33y Old, 2kids Wishing to Get Finally Boobs - France, FR

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I decided to share my experience as I have spent...

I decided to share my experience as I have spent so much time reading others here.
After 2 kids and breastfeeding, I got a terrible complex on my breast as it looks terrible and I feel like a teenager. I never had more than a A cup but now I don't even fill a bra..
This has become a major issue in my daily life, don't put bikinis, I don't let my husband look at me naked..
So decision has been taken :)
I saw 3 surgeons so far and today I found the "one". He took time to listen to me, to know what I was looking for and I will definitely go with him.
I am 1,65m and 44kg, quite skinny and looking for a good breast size that looks natural.
Normally I will go for 300cc, under the muscle with anatomic implants.
Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue language ??
Will upload pics as soon as I get time.

So excited, nervous and scared at the same time!

We finally decided for a date, the surgery will be next week on October 25th.
I have been dreaming of this all my life and now that the date is fixed and it's all paid, I am super scared and asking myself if it's the right decision.
For now, only my husband knows about it and I feel him getting nervous because he is so busy at work and we don't know how we will manage on the D day.
My mother is flying to help us with the kids but she doesn't know about it (I am having another surgery at the same time so she thinks that's the reason).
Anyone felt like this?

33y Old, 315CC Anatomic Under Muscle After 2 Kids

Here we go, finally done..

I don't remember a lot, I think my surgeon said I got 315cc, I will see him tomorrow morning. The pain is not as bad as expected, actually if I don't move and I don't feel anything. Let's see how goes the night. I just add pics from this morning before surgery so you see girls how ugly was my breast before :(

They are so perfect!!

Just saw my boobies, they are not too big and not too small. I am so happy thanks to my great surgeon that 100% understood what I wanted ????
Can't wait for the swollen to desappear and drains will be removed tomorrow.
Pain was terrible this night, I hope it will get better soon..

Bye bye drains!

Finally my doctor removed the drains and I can say I am feeling much better:)
He said they look nice and I just have to keep applying ice to help with swelling.
On the pic one looks bigger but it's actually because of the angle of my phone as I have my other hand in a cast.
So far I am super happy and can't wait for final result.
Already love my new breast ????

Time to see the scars

I went to my surgeon who removed the stitches after 10days.
I am very satisfied with the results ????
I almost don't have pain anymore, I even slept on the side yesterday night and morning boob is getting better from day to day.

One month update

It's been a month now and I just wanted to share my progress.
I am super happy with the result!
No one has noticed my new breast as I was cheating for so long now so when I dress up, zero difference.
My husband is delighted also with the result :)
Morning boob is completely gone for almost a week, I have a little bit of pain on my ribs from time to time when I carry my baby but I am so happy that I can carry him again.
I started a week ago using the silicone patches on the scars even if my doctor advised me to only use a cream but to be honest I don't have time to put the cream 3 times a day and massage, i am running up and down from the moment I open my eyes until I go to bed.
What else can I say, I know it's still freshly done but so far I am very satisfied. I think the size is perfect, I got back 100% of sensibility and I don't feel that I have something stranger in my body. Only sometimes when I touch under the breast in the corner I have a weird feeling because I think I can fee the implant. My surgeon said it's normal, I am very skinny and this is the part where I have less tissu, but I will get use to it and hopefully I will put a bit on weight.

Adding one more pic

I noticed on the pic I uploaded that they don't look the same but I guess it is because of the angle of my arm when taking it so here is another one which looks better.
Would love to get your opinion girls!
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