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Hello ladies! I'm new here been reading a lot of...

Hello ladies! I'm new here been reading a lot of stories and the more I read the more I want. After having my daughter my self esteem is aways low I get jealous of females with bodies I would wish for. Lol. But now it's time to step up my game. I have decided to get a bbl, and not turning back. I want this done for myself. So I can feel good about ME! So I called Dr Afifi and schedule a consultation with her next Friday April 26 @2:30. Super excited, so if anyone who dealt with her before please give me some advice or comments that will be greatly appreciated.

Well I haven't gotten my consult with Dr Afifi yet...

Well I haven't gotten my consult with Dr Afifi yet but I'm having Mix feelings about here. From others. So I decide to go with Dr Yily. I'm hearing good things about her. And her prices are good. So I got a quote for 4100.that's for a bbl and breast lift. But I don't think I want a breast lift right now. I'm just concern about having that hour glass figure and a bigger butt. Lol. In the email it said that I have to pay 250$ for insurance or I will not be able to do surgery? ? Anyone know whats that all bout? And is the price she quoted me include the recovery house? Cause it mention 3 meal a day. Hmmm I'm really confused. Anyone that's been there please explain. Thanks. :)

Finally set my surgery date May 29, 13. Super...

Finally set my surgery date May 29, 13. Super duper excited!!! I don't think I can wait til that day. I can't stand to walk around in this old frumpy body of mines any longer. I'll post up pic of per op soon yey.

18 more loooonnnnggggg days. Omg!! I'm so ready...

18 more loooonnnnggggg days. Omg!! I'm so ready for this. I'm so ready for the pain, I'm not even scared or nervous just want my new body already!! Lol I already bought my faja from a place called lipo illusion man those suckers are tightttt! I was sweating so hard trying to put them on. But the sale girl girl came in and she pulled n tug and got me in a xs. I was like no way can I stand this , so went with a small.. With that out the way I feel so much closer to my bbl.. I'm 31 turning 32 on the 25th of May. I was really hoping my sx was before then but I don't see it happening but it is what it is... A mother of a 4 year old girl. Gave birth 4 years ago but still have the pregnant belly. Oh what a shame lol well I'm pretty much all in this. I refuse to live another waking second like a frump haha.

My pre op measurement Chest 36 Waist 31 Hips....

My pre op measurement
Chest 36
Waist 31
Hips. 42
5'2 150

So 15 more days til my life changes. Lol I have...

So 15 more days til my life changes. Lol I have been gaining weight for it. I'm now 150. Usually 138- 140. But I figure I'll have more to work with.. Gosh I feel like an umpa lumpa. Wow! Clothes tight and uncomfortable. And my double chin is becoming a triple chin. He he. Well I'm just waiting for all this to be over so I can start working out again. And be normal. But I then realized I won't be normal for a lil while. So this will have to be WORTH it. Well I still haven't bought much for surgery besides the fajas. My pre ops is next wed I'll just wait til my Dr let me know what I need. Other than that impatiently waiting. Hurry days.

what things do i need for sx After care?

My day is getting closer and closer but still not sure what to get. Please help,..

6 days post ops new pic***

Hello guys! Soo its been a long while since I updated. Well I finally got my sx. It was an accomplishment for me being that I'm afraid of pain. Lol. So may 29 was the day I was in a lot of pain. I mean lots! The only pain meds I took was extra strength tylenol .. I don't like having narcotic inside my body what so ever. But I know what my body can handle. Night of surgery was rough I had a slight fever and I was in pain lol and the biggest heart burn ever! Gosh it was horrible. Somehow I fell asleep. Woke up next morning still in pain and took my antibiotics to realize I was allergic to it. Called my Dr. And she prescribed be something more mild. And it works perfectly fine. Day 2 and 3 I was nearing hell. Lol swollen and stiff. Day 4 mother nature surprised me. Yes, my period. I was bloated, swollen, stiff, and cramps oh mother of all cramps. And of course all the pain from Lipo and fat graft. I was so miserable but I couldn't scream, yell, or cry cause I wanted this. And I knew it wasnt going to be easy. So just calmed myself down and breathe. Thank god I have good people around me to keep my moral up. Lol day 5 was depressing stuck in the house feeling fat, bloated and swollen. Ohh and incredibly sensitive also cause by my period. Day 6 I would have to say is a rebirth for me. I feel much better physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course spiritually.. even went out for a walk with bricks on my back. Lol all in all I am pretty much very happy with my outcome so far. I didn't want nothing too outrageous. I love my self before and I realllly love myself now.

6 daya post ops

6 days post ops

6 days post ops

today makes my 7th day post ops

I just got back from seeing dr Afifi. She is simply amazing. Very cute lady. Looked me over and say everything was good, had some fluid on my elbow, sucked those bad boys out and feels so much better. She took out the max 5000cc.. and put 1250 in each cheeks. I must say my butt is huge. Its gonna go down some so I'm not to worried. I sat down couple time, was so afraid about killing my fat cell. Went out to eat sat down for about an hour there.. also since the first say of surgery i've been wearing spanx top and bottom instead of my garment. I guess I was quite swollen that it didn't fit But today i tried it on and I guess my swelling went down a lot cause it fit. Super tight. And the butt cut out part makes it bigger than usual lol kind of scared it might be too big. Lol.

day 8

I still wake up with minimal pain and stiffness and headache from sleeping onmy tummy . I can eat normal now. Appetite is back. I'm done with all my antibiotics.. its still a freaking pain to get in and out of the garment when I'm ready to do my no. 2 lol. My heel hurts from all the extra weight I am carrying in my backside.. Arm Lipo still hurts, mind u I had my arms for everything and I have ocd so i am always doing something. I even went to Costco with my boyfriend.. he said men were staring at my butt, lol and he wants me to deflate it. (Ya-right) emotionally I'm a wreck. After surgery your body goes thru everything! I get hot and chills so annoying I start feeling different pain I never felt. It freaks me out. But again I'm just sensitive to thin. I Pray that I can get over this recovery successfully. I will never do anything thing this harsh to my body ever again.

9th day post ops pic

18 days post ops pic*

i did a long ass review but for some reason it wouldn't post so ill just post pic


18 days post ops

new measurement

Up to date my measurements are

19 days post ops

Each morning I get mix feeling. Sometimes I like sometimes I love. Hopefully the end result I LOVE.

20 day post ops

Last week I notice my butt not being even so I brought up the concern to my Dr. She did see the difference and told me I'm more swollen on the right and to lay on my right side more to compress the swelling. And u know what it works!! I'm not even. So happy. Today I am really loving my butt. Big and bubbly and lots of projection. Isn't it weird how it changes from day to day?? I went to the movie last night. (Super man) almost 3 hours long. Yes I sat thru out the whole movie. And my butt is more bubbly today. Which I think is weird. I'm so. Over wearing this arm.garment. especially with this hot so cal weather.

Side by side pre and post ops

3 weeks post ops

Today is my 3 weeks. I'm feeling good. I still get tired fast after doing any kind of activities. I woke up with soreness iny butt. I swear everyday something new happens. My butt feels heavy. When I walk I feel like I'm.dragging my self I still wake up swollen. But every day it surely gets better. Idk what it is but my hips went back to 42. And waist 28 I order another garment in xs hopefully that will help things go down. Other than that same ole same ole. I'm so thankful that I get all this time in the world to fully recover I cant imagine working if I get tired so dang fast.

this wed makes me 1 month post ops

I'm nearing my one month and I am feeling GREAT, I have more pep in my step. I'm almost 100% myself. No pain on my butt except my tummy still feels super weird. And my arms are still numb. Swelling very little. I'm still very happy with my result. I am in LOVE with my butt.. its huge! That's just more of me to love. Other then that nothing new. My waist is 26.5 and my hips are 41.5 ish 42. I'm happy with my waist being that size and my hips/butt.. I don't notice people looking at my butt. Maybe cause I don't really pay attention.






5 weeks post ops pic*****

Today makes my 5th weeks. Wow can't believe its been that long. Well the shortest and longest 5 weeks ever! Lol I feel good and I am def way better than how I was. I love it. I am slowly going back to being me. And this Ass is mine to keep. 35-27-41 without garments. I am thrilled about my shape. Cute and petite. And yes ladies I turn heads. And side eyes lol that's when they look one way and eyes is down there. Haha.

5 weeks and still swollen

I woke up this morning extremely swollen?? My arms and face and my feet. After 5 weeks you would think it would get better? This recovery process is taking too long. I am taking another month of work cause as good as I feel I sometimes get tired and uncomfortable with my garments and swelling. Been doing squats here and there. Did I mention worst part is swelling. Ugh go down already!! Well happy 4th to all..


Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Afifi is amazing!! She gave me exactly what I want and more. I have never been so in love with my new body til she worked her magic on me.

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