Invisalign 14 Years After Regular Brace! Foster City, CA

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I'm embarking on my 6 month journey of Invisalign...

I'm embarking on my 6 month journey of Invisalign treatment, and I'm going to share it all with you, and help myself see the progress along the way. 14 years ago during my teen years I wore regular braces for about 2 years. I had a lot of gaps between my teeth and thankfully my mom made an investment into my smile back then. Now, fast-forward 14 years, my teeth moved and I got gaps on both sides of my top and bottom teeth (see attached photos) which I decided to fix before it gets worse.

Tray 1 of 9
I got my first tray of Invisalign on Monday. During first appointment my doctor put in total of 6 attachments, 2 on top teeth and 4 on the bottom teeth. Estimated amount of trays are 9 which comes to 18 weeks (4,5 months) of total treatment. There is always room for error, so I'm estimating to reach perfect smile in 6 months.

Pain level:
Day 1 - I felt pressure, but it was okay.
Day 2 - The pressure got worse and I had to take Tylenol several times throughout the day. The mood is not perfect due to the constant dull pain.
Day 3 - The pain got worse from day 2, took more Tylenol. I really hope it gets better for the long weekend.

To be continued...

Week 2 almost over

Day 4 - The pain level got better, no pain killers were needed today.
Day 5 - Day 12 were a breeze. No pain, but it does take discipline and planning to wear them. I can't see how someone who is very social or requires to talk a lot can wear these. It definitely affects my speech. If I have to talk a lot at work, I can feel my Invisalign getting watery and I start lisping. Very unpleasant.

Teeth movement:
So far, I feel the gap on the top left side of my teeth got bigger. No sure which need moved where yet, so no significant visual change, but I feel with my tongue larger gap, which is opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. Hopefully it is all moving in the right direction. :)

Week 3 - Painless

I've put in my 2nd tray of Invisalign, and to my surprise I didn't feel any pain for the next several days. Yes, it felt tight for few days, but it didn't cause major discomfort as it did with the first tray. I hope it will continue to be this way until I'm done:)
On the sad note, I don't see much of the difference. For now, the gaps I originally requested to be closed are larger than originally. I hope I'll see some movement soon.
Stay tuned.
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