Mommy Makeover at 55 Years Young - Fountain Valley, CA

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I'm one day away from my mommy makeover. I have my...

I'm one day away from my mommy makeover. I have my home filled with post op necessities. Feeling scared and excited at the same time. I had lipo a few years ago and unfortunately chose the wrong Doctor. She left me with scar tissue, dents and waviness. My hope is that the Tummy tuck will repair the lipo damage. I am also getting a breast lift with implant exchange. I have had them for 25 years yikes I may have moths flying out of me lol. I will keep you all posted on my progress as I heal.

Mommy make over days 1-4

Day 1 was a little rough. My doctor found some unexpected problems with my implants aside from the fact that they were over 20 years old. They were encapsulated and full of goopy liquid. He took two more hours just to meticulously remove the capsule and replace the old implants with a smaller size. The extra time with anesthesia made me nauseous but he gave me something that cleared it right up. There was a mass under my implant that the mammograms didn't pick up please pray for me that it's benign. I actually don't remember the later part of the day as I slept all day and night. My appetite didn't come back til the 3rd day I drank protein shakes and juices. The forth day I had soup and a sandwich. One thing I will tip you on is take your stool softener right away. I just today had a bm and it was not easy. I felt as if I were going to pass out. Good thing I carefully chose a great doctor. He called me twice on a Sunday to make sure I was ok. He told me to take milk of magnesia and that opened the gates so to speak. I got a look at my new body all I can say is WOW! Better than what I hoped for. It was worth all the pain and money for that first glance in the mirror. I will post pics at my next shower day. But thank god I went with my gut and chose Dr David Glick

10 days post op

I got my drains out today. Also some stiches. I feel bloated from the swelling but am quite happy with the tesults so far. My incisions are healing nicely. I am now wearing spanx. Notice on the photo the red band beneath my breast is from the high waisted spanx which I recommend if you also had your flanks lipo like me. Slept like a baby all night. Dr Glick also reduced my Areols. I now have the perky breast I wanted. I had a lift capsulectomy augmentation and implant swap from 475 ccd to 300 ccs. My implants have not dropped yet and there is quite a bit of swelling under the breast which will disappear making the scars less noticeable. I'm only showering every third day and using plain old soap and water on the incisions. The incisions are completely closed and will start silicone strips in a week. So happy about the progress so far

The best news!

Oops I forgot the greatest news was that the biopsy came back clear. No cancer thank goodness.

Soooo Happy Dr Glicks a genius

4 weeks post op and can fit into a size 6 Victoria secret bikini. Down from double D's to c cup. Perky boobs and tiny waist. Wow more than I hoped for. He totally fixed the damage done by another doctor that deformed by tummy with lipo. Love love my new body. Scars are healing so nicely. Belly button still healing and some swelling but feeling tons better and am getting back to normal activities.
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