Fractional Laser Resurfacing - Longview, TX

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I had my first fractional laser treatment done two...

I had my first fractional laser treatment done two weeks ago. I went to a dermatologist who has a Palomar Star Lux Fractional laser instead of the Fraxel laser.

The Dermatologist told me that the laser she uses is basically the same as the Fraxel restore laser, just made by a different company. She did say that with the lase she uses that you don't always ned as many treatments as with the Fraxel laser. We will see.

I was originally going to the only plastic surgeon in my area who has the restore Fraxel laser, but he charges $1000.00 per treatment!! 5 treatments would've been $5000.00!! I wanted my neck done too and that would've been another $1000.00 per treatment!! That would've been $10,000 to have 5 treatments of my face and my neck!! That's ridiculous. The doctor I'm using is an hour away, but she charges $500.00 per treatment for the face and $375.00 for each treatment of your neck. I can afford that much easier.

The other Doc just priced himself out of the market. With my first treatment I have seen good results, but it is minimal. I didn't expect to see anything the first time, so I'm happy that I can see a difference in my fine lines and my skin texture.

I will continue to post my results throughout my treatment. I would love to hear from anyone who was treated with the Palomar Star Lux....was it what you expected, were you pleased with the outcome, ect.

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