Disappointed with my Lip Lift : the surgeon ruined my life.

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I was thinking about having a lip lift since 1...

I was thinking about having a lip lift since 1 year. Before that , I thought that only fillers or implants could enhance lips. After having lip injections, I didn’t really like the result as it didn’t last long and it gave a strange duck lips as I didn’t have any teeth show.

When I discovered lip lift I was concerned about the scar so all my research were about that, and I didn’t really looked for what I should ask to the surgeon. I feel like I don’t have luck with plastic surgery, I’ve had two nose jobs and I’m still not happy about my results, even if it’s better than before, it’s not what I wanted. The same thing happened with my lip lift, but way worse.

I didn’t really talk with my surgeon about the distance of skin to removed, I only asked a little bit of teeth show and a shorter philtrum, I trusted him and his skills. Well, I should have talked with him about what I DIDN’T want, and what I wanted. I didn’t want that strange rabbit look with an high cupid bow touching the nose and mini corners, well, you know what ? this is exactly my results.

I was around 15-16 mm, I thought he was going to remove 4-5 mm on the center and 6-7 on the corner. I had 8 mm removed, and my philtrum has disappeared ! I have 6 mm of philtrum on the center (how is this possible, it should be 8, right ?) , and on my corners, my lips is still the same as before ( imagine the difference between this high cupid bow and those weird corners).
So i’m disappointed about two things :
-A mini philtrum : around 6 mm
-An high cupid bow, no corners, strange rabbit lips or triangle lips.

All I wanted was a little change, to enhance my lips, nothing more. Now I’m really depressed about that, I don’t know what to do, I’m 1 month and 4 days post op and nothing has changed since the 5th day.
I wasn’t concerned during the 3 first weeks, but when I knew that 8 mm were removed I was really angry and sad.
My lips doesn’t look natural at all (especially my profile, my lip is too close from my nose) ! I can’t even go out, I swear, I’m freaking out. I don’t know why I didn’t asked exactly what I wanted, I really thought he knew that by doing that (removed too much skin) it wouldn’t look beautiful or natural.

By removing too much skin, it also made my chin look weaker than before (even if my chin was already weak) and I don’t know, it just give me a tired and swollen face.

What can I do ?
Will my cupid bow drop down with time ? can I expect having a longer philtrum ? as it has been one month now, nothing has changed. I massage my lips every single day, nothing works.
What can I do about my corners ? should I ask for revision ?
I’m really depressed…

anything I can do?

I was asking myself if any revision could be possible to make my philtrum larger?
I saw people who had chin augmentation having their philtrum enlarged, if this a solution as I have a weak chin?
As you know, my philtrum is too tiny now (6mm) and I can't handle it, it look very unnatural mostly from the side, and I don't like the fact that my corner are too flat and my cupid bow too plump. I think if my philtrum was 1 cm it would have been a good result. I'm nearly 6 weeks post op. nothing has changed.
I'm feeling very upset..

Worst mistake ever, I wish I was warned

Today I'm feeling very very bad and sad. I had an appointment with another surgeon to have an opinion about my lip lift as the surgeon who performed the lip lift is far from my current city and I'll only be able to see him in few days. So, I talked with this surgeon about the procedure and he told me that I shouldn't do it, my lips were perfectly fine before. He refused to let me having lip fillers as I wanted it to fill the corners as they are very very flat.
He told me that my philtrum was too short and that he was himself not a fan of these types of procedure such as lip lift. He told me I should have stuck with lip fillers as they are temporary. Well you know what? i'm now in tears, I feel so bad because He is totally right, my face is totally deformed now. I regret it, I should have done fillers at least it's temporary. Now I can't see myself in a mirror without crying and regret what I did.
I was beginning to be addicted to plastic surgery, I wanted to change everything in my face and each surgery made me sadder as I was never happy with the result.
I wish my surgeon was like the surgeon I saw today : honest, not advice for useless surgeries, I think lip lift is only good for those who have very long philtrum. mine wasn't that bad and with fillers my lips were quite ok.
I swear I don't know what to do, I'm so angry, I can't go out with friends or anything, I made myself ugly.


I blame myself and my ps for letting me having this procedure. I obviously wasn't a candidate for it. I'm only 20 and I'm left with an ugly scar in the middle of my face (well the most visible are the scars stitches as too much skin was removed every stitch make a hole which even with makeup, cannot be correct) even though, the scar is not my biggest concern even if it's also devastating when your result is horrible.
When I saw my ps for the post op consultation he told me that my lip were normal, that my philtrum was also OK, and he insinuated that numbers doesn't really matters; Really???! I've been crying and can't see myself in a mirror since 7 weeks because I have this bunny face, with a ridiculous 6 mm philtrum when I initially was 16??! how the fuck (sorry) can a ps do this to a young face? I just made myself horrible, I can't do anything, I don't even know If I will ever be able to go out again.
I feel like my ps should only advice me for fillers or at least only cut 4-5mm of my skin not 8-9 mm for god sake.
There's maybe a revision I can do, He told me I'll be able to have 1-2 mm more. Being also under the knife is scarring me, and All that stuff only because he didn't respect my facial features.
I look like a monster, I've never hated myself that much.
I honestly feel so down, And I can't talk to this to anyone, people would tell me it's only my fault.
I don't even have the words to describe how much it's affecting me.....
my lips were fine, normal, natural.....
not anymore, and they'll never be... i'll be stuck with these lips stick to my nose, I look fake now, overdone.

Dr Zwillinger (Paris) has destroyed my life

This surgeon was disrespectful to me, he ruined my face and my life.
my philtrum length is still at 6 mm on the center, and 15 on the side. I still have the triangular mouth.
I have a very very bad scar, thick and every stitch made a deep mark, My nostrils are destroyed and so is my nose. my lips shape & nose used to be perfect. I didn't need a lip lift but this surgeon was only looking for money.
now , I dropped off college, I didn't go out since 4 months, stop talking to friends and families.
My face is destroyed. I had a revision with him 2 months ago , to gain back mm , he re open the scar too soon because my scar became HORRIBLE, after the first lip lift the scar was OK, but now it's terrible, all of my bottom nostrils disappeared and there's deep scarring. Plus, I'm still at 6 mm, my lips are stick to my nose .
please don't go to him !!! I've never sac any else where on this site or on the internet a result as bad as mine
he talked to me like I was nothing and sh**, he didn't comfort me at all and yelled at me. I'm only 20 and i'm a very fragile person, I had law self estim before but I can see that I used to be cute, I had perfect lips and nose, now the only two things I liked about myself are destroyed.
I spend my time sleeping, I don't know what to do now. I regret it so much. the revision made everything so much worse.
And I know I'll never have a normal philtrum length back or a normal mouth expect if I do skin graft but i'm scared to have more scarring on my face..
there's really anything I can do? I'm really depressed, staying at home since 4 months is driving me crazy but I can't go out, I look like frankenstein.

advice for laser treatment?

So.... if anyone read my all review you can see how much depressed I am. I know now I'll never be able to have a normal lips shape, a normal philtrum length, but since my second revision something is driving me crazy, my scar. It was so smooth and invisible with makeup before the revision and now it's very thick, red, and I have many holes all around my nose that come down to my philtrum. they are very deep such as the stitches scars. So basically my nostrils disappeared totally I only have a deep scar and nothing is "closing" my nose. the scar + the lips + the philtrum length is driving me crazy... I m so upset and now the only thing I can do Is blaming myself for having this revision with this bucher because even if my lips were horrible before the scar was fine...
so what can I do about my scar?
what laser? and how many months do I have to wait?
because now even with all the makeup of the world nothing can covered ! I've never seen such a bad lip lift result anywhere in REALSELF or GOOGLE.
I'm very sad, no one is supporting me in real life, i'm all by myself, And even if I stopped school, all of my future projet are a fantasy. I feel like a monster... anyway I'll stop blaming myself, If I was clever I would have visit many doctors before going to this one who destroyed my life... I swear even if my lips looks horrible, swollen, stick to my nose, the scar made everything worst.
So should I wait 6 months to have laser? what type of laser really work?
(If I didn't do this revision I wouldn't even thinking about waisting money laser again ... :()
Plus I have a huge scar stitching just above my philtrum which make my philtrum even shorter...
please If you have any advice for laser I'm listening....
And do you think it could relax my lips a bit more?
Now I'm scarred of massing the scar because it's terrifying , anyone could see it .. it's so big and disgusting ... all of you girls had chance to have good surgeon, I swear If only I did a review before choosing my PS maybe some girl would have helped me.. plus, I found all pictures of myself, I cried a lost because I already had a tiny philtrum and beautiful lips and they were perfect with filler.. now everything is over...

I truly don't have any hope for my future, I 'm so sad because I had my previous nose job out of the country for a very cheap price and it was perfect, the staff was nice and the surgeon made a perfect nose (now I can see it) but now my nose is destroyed by this scar because all of the nostrils looks ripped off and it looks widder ! And I told myself I should go to Paris, were the price are higher because the surgeon will be more careful, I WAS WRONG !!!! I first planned going to poland and when I sent them an email after my lip lift happened they told me I shouldn't do it cause my lips were perfect, that's what a real surgeon should have tell me !!
I'm so destroyed , I swear, I don't eat anymore, I don't go out, I lost all of my friends, I lost my future, sorry to bother you all but I need to write it.. my life is over, I 'm disfigured... even more with this terrible scar... my philtrum looks always swollen like a monkey face, when it used to be flat ! I think it's because he took too much skin because girls here who removed 4 or 5 never get this monkey face....all results are so good that I can't handle going on real self as much as I did.
thank you for reading me,
ps : I live in france, so if you know a name there for a laser specialist, or only if you had laser did it make the scar less obvious? thanks

Need advices

so I'm looking for doing laser in 4 months as it is supposed to wait 6 months, hoping my scar will be better even if it's a mess.
but I was thinking about having another lip lift but only on the sides, (on the side of the nostrils) because as you may know my philtrul length is only 6 mm i'll never short this again, I wish I was only 1 cm :(.... anyway, do you think it would be great to remove skin from the side to not have this triangular mouth anymore? because if skin is removed from the side the lips will look more straight and less triangular no?
what do you think guys?
I don't want to do something before one year or so but I'm thinking about solution because if I stay like that I won't be able to go out for the rest of my life.
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