Facial Feminization Surgery With Dr. Joel Beck - Foster City, CA

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I traveled to Dr. Joel Beck's office for my...

I traveled to Dr. Joel Beck's office for my consultation. The office staff was very friendly and professional and treated me with joy and kindness. I am scheduled for many facial procedures to feminize my face as I am a transgender woman. Dr. Beck was very kind and professional and one could see he had an artist's eye as he looked at the positive things he could do to make my face pretty. I am very excited. More after surgery.

Facial Feminization two days away!

I am now only two days away from my first surgery. On the first day Dr. Beck will correct and enhance my broken nose, change the nose angle and slim it down with a rhinoplasty. I am having cheek implants (large) put in to change and soften the 'S curve' of the side of my face, and am having a lip lift. The second day of surgery I will have the major reconstruction: Brow and lateral orbits shaved, eyelids raised, Lip augmentation, mandible shave, and full face lift.

Facial Feminization Day before

A few changes: My first day allowed for more time and Dr. Beck changed the order around to help me. On the first day I will have the brow and orbit shave, the complete rhinoplasty for the nose, the lip lift and the full lip augmentation. The second day of surgery five days later, will have the cheeks, chin shave and full face lift. Dr. Beck called today to check up on me and was so informative and kind. He discussed what was going to happen again, just to make sure I was completely understanding. His nurse also called me to confirm all of my meds being taken on time and to professionally reassure me before surgery. Very professional all the way around. I am very excited and am anticipating wonderful results. Tomorrow morning is my first surgery.

5 Days After Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Joel Beck

I am now post op five days after I underwent my second set of procedures with Dr. Joel Beck, Foster City, CA. All I can say is WOW!!!
Procedures: Brow and orbit shave, rhinoplasty, lip lift, lip augmentation, cheek implants, chin shave and full face lift.
Younger and Hotter, I am becoming!
I have added my photo for you to see the amazing results. I have no pain, my face is still solidifying so I cannot smile. My chin is still swollen.
I am in wonderful spirits. I put on make up for the first time today and took my first post op pic. I posted it on Face Book and have had over 150 likes and nearly 50 shocked and amazed comments. People think I am simply beautiful!
I am not even the finished product yet. WOW! I repeat!


One Week after Feminization Surgery #2 with Dr. Beck - Smiling!

It is one week after my facial feminization surgery #2 and I am regaining full movement of my face and smiling. I have had amazing compliments on how pretty I am now, and it feels great. My chin is still swollen a bit and there is a covering bandage on my chin over the incision. I go back this Friday to get the stitches out and to get checked over by Dr. Beck. People are really taken with my eyes from the first surgery where I had the brow and orbit shave. Other non-trans women are openly wishing their skull structure was as nice as mine. I am refining daily and it is getting better and better!

One month out after Facial Feminization surgery with Dr. Beck - JOY!

I am one month out and my life has completely changed. I have men double-taking and trying to talk to me. I am being sent flowers anonymously with hearts in the note. When I go to the beach men gawk at me and then try to chat with me. I am told I am not only pretty but beautiful. My confidence is so high as I am NEVER called a 'man' but am taken for a desirable, sexy woman.
My facial swelling is mostly down now and my smile is coming back as my muscles in my face strengthen. I can't share in words the pure joy I feel nearly all of the time now.
Before I was a saggy 56 year old transgender face with wrinkles and lines all over. Now I feel simply beautiful. I am told by many people they think I have gained back 25 years on my face since Dr. Beck worked his magic.
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Joel Beck. "Well done Sir!"

Tremendous Results after completely healing! - Facial Feminization by Dr. Joel Beck

I cannot state this strongly enough: My life is completely changed after my facial feminization. My face attracts men constantly and I am picked up on and stopped by men all of the time. My results are staggeringly beautiful. I have been asked out, and people tell me I am very beautiful for no reason. I was walking out of the market last week and a total stranger turned around in front of me and stopped and said, "You are an absolutely beautiful woman!" She made my day, but this happens often.
I have done modeling and plan to do more of it. I had two young girls talking in front of me and I overheard one say, "Look!" and the other said, "Oh, she is so pretty!"
Being a transgender woman, I am astounded at the change in my life from military tough man-face to gorgeous female face. I am not driving a 'hummer' face any longer, but sporting a light and beautiful Ferrari.
I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr JOEL BECK. IMO he is the absolute best in the business, and my results speak for themselves. I am beautiful.

Four Month Update after Facial Feminization with Dr. Joel Beck

My whole life is changed! I am called beautiful by so many people. I am stopped on the street and told I am beautiful. I am asked if I will allow people to take a pic with me. I have men after me all the time, (some not so desired!). I was asked to sit at a US Senator's table at a dinner and was a VIP for a huge national organization dinner. I am on TV tomorrow in a talk show. The beautiful face is opening up so many doors for me. I can't thank the genius and master of what he does, Joel Beck enough. When I am decked out, people tell me I look like a young Rachel Welch. Wow... SO HAPPY!

Growing more and more beautiful

I am growing more and more beautiful as my facial features have healed. Dr. Beck is a genius. I have been asked out by a handsome successful man on two dates and have won a beauty contest. I am a beauty queen now. It is simply amazing the wonderful changes in my life.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

As I said, Dr. Beck is intelligent, kind and seems to have a professional demeanor with a true artist's eye.

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