my god they were massive at 1 week post!!!! I'm kindof sad they are not like that anymore, but I'm still happy with my new breasts :)

As for the body pictures, obviously unfortunately he sort of pulled my underwear down in the first one so that he could photograph the areas he wanted to lips, but you can still tell there is quite a difference on my sides. Especially since I am approx 1.5kg heavier in the second picture. If I'd have stayed the same weight, I assume the differences would be even more noticeable!
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