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I had my tummy tuck today with Dr. Joel B. Beck...

I had my tummy tuck today with Dr. Joel B. Beck and everything went really well! I am nice and comfortable in my recovery room and the best part I didn't need drains!! I am 5'3"/152 lbs and had an extended tummy tuck. I will post pics as soon as I get the opportunity. I did get farely nauseous but that was quickly fixed with medication which the nurses are on top of. I also got to walk around and it felt sooo good after sitting in bed most of the day, in fact I can't wait to get up and walk around some more. I am so so happy with the incision it is really low and just perfect. The Dr. Said I was barely bleeding, most likely because I drank so much fluids all day yesterday. The pain medication has been working great but without it I will not be coughing anytime soon because it HURTS lol. I know it is only day 1 but as of now I am very happy with the results!! My tummy is sooo flat and my belly button is perfect! I can't wait until I get to wear some cute pants , shirts and a bikini on the lake!! I will post more updates throughout my recovery ????


1 day post op

I am feeling more swollen today than I was yesterday and I can't feel the skin on my tummy which feels so weird. I have walked around 3 different times and it was harder the third time because the meds were wearing off however walking helps me significantly with my breathing and my legs. I am not used to sitting in bed all day long so I am enjoying my little walks even though I am hunched over. I cannot wait for the sweeping to go down and start feeling normal!

1 day post op photos

I have a ton of swelling and numbness on the skin right now but still love the results!

before tummy tuck

Post op day 1

A few more before photos sorry I can't get them the right side up ????

Side by side before and after

Day 3 feeling a little better

Day 3 post op and I am moving around a little better today. My tummy is sore and I can feel the incision a little more but I can get off the couch without help. When I stand up I need to bend over mainly because my lower ab/groin area is pretty sore. I also still need help getting back into bed or onto the couch because sitting back is a bit difficult . My boyfriend has been such a huge help and has provided so much support the last few days which is making my recovery soooo much easier. Oh and I get to take a shower today ! ????

3 days post op update

So I am at my 3 day post op mark and nothing much has changed. I still need assistance getting off and on the couch. When I do stand my groin and lower back hurts. I was gassy last night and I still am this morning so I am hoping that stops soon because it is very uncomfortable. I am still using pain meds when I don't I am a lot more uncomfortable and I can feel the burning. My tummy is still really swollen and hard and extremely itchy . The itchy part really sucks because although I am itchy even if I were to itch I would not feel anything since my skin is so numb. My boyfriend has been massaging my shins periodically since they are sore and itchy as well due to the compression socks. I have read the first 1-10 days are the hardest so here is to hoping that is the case for me. I am not going to post any pics since my stomach looks exactly the same as to did yesterday and the day before that .

Swell hell! Day 3

Now I know what people mean when they say swell hell. I feel so huge! Both of my sides are so swollen and bruised. Ugh I hope this goes down soon.

Day 4!

So last night was sooo much better! I slept the whole night through. I woke up feeling so much better this morning. I am getting off and on the couch on my own now and not feeling as swollen as I was yesterday. My binder was so tight that we could not even close it and I was having trouble breathing. I had my boyfriend buy me a larger one at Walgreens and this am my breathing and circulation are ten times better. The difference is like night and day. I did take one Tylenol this morning but only because my back is so sore from bending over. I am standing about 80% straighter this am. I am still going to be taking it very easy the next couple weeks and just relax and let myself heal. I am also going to take another shower today.
Two things that have really helped me the last 4 days:
1. My boyfriend - having someone with you the first week is very very important to the healing process
2. Milk of magnesia - it is a must!
I will post more pics when my swelling goes down a little more.

Day 4

The swelling has gone down a little from yesterday and thank goodness for it! I felt like I was going to pop yesterday!

Day 4 swelling

A little less swelling from day 2 to day 4.

Day 6! A little less swelling!

Day 6! Sleeping sucks and Tylenol works great when I start feeling swollen

A few before and after pics

Day 9! Keeps getting better!

So today is day 9 of my tummy tuck journey. I had my 1st post op visit yesterday and I am healing and doing well. Yesterday was a good day because I got to get out of the house and I even ate at a restaurant last night! I have not taken pain meds for 4 days so I did have 1 light beer. The clear tape that was originally put in my incision was taken off and all the dry blood was cleaned. The Dr. Said I could begin using the scar cream. Oh and I slept in my own bed last night! He also said I could lay flat in bed just doesn't want me to do any twisting movements. I am beginning to get the feeling back in my tummy and my muscles are no longer numb or as stiff as they were. My midline of my tummy skin is still stiff so I am not completely straight but a few more days and I think I will be standing completely straight very soon. I still get a bit of swelling at night and after I eat . The swelling kind of feels like you are 9 months pregnant. You know when your skin is so tight,it is hard to stand up, and it is harder to breath because all your organs are being squished by baby. I do notice as each day passes I get less swollen less frequently. Since I did not need any drains I think I will get a secondary compression garmet like spanks because the one I am wearing is not very breathable and is fairly rigid.

Day 9 not ready for spanx

So I realized that spanx are out of the question at day 9 lol. The fact that I can't really bend over or twist makes it entirely too hard to get into them. I will wait a few more weeks for those and stick to my binder for now.

10 days post op! I see shape!

So today I am 10 days post op and my shape is not looking as boxy this am and is starting to look more curvy ! I was starting to get worried that I would be stuck with a boxy shape since I have a short torso. I am more than happy with my results so far and I am so happy that I did this. The first few days I will admit I was a little regretful because my worries starting getting the best of me! But during those days I watched a ton of YouTube videos of girls who had tummy tucks that showed their recovery journey and they all had the same emotions at first as well. Those YouTube videos helped me so much to stay positive and know it will get better. And everyday it does get better! I am so glad you went with the surgeon I did and stayed close to home. I am also glad I did not have any other procedures along with the tummy tuck because this is a major surgery and I can not imagine having to deal with any other recovery with the exception of breast aug since I have already had one and I know the recovery is nowhere near that of the tummy tuck.

11 days post op now/before

12 days post op!

Feeling great in regular clothes ! My incision is a little sore and I am a little achy in the morning both my stomach muscles and my back. Still swelling at night but once I sit down and back the swelling gets a little less intense.

19 days post op!!

Standing straight but the swelling is still happening and expected for another couple of months :(. Just a couple more weeks and I get to start doing some cardio! I can't wait!
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Dr. Beck is wonderful I instantly felt comfortable with him from day 1. He gave me the time to ask all the questions I needed and has never made me feel rushed. His staff is all very sweet and attentive. And the surgery center that he utilizes is great! All the nurses have been so great and have made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Beck to anyone! From what I can see so far his work is amazing and I am beyond happy!

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