28 / 5'7 169 lb Breast Aug. 750 cc saline Tummy tuck no lipo.

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I have wanted a BA for sometime now .. starting to...

I have wanted a BA for sometime now .. starting to get a bit nervous . I am close with my family and have been getting a lot of negative responses and unwanted (not nice )comments about my decision to get my girls done . I was hoping for a little more support but I know this is for me and not for anyone else .. they can go suck a lemon :) I am interested from what I have seen 700 cc to maybe 675 depending on what my consult goes like this Sat at The European Outpatient center in Fountain valley CA. I do not want to get a breast lift so Im anxious to see if I can go this big. Or if it is to big ? I will Post below a before and some wish pics. feel free to drop me a comment of your experience size suggestions and encouragement i could use it .:) Thank you

pics before and wish

I want to go big ..dont know what is to big ....my chest is deflated about 34 b gone through two babies.

just got done with consulation

I was very satisfied. Dr.Bivens was a good listener and made me feel very confident and comfortable. He checked out my body fame and said 7OO-75O would work with my frame since I have hips and I'm tall(curvy) they would look proportionate. I'm a bit saggy but it to bad he said I can do with out a lift for now . And didn't want to give me the scars at this age .here are some pics before and with my sizers in . I set my official surgery date for march 19 2016 ..7 weeks ! Excited and nervous ...

Consultation photos

2 8/ 2 C Sect.\ Considering a T.t with my BA Next Month

I am a mother of two I have had 2 c sect. And went up to 258 lb. I starting thinking how nice it would be to want to look in the mirror which I avoid . I weigh 169 now I could use 30 lb less but I know my skin will still be there . I'm getting my BA next month and was thinking maybe I should just go for it in one shot ? I sm worried about recovery time though I can't take more than 5 days \office job.- should I wait ? ... My fiance said ill prob not do it for years if I don't go for it lol. Idk ...any thoughts ?? Kinda funny I'm more embarrassed the Dr seeing my tummy then I am my boobs :(

omw to consult

I have my consult for my T T in 3hrs. Totally excited...so I'm getting dolled up and wondering why I feel it necessary to g to my Dr. Appt. With my hair curled and make up on point lol ??? Hmm idk but i do ????

done with my tt consult

Soo my consult went great ! Bivens showed me exactly how much he would take off. he said I made an excellent choice and I'm gonna look great ! Surprisingly he said my weight is fine told me not to worry about it . Even if I. I lost 10 lb wouldn't make a difference. He made me very comfortable about his experience. They also looked at my blood work and said its perfect ! Woohooo ! I'm getting so exited ???? he also said no problem in filling my 750 cc up larger to give me my big boobies. Which my fiance has already named Bert and earnie lmao. He does use drains and suggested colder water when taking a shower . He suggested spanx after my surgery. Well that about covers it ... Last and most important my surgery day was moved up a week to March 12 th

look good outside clothes but not under

fiance bought this outfit for me to flaunt my after op bod. Here's a before pic. Hiding the extra flab. 26 more days wont hve to hide anymore

more before pics

Ughhh the nitty grity before pics ..had to be done


The waiting suckks to say the least after all this anticipation and research wen is surgery day going to get here already !!

getting supplies ready / peek @ rice sizers

Starting to stock up on supplies for my post op / my rice sizers 780 cc . About 3 1/4 cup per sack

nerves kickin in not feeling good

So I'm 5 days pre now... I anticipated getting nervous but this sux. I was actually In tears today feeling guilty and imaging bad things... Thinking about my kids and feeling anxious

5 days Pre . Any tips on settling the nerves?

I feel a little better today hearing encouraging words from women who have gone through it is kind of helping. Does anyone have any tips on how to settle the nerves .Magic words anyone ? LOL . I think my guilt is what is making this turn into fear. from a bit of a christian point of view the thought that im putting myself and my family at risk is what is making me feel worse im thinking

Very Dissapointed

I have been calling my surgery center 3 times this week they told me not to worry that i would get my surgery time the day before. That sometimes people cancel last min. so they have to change the times.Yesterday I called they said we will give you your apt time tomorrow. So no one called me its Friday nd my surgery is supposed to be tomorrow ? Finally i get ahold of someone and she says your not scheduled for surgery tomorrow we rescheduled you for next week !!!! Omg why did no one tell me I've been calling you ppl !! She said WED. they found out the Dr was not going to be there . I am so Mad and sad I have all my bags packed everything ready by the door both my husband and I along with my mother in law took off work .I dont even know what to say im so upset !!!

One More time around the Bend

Ok , So when all was said and done My surgery center said the two main ladies had left there jobs and that was part of the reason for my surgery delay. The One who is running the office now saw 2 dates on my paperwork the 3/11 and 3/19 . My surgery was orig. March 19th before we moved it up a week so she said there was confusion and apologized. Here I am again once more lol my surgery is suppose to be this Sat. I have emailed them requesting my official surgery time once again. IF I dont get my locked in time by tomorrow I think i might have to withdraw my money. I want to be excited but because of what happend last weekend i have mixed feelings.


So I got a recommendation to change my Dr From the main Admin nurse at my facility.
She said he had a better schedule and he had done alot of work within her family members. She told me to check him out and see what i thought.He has great reviews and good experience . I was a bit turned off my orig. Dr couldnt give me an official time slot. She also told me that My new Dr. MR Brian Dickenson has great follow up I would see him 48 hrs after surgery for another visit. I am pretty happy about this change .. It looks like everything happens for a reason. So Far I am set For Saturday 3/19 at 8:30 am California time :) i was pretty nervous through realself I was able to connect with someone who has helped me through this so much xoxox she had a successful surgery today and I feel loads better with the support and friendship ... you know who you are :p well until tomorrow !!! Heres a link to my new DR. http://drbriandickinson.com/

Finalllyyy Offical for Tomorrow!!

I can finally get nervous and excited again eeeepppppp !!! Surgery center contacted me this morning
confirming 8:30 am tomorrow morning . She said she would call me again today @ 3pm to confirm again and go over post op instructions. Its finally real , this whole time i wouldnt let myself get to excited because of what happend last week but now my ball is rolling. by this time tomorrow i will be heading into SX for my MakeOver wooot woot may God bless me through this experience I could use all your Prayers. Now my countdown begins


I COULDNT BELIEVE IT LMAO they changed my time .. The new Dr didnt realize he had not met with me and he was taking over someone elses case . he said he wanted to meet with me and go over everything before we did surgery tomorrow. After everything he said he wanted to do the surgery Monday because he wanted to make sure he would be available the day after and the rest of the week .He did not want me to not be able to get ahold of him on Sunday so we changed my date to Monday 3/21/2016... I was a little upset but Im ok with it now he made me feel pretty comfortable and he is very proactive with his patients which is good :) so I guess Ill change my date again good by 1 day pree

hello new date

Just wanted to see my new count down date womp womp

last day with my gut and lil boobies

All set for tomorrow ... 7:30 am went into sx center yesterday paid off my fees in full . Talked to the nurses about post op info.. And got a peek at my chart ... So by this time tomorrow ill be getting a new set of boobs to call my own and saying bye bye to my skin fat

is it normal tobfeel emotional ?!

It's the night before my surgery and I'm a hot mess ... I feel like I did when I was pregnant ..i keep crying and idk why all my emotions are all over the place . I should be happy ... I've been excited and waiting and for some reason I just want to cry ... I think I am afraid ..I am pacing around and my heart is racing :(

uggh please sleep lol

I'm such a dork I fell asleep just fine and then woke up an hour later lmao ... This Is the second time I woke up ... It's 1:30 am Cali time ..have my alarm set for 6 :00 am :/ come on sleep

finally came to

I was groggy for the first part of the day my boobs hurt a level 7 I was not expecting this. I was expecting the tt to hurt its the opposite my tummy feel ls fine but my boobs hurt .orig. I was going over the muscle and under the flap . He changed it to under the muscle and thru the nipple with large implants 780 cc aoni think this is why all the pain .starting to feel a little better he wants to see me tomorrow . I'm draining pretty heavy on one side too .can wait to see what I look like .. Since I'm seeing the de tomorrow I might get a peek

my bestie kimchi keeping me co.

She was the first one awake with me this morning and the last one here with me to cuddle .. Luuuuffff her

my first peek

I got a first peek... I feel like my boobs are not as big as I expected maybe I because they need to drop and fluff. Looks like I have a bit of stretch marks I didn't even know where there ...regardless I am happy with my results

recovery update and pics

Recovery turned out to be harder then I thought .. I had such bad gas yesterday was the worst pain ever felt like I was having contractions .. As soon as I was all regretting it I started feeling better today I finally had a bowl movement and gas has been passing comfort ...my chest does not hurt anymore . Though they make funny farting noises when I move around. I took my first shower today felt good it was more a sponge bath type but still .. Got to see my results pretty happy

went out for a little shopping

I have been noticing my boobs hurt in the morning when I first get up they feel hard and they hurt . But after I get moving it goes away. I got up and went shopping for short time today I feel exhausted . Like a lil old lady ... Lol I had to come lay down but at least I got moving like a normal person. I can't wait like everyone else to get my drains out mainly so i can wear my clothes normally and sleep a little better with out having them bother me . My butt and lower back hurt o bad from being in the same spot . Did get some looks at the twins when I was out ... All from females lol

infamous swell hell

I had to have ham on Easter :( first time I think I'm experiencing swell hell.. Food was great I got up to go to the bathroom and noticied my skin felt way tight when walking .. X10 then usual so I took of my binder to take a look and I look Prego ... Egghhhh... That's what I get for eating ham. How do u get rid of sweling

second day back @ work

Second day back at work man ... It's hard to return after a week off ... I'm like eww I forgot I do this every day .. But my pay check sure wont be happy after that missing week.. Here's some snaps of the girls .. I feel like one boob is bigger than the other but idk if its too early to tell since they are not settled . To my surprise all my clothes still fit my boobs so far .. Only one thing actually instead of getting bigger shirts I think I might have to get smaller shirts .. Or fitted to be exact .. I was wearing a size small shirt and it fit still but it had a curtain hang cause my boobs are big . Everything will have to be fitted .there's a pic as well of how I wear my drains to work in a nifty purse lol I'm hoping I will get my drains out tomorrow or this week when I see my Dr. I have been draining between 20-25 ea drain for the last 2 days .. After my drains are out can I sleep on my side ?

feeling happy and crappy

So I am of course much more pleased then ever before with my new body. I feel like I have been getting the blues lately though . I have not been eating so great and had some coctails the last cpl weekends and I swear I ...feel like I have fat collecting above my belly button where I am pointing in the pics . Idk if its swelling but I have a feeling its not between all my eating and so on. Sighs* idk if I am trippin but not feeling so good about it :'(

reached my 6 weeks today exercise time

After all my no more work out pouting I realized I hit my 6 weeks today ???? time to shine
Dr. Bivens

Changed my Dr . To Dr. Brian Dickenson

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