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I wanted a BA so that I can be happier with the...

I wanted a BA so that I can be happier with the way my body looks. I am very happy to be blessed with a nice booty and full hips. However, I am totally flat chested on top. I was hoping that a BA would make me look more proportional. I've been wanting a BA since I was in high school, that was definitely when I started to become more aware of the shape of my body. But getting a BA was only a "fantasy" or a dream. I never really gave it much serious thought until 2 years ago when I was already out of college. A girl friend of mine jokingly mentioned that she wanted bigger boobs and wanted a BA. So I also jokingly said.. "OMG, me too! We should do it together!!" And that's when my BA journey began....

I became obsessed with BA research. I looked at so many before and after pictures on many doctor's online websites. I went to see about 6 different doctors before I found one whom I was absolutely comfortable with. I knew when I first met him that he was confidant in his work and answered all my questions professionally. I realized by going to see this many doctors that most plastic surgeons were really cocky. I remember at one consultation, one plastic surgeon answered my question in a very condescending way. Totally not cool, I don't care how good you are, you cannot treat potential patients like them. The question I asked him was how much of the muscle does he left off near the midline to create cleavage. One of the biggest reasons why I wanted a BA, was definitely for the cleavage! I am so sick of wearing push-ups bras, and tapes, etc trying to create cleavage. Anyway, the PS responded by saying "Enough. I lift enough to fit the implant." When he saw how disatisfied I was with his answer, he said, "well even if I explained to you scientifically/medically how I lift and dissect the muscle, you wouldn't understand it anyway." I was like.. PEACE OUT!

After finding my surgeon, my girl friend and I were really excited and had even planned when the best time to get the BA done was. We decided that if we got it in winter time, we'd be able to easily hide the recovery process with big sweatshirts. And then, the new boobies would be ready by bikini season! So, we negotiated with the office manager on pricing. We told them that we were going to pay cash and asked if there was a discount for getting both BAs done at the same time. And yes, they offered us an estimate of $5,200 each if both of us put the 10% down payment within a month. So my girlfriend and I were like, "Hell yeah!"

Well, that did not go as planned. My girlfriend got really really really sick and ended up needing an emergency surgery. Needless to say, she did not want to do another surgery so quickly after that one. I was bummed, but knew that I could never get a BA without my friend because I felt as though she was my rock in this who BA journey. So I chickened out but always on the back of my mind I regretted not going through with it. Flash forward 2 years later, I still kept thinking about it. My boyfriend, who was totally against the BA in the first place, said to me, "Babe, it looks like you're still thinking about so obviously this means a lot to you. You should go through with it if it'll make you happy." That's was all the encouragement I needed. I called the PS's office for another consultation. I explained to them what had happened and asked if they would still honor my price quote from 2 years ago. Finally after much talk, they agreed to honor the price if I paid the down payment by the of the month (2 weeks time). I came home and thought it over, and I said, "Life's too short, if I'm constantly thinking about boobs then I think it's about time I do something about it!"

I found that the hardest part about getting a BA, and most of you ladies would agree, was choosing the right size! I already knew that I would be silicone because it will give more natural results, less rippling, etc. But choosing which size, OMG I had nightmares about this. I wanted a BA to have a more balance to my body shape and become more proportional. Two years ago, I told the PS that I only wanted to be a full B cup, maybe a small C because I wanted to also look natural. My number was okay, 350cc and that was my max! Now, I guess my values have changed. I decided I am big and tall enough to carry a full C/small D (I'm 5'5, ~ 135lbs). After trying on the sizers, like 20 times, I decided to go with 450cc, 100cc more than I had originally wanted! Well, still that was not over. I contemplated on the size and if that's enough to give me the cleavage I want. After many weeks of obsessing over the size and reading a lot of stories from this forum about women always getting boob greed, I finally decided to go with 500cc HP silicone from Allergan. Another 50ccs please. I decided to go bigger because I do not want to regret going too small and thinking about wasting all that money, etc.. Plus, I looked online for the dimensions of the breast implants and the difference between the 450cc and the 500cc is not the projection (height) but the width (diameter) - that's where the extra 50ccs are going. When I saw that, I was like, well then the 500cc would give me fuller looking breasts, and they are wider so they will give me better cleavage!! Win win!

Day of Surgery: Dec. 26th (Merry Xmas to meeee!)
It was my first time going under general anesthesia so I was a little nervous about it, but I woke up just fine. I was told that I woke up talking right away and immediately grabbed onto my new boobs to make sure they were there. On the way home I told bf, "Too bad I didn't get a chance to talk to the Dr. before I left." And he was like.. "uhh you talked to him for like 10 minutes after your surgery." Man those were some good drugs because obviously I did not remember a thing. They showed me a video of me waking up and apparently I asked the Dr. if my boobs looked nice and if they will bounce! haha

The rest of the day I was feeling good, not sick and and did not have a headache. I was cat napping a lot because of the anesthesia still. The numbing medicine the Dr. gave me lasted a while so I felt like the rest of my recovery was going to be a piece of cake. I even brushed my teeth, washed my face before bed.

Day 1 & 2 post-op:
Holy cow, all drugs wore off and I woke up in so much pain. Yesterday I was just uncomfortable and felt a lot of pressure on my chest, but today was horrible! It felt like a bus or an elephant was just sitting on my chest and that I had done 1000 push ups. I couldn't move on my own at all, my niece had to help me up and down. I could barely flush the toilet, forget about opening the pill bottles. I was definitely dependent on my niece to take care of me and make sure I take my antibiotics and pain meds on time. All I did was sleep all day, all night. Which was not comfortable at all because I slept at an angle (~45 deg) as recommended by the nurse to help the swelling go down and circulation. If you have a recliner, I highly recommend!

Day 3-5 post op:
Starting feeling much much better. But something that they don't tell you enough is the side effects of taking all those pain meds. Because I was in a lot of pain, I took 1-2 vicodin pills every 4-6 hours, as directed for 5 days! That made me really bloated and extremely constipated. At one point, I think my stomach hurt more than my boobs. Day 5 was also the day were I finally stopped taking the pain meds because I couldn't stand how constipated/bloated it made me anymore.

Also, I was kind of going through a mild depression mode because I kept looking down and thinking, "Omg, why did I do this? I'm in so much pain, and my boobs are way too big now, everyone's going to know. And one thing you don't realize is how heavy silicone is. I remember thinking I'll never fully heal because my boobs are so heavy. I couldn't move around without holding onto my right breast because it was heavy and it hurt if I just left it hang by itself. I follow some girls on YouTube and online forums who document there BA journey and they all seem to be superwoman. Which made me more sad and worried that it's taking me so long to feel normal again. Some of these girls were getting there surgery on Friday and returning to work on Monday. But the more I thought about it, there implants weren't as big as mine so they healed faster. But then that further fed into my depression cycle because that made me regret going so big, you heal slower =(

1 week post op:
This was a huge milestone and turning point for me. This was the first time where I was able to stand up long enough, comfortably, and fully shower. The shower with the hot water and steam felt amazing! I didn't feel anymore pain, sometimes I'd forget about the new boobs and move around like normal and it'll ache a bit - sorta feels like those sore muscles from a good chest workout. I was able to drive today, slowly at first. Oh I also started sleeping flat on my back - it feels soo much better than the incline position. My back and neck hurt so bad from that!

Today I'm 12 days out. I love my new boobs. The swelling went down a lot and they feel softer each day. I'm constantly massaging my boobs throughout the day because I want them to be really soft and I don't want to get capsular contraction. I am no longer "depressed". I look back to day 3-5 post op and realized something - girls that are in the same boat as I am (pain, depression, blah blah) don't have the time and energy to be documenting their recovery! That realization definitely made me feel a whole lot better.

Now I see my boobs and I think they compliment my body really nicely. They do not look too big at all, in fact, I could have gone bigger and it will still look natural. I know girls always say they experience boob greed after because they are used to the size of there boobs when they are still swollen so they miss that size when the swelling goes down. Me on the other hand, I can't wait for the swelling to go down more because I don't want them too noticeable. I'll post some pictures of me in clothes, it's like a magic show because my boobs will automatically disappear! haha

Update on my 2 weeks post-op soon!

2 Weeks Post-op: At two weeks, my breasts are...

2 Weeks Post-op:
At two weeks, my breasts are getting softer but my surgeon told me that I must, absolutely must massage the crap out of my left breast because it is dropping at a slower rate than my right. It's also not as soft either. So I have been massaging like crazy the past two days, to the point where I think I even bruised it a bit.. hehe oops! Also, my PS finally took out my steri strips - is this kinda late considering it's been 2 weeks? Anyway, my scar seems to be flat and healing well he says. I'll post a picture later. The scab is black so at first I was depressed that it looked so obvious. It is also itching like crazy, but that's just a sign that it's healing. I bought some Mederma after reading some really positive reviews about it and will be applying it everyday for 8 weeks like the instruction says.

Last night I finally slept on my side! It felt really really weird at first. I tried to spend equal amounts on either side but found that it was kinda hard to do so I ended up flat on my back for the remainder of the night. I'll be posting some pictures soon!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. Each time I came to visit the doctor, I brought with me a notecard with a bunch of questions. Each time, he just laughed and asked me what my concerns were. We slowly went over every question on my list. He is an amazing. I love my results, I'm only 2 weeks out but they look really natural, and he gave me wonderful cleavage!

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