350cc Silicone HP Textured Overs

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23 yr old 1 child 5'5" 125lbs 350cc textured...

23 yr old 1 child 5'5" 125lbs 350cc textured silicone HP Overs: currently 32B hoping to be a D

3 days and counting!!! I've had my appointment scheduled for a year now and I couldn't be more excited/nervous. Realself has helped me immensely, after reading countless reviews its given me confidence that I'm making the right decision. So I figured I would share my story and process in order to help other women out. I only went to see one PS, a friend of mine had her BA done by her and also her father highly recommended her work after having a scar on his face fixed. Right off the bat I knew I didn't want to go submuscular, something about it makes me uneasy. Luckily my PS thought I'd be a great candidate for subglandular since I use to be a C cup and have plenty of extra skin. I love my PS I get such a great vibe from her and I know we are 100% on the same page. I'm currently wearing a 32B and I love my girls but frankly they just look deflated and sad. It's time for this mommy to get a boobie make over. I've filled my prescription but still need to get some front zipper bras and a few other supplies. Obviously millions of things have been whizzing through my mind but I'm the most worried about if my 350cc silicone Textured HP will be big enough. I have a really small frame and my PS feels if we go any bigger it will look to fake, which I don't want, but I also don't want to be disappointed with the size either, ahh idk!?

Day 2

Hey ladies! I had my surgery yesterday at 845am I was so nervous and excited but all the nurses were so nice and my PS made me feeling nothing but reassured and comfortable. My throat hurt a little when I woke up and I told the nurses my chest pain was like a 7 so they gave me a little more medicine two different times so when I left the hospital my pain scale was at like a 2 (I could feel every single bump in the road!) The pain last night wasn't terrible, as long as I keep up with my meds every 4 hours it's pretty minimal. I'm trying not to move much at all because that's when it starts to hurt. The dr said not to take my bra off and shower until Friday. She didn't say anything about massaging or icing? I can't wait to open up the bra tomorrow and see what these babies look like! I think the size, when the swelling goes down, is going to be perfect. I just can't wait until they feel apart of me. Will post some pictures without the bra tomorrow.

Day 2: just took my first shower

Day 5

So I've stopped taking my pain meds because they really don't hurt anymore and I think the meds were giving me a headache. I do feel a lot of pressure on the bottom part of my breast mostly when I'm up walking around. I find myself holding them in order to make it comfortable while I'm walking. So Id just rather stay laying down for now, until I get use to it or it goes away. Also one of the badgages covering my incisions came off. The incions don't hurt at all, only itch a bit. I don't regret my decision as it is still really early, I just am trying to be patient and not think to much about it. I can't wait until they soften up and feel less like this.

Finally starting to feel like myself

I'm so happy that they are finally feeling more and more like a part of me. I got so scared that they were never going to feel right. They almost have all of their feeling back and I can now comfortably sleep on my side and do some normal activities. Lifting motions still feel weird but I pulled my son around the yard in his sled today and felt fine afterwards. I went out and bought a 34C sports bra it's a little tight but they keep the girls in place. The less movement the better.

Almost 1 month

I get a tiny sharp pain in the upper corner of my left breast occasionally but other than that they feel normal. I've got the ok to go back to the gym to work lower body and could go back to work now. I can finally lift my son without any discomfort. Need to go bra shopping asap to get something other than sports bras!

Happy my with results!!

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