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So I'm 29 years old and since I can remember I've...

So I'm 29 years old and since I can remember I've had a decent small booty, but that's all it was decent. I was born and majorily raised in Brazil where the butts are big and beautiful (for the most part) haha.
So after many years of deliberating I finally decided to start researching the bbl procedure as I did not wanna go the implant route for fear of movement and such.
I had made up my mind on having surgery in Miami and even went as far putting a deposit, but frankly the not sitting for 3 weeks and then having to fly back only 10 days later for 6 hours sounded gruesome.
So I met with Dr. Joel Beck in foster city ca and decided to go with him instead. His staff were extremely helpful and made me feel like I was making the right decision (I don't wanna be away from my 1 year old for such a long time either)

Now for my stats pre-op: I am 5'2, 102 lbs but am currently 114 lbs and growing. I'm not trying to have a extremely exaggerated butt however I'd like a significant waist size reduction and more projection then I currently have. Definitely getting a little anxious but excited to go thru with it.
Now what I'm not sure is what I should be doing as far as vitamins goes. Anyone have any suggestions?


Hey ladies!
Wow the time is coming and it's coming fast. Lots of new things happening and I'm getting nervous and scared that something wrong will happen. I have been working my butt off in order to have enough money saved for the surgery and the 8 weeks of recovery that I'm anticipating. I'm self employed so if I'm out I'm not making money, so the financial preparation is KEY for me. The stress has kicked up a notch since my boyfriend had promised to take care of me thru this whole ordeal but he has decided he can't handle things and we broke up.
Im sure everything will work itself out as I have a great support system and my mom is just amazing so I know ill be fine, but still! Ugh, so much happening so fast.
I have gained about 14 pounds so far, and am so eager to get this extra weight and fat moved to my booty. Of course I'm terrified of absorption, but i will literally not sit on my ass for at least the first month. I'm also feeling a little under prepared as my ps has not told me if I need to be taking vitamins or what not or even what I need to buy in order to prepare for the surgery. Any suggestions?

Tomorrow is the big day...

oh lord! Can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I'm soooo nervous right now that I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I'm bummed I wasn't able to gain more weight but my metabolism just over works itself ;( either way I'm excited for the outcome. Will post photos.

I made it

hey ladies!
It's official, dr beck has worked his magic. I can't believe it's finally done and I'm so excited to see the results once the compression garment is off. For those of you who are out there contemplating a surgeon, i'd highly recommend Dr. beck.
As for pain at this point it's very minimal

Sad about the lack of fat

Soooo I'm home! I must say I was expecting much more pain. I've taken my pain medications on schedule And although I still feel discomfort it's not unbearable.
Had my talk with Dr. Beck before being discharged from the hospital and he says he was only able to get 300ccs on each side. That does bum me out as he initially told he could get at least 500ccs. I guess thats just how it is. Im hoping this wasn't. Waste of money ;( 300ccs is just not a lot and I'm sure in the end I'll prob end up with like 150ccs in each side so I'm starting to feel pretty sad.

More pics

I have the worst luck!

So I have been wanting this surgery for god knows how long, and now its finally over and done with. of course I have complications. The right and left side look completely different and I'm so sad I could cry, which i did!
i knew i didn't have enough fat for a huge butt so i opted for and hourglass shape instead. what I'm left with it is a right hip that looks as though it didn't get enough fat and a left hip with what seems to be a lump. The asymmetry is pretty obvious and after spending 10k and feeling as though i just wasted my money I'm devastated to say the least. Not sure what to do now as whats done is done and theres nothing else i can do.
I have a friend that did the bbl and hydrogel together so I'm thinking thats my best bet at this point.

ok... so I'm a dummy

So, of course our moods with surgery are up and down and we often feel great and then shitty.
I went in for my 1 week post op and Dr. Beck has made me feel so much better about my insecurities. Which is exactly what it was MY insecurity! I told him my concerns and he reminded me that I'm only 1 week post op and that its too soon to see the real results. I feel like such an ass for my last update because I feel as though I made my surgeon out to be incompetent, when really i was the one obsessing and being crazy. Thank goodness Dr Beck is such a sweetheart and assured me that if something is off after I'm healed that we can always tweak it to make it better.
I got to see my before and after pictures and it made such an impact on me emotionally. 1- hydrogel is extremely dangerous and def not the route. 2- we are our own worst critics and often don't see us the way others see us. So I'm over all feeling much better and just happy that my doc is so compassionate.
On another note, my ex came with me to my post op and although we're not back together it meant the world to have his support and have him by my side.

Ps: The ladies at bay area aesthetics are simply amazing!
Dr Beck is amazing and I can't wait to see my booty 6 months from now!

First massage today

I had my first lymphatic massage today. It definitely wasn't as painful as I imagined it would be from reading other people's posts, I believe everyone deals with pain differently. I am now starting to feel little lumps under my skin which I know is normal and I know the massages will help smooth out. Overall the experience wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. I went to massage envy, which I don't know if I recommend or don't recommend going to. My therapist was gentle and made me feel comfortable but I think for my next massage I'm going to go with someone who specializes in lymphatic massages after Lipo suction, because I felt like my therapist really wasn't comfortable with doing it plus their whole way of charging you kinda seems like scam. I found someone in San Mateo name Diane who I'm going to meet with on Thursday and I feel like she will be the one that I will continue my massages with will keep you guys posted on my progress.

2nd massage

Had my second massage yesterday, I brought my Boppy pillow because the first time I literally laid with my hands elevating my back in order to not lay on my butt (not comfortable).
I took my faja off to shower today and noticed I'm getting a weird line on my lower ab and it looks ugly, also going to start wearing a padded board under my faja to hopefully help with that and keep things smooth.
Last nights I had a dream that I was all healed and I had tons of fat on my love handles, I was all excited and telling my mom I was going to have a 2nd bbl hahaha! I literally woke up touching my sides like whaaaat!

I'm still overall happy but anxious to see how much of the little fat I had actually stays.

3 weeks post op

I'm 3 weeks post op and not really sure how to feel.
My hips are so uneven and one of my butt cheeks is smaller then other. My doc says I need to wait until all the swelling goes down but The less swollen it gets the more noticeable the disfigurement becomes. I'm literally so bummed out, I feel as though I've wasted so much money and invested so much time in this recovery and I have not gotten the results I was hoping for. I wish I would've been more open-minded about implants and had done the research about combo surgeries where fat grafting and implants are placed. I feel I would've been happier, however what's done is done and I just have to wait and see what happens.
Ps: happy Valentine's day

4 weeks Post Op

Hi everyone,

Today marks 4 weeks since my surgery. My booty is tiny but it a little more shapely. The lady who is doing my lymphatic massage thinks that there is some residual fat around my belly button, which I too noticed. At first I thought it was lumps from the suction but i no longer have those on my abs and its squishy just like my fat was, plus its a small area and because the rest of my abs are so smooth that you can notice the difference right away.
I'd say some of the fat I had transferred is gone and I've maintained the same weight give or take 1-2 lbs, so I'm bummed about that, but already knew that was going to happen. The thing that is really bumming me is the unevenness of my butt cheeks, one is bigger then the other and my hips are also still uneven, one more rounded and the other squared. Not sure how we'll go about correcting that.
I'm hoping to start exercising and going back to doing squats like no ones business... again!
Over all I'm happy with my abs, but i wish i had more waist line definition, although I'm not going to go too much further into that as i think I still have swelling so I'm not sure on the end product yet. My skin does have some wrinkling which i expected but the doctor says that should get better with time.
My butt is decent looking but no one can tell that I've had anything done at all, i guess thats a good thing, but you know we get booty greedy and i just wish i had more umph.

Posting some photos

5 months post op

Hey ladies!

It's been a while Since I've been on here and wrote a review. So I'm almost at 5 months post op and I'd say I'm about 70% satisfied. I def don't like how my right side and left are not symmetrical nor how my waist although smaller then it was it's not as small as I would have liked it. My two main wishes were a tiny waist and the indent on my butt filled in. I got a mediocre result in both senses.
Now don't get me wrong, I am happy to an extent but for the amount I paid and the recovery time I expected my waist to be much smaller.
I'm def thinking of flying to Miami and meeting with dr salama for a round 2, assuming my doctor won't do it. Dr beck is great but I think he was a little too conservative with my lips. I still have a lot of back fat as well as fat on my love handles.
I'm almost at the 6 month mark so I'm thinking I will have him or dr salama fix me up in January.

Pretty much made it to 7 months post op

So it's been 7 months since my bbl. although I do have a much better shape overall, I do wish my waist was a little smaller. Going to start waist training and see if that helps. The real reason why I'm writing this review today is because I'm super excited about what my doc is doing for me today. I've got a girlfriend who had sculptra injected in her butt and it looks amazing!!! So my doc needed a model to perform the procedure and I was lucky enough to get called on! So this afternoon I will be going in for my shots. Now I'm not saying that bbl didn't make a difference because I'd be lying if I said that. However bbl on girls who don't have a lot of donor fat isn't ideal, even gaining the weight won't help as if you don't keep the weight there goes your butt and your body will also absorb a lot of the fat. Leaving you with a better shape but not the butt I envisioned. So sculptra here I come!!! Im not sure how much he'll inject but I'm hoping it's enough to make a noticable difference. Will keep you ladies updated.

Almost 2 years later


So it's been a while since I've posted any updates so I thought I'd give it a go today.
It's been almost two years since my surgery and I am pleased with the results. I'd say I am more pleased about it now then I was a year ago.
I have gained natural weight and it is going to my booty which is nice.
My only issue is that I do feel more fat could have been taken from my back. I now have this roll right around the rib cage which i hate, but it's definitely not horrible. I also do wish that i had more of a round butt from the back versus the square-ish shape, but hey! Still a HUGE improvement from what I used to look like.
I'm contemplating possibly having a second surgery but the down time is just too brutal.
Overall I definitely recommend Dr. Beck and his work.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr beck and his staff have been very sweet and accommodating. Definitely made me reconsider my decision to fly across country which I didn't think possible.

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