Dr.Beck is AMazingggg and Life Changing

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Dr. Beck must be the best booty doctor in the Bay...

Dr. Beck must be the best booty doctor in the Bay Area. I've seen before and after pictures of BBLs from other doctors but nothing compares to what I've seen from Dr. Beck. My birthday is this month but I'm counting down the days til surgery lol ive had a great experience with him so far. He's awesome! I plan to write another review after surgery :)

13 days away from BBL surgery

Can any of you ladies give me some tips on preparing for it? Maybe some supplies that'll help me through healing?

Gained some weight for surgery

A little about me, I'm 5'7" and weigh 149 pounds. My average weight is around 130 pounds. I told Dr. Beck I want to go BIG. Lol go big or go home right? At my pre-op appointment he said he would try putting 1200ccs in each side, but I'm sure he'll make it proportionate because my left cheek is bigger than the right. I will have lips on full abdomen, flanks, full back, and inner thighs. So excited for the outcome. I trust him 100%. And of course I have a realistic mindset so I know not to expect perfection, more like enhancement ;)

Bbl only a week away D:

I'm having anxiety over it. So nervous, I've read too many reviews on RS of women disappointed about their surgery and felt they waste their money. I really hope that won't be my case. Hopefully I have enough fat for results I want.

Today is the day ladies!

Surgery at 7:30am! I'll be waking up in a whole new body :) .... And probably some pain, yikes. I'm really nervous about the anastasia though. I pray to god everything comes out okay. I don't want leave behind my husband and my 3 year old son. I'm sure I'll be okay, Dr. Beck is amazing. Wish me luck*

Finally home

So I'll start talking about when I got to the surgery center. I got there and registered then a nurse came for me 10 minutes later. They had me change into the gowns and wait for Dr. Beck in another room. In the meantime, all the nurses introduced themselves to as well as the anesthsioligist. They were all so nice. Dr. Beck walked in and drew on me and made sure I told him what I wanted. After that, a nurse took me into the surgery room which to me was my scariest moment lol. At 8:00 am they laid me down and the nurse said she'll give me something to relax me, she put the iv in and the last I remember was telling them to take care of me lol. I woke up at around 11am and doctor beck was right there and told me he was able to get 840ccs into each cheek and some on my hips. I woke up very dizzy, not in pain at all. It wasn't until 6pm when they transferred me to the recovery room when I started to feel pain, but only where my drains are. On a scale 1-10 ide say about 6. Around 9pm started throwing up, it felt better to throw up to be honest even when it hurt my stomach. I didn't get much sleep, nor eat anything. Just water and ice chips. At 1am the nurses had to take my garment down to change the gauze pads, that hurted sooooo bad like off the scale charts I was screaming crying and cursin and throwing up at the same time. After that they gave me nausea medicine up my butt lol tmi,,but because nothing was really working for my nausea. This morning was a little less pain, my stomach hurts the most. I hope for a better day tomorrow!

Finally got the garment off to shower

I'm feeling so much better now. Just a little sore and still very swollen. Pain is about a 4, and my drain slipped out :( . I patched a gauze over it so hopefully I'll be alright. I'll post some pics today, keep in mind it's not final results because I'm very swollen.

Stopped taking pain meds

Feeling great ladies! I just miss sitting on my butt ;( . I also miss feeling normal lol I'm still sore and swollen. I really don't like taking off the garment. It feels better on, I'm still trying to figure out the art of pooping in this thing lol. Everyday my body is looking better and better. Here are some updated pics! WOOHOO DR. BECK! :)

Feeling awesome!

I've been cooped up at home all week, I'm so ready to go out for some fresh air and visit some family this weekend. I almost feel like I shoul go back to work on Monday but that would mean that I have to drive. Maybe I'll practice this weekend, Ill be putting a yoga mat under my thighs and a pillow on my back, we'll see how that works out lol. I have a job that requires me to stand most of the day so I won't be doing much sitting. I don't know if maybe I'm pushing it, I should probably still rest. I just want to get back to making my money lol. Anyways, it's been 8 days of recovery and my body just keeps looking better everyday, here are some 1 week post op before and after pics :)

Quick Update

So it looks to me I lost a little bit of projection. My butt has fallen just a bit, not sure if that's part of the healing process. I hope my body doesn't absorb too much of the fat :,( . I'm having a bit of booty greed lol. I'm feeling better, I can get in and out of bed without any pain. I can bend over and put my shoes on much easier. Putting clothes on this weekend was fun and going out walking around was so refreshing! I couldn't go out this weekend to eat for Mother's Day because I can't sit so that was a bummer. I really hope my butt doesn't keep getting smaller. I wonder if maybe I gain weight it'll go to my butt? Lol anywho, I'm still happy with my results. My stomach and flanks are still swollen so hopefully when it goes down it'll make my butt appear bigger.

Loving my body!

I've been going out a lot more, I can walk around and not get tired. I went back to work on Monday, I do a lot of standing so it wasn't too bad. I did need more breaks than ususal, by Wednesday my body got used to it so I feel like I'm healing quick. One thing I find weird is that one day my stomach will be nice and flat then the next it bulges being swollen lol I'm not sure if I'm gaining weight or if that just happens lol my garment isn't so tight on me anymore so I'm thinking about getting a waist cincher. Anyways I love my new body, everywhere I go I get people doing a double take. Breaking necks when I walk by lol thank u Dr. Beck!!!


I'm not sure if I'm putting on some weight or if I'm still swelling. Someday a my stomach looks like I'm frekin pregnant and other days it looks flat. It's been a while since I been on real self and I seen my pictures a couple weeks post op and I looked great. Now I'm a little upset and discouraged. Maybe I have to lose weight :( I just don't want to lose my butt.

4 month review

Vegas, night clubs, summer!! Had a blast this summer showing off my new body. My body looks fuckin fantastic in dresses and even simple clothes like jeans or anything I wear basically. I am so much more confident in my body and myself. It truly is life changing and I get attention everywhere I go. Maybe I'll put pics up of me in clothing soon. But Now for post op, I am completely healed. At least I feel that way, I don't have any little pains any longer and when I twerk my butt, it jiggles beautifully. My husband loves it lol. As far as my scars go, they are a little noticeable. I may have to get scar cream for it but I'm not too worried about it. I have gained some weight lol but it seems mostly to be going to my butt and hips. I do plan on losing weight because my face and arms are getting a bit chubby. My stomach is just done for, nothing will fix that but a tummy tuck and I have plans on having another child very soon ;). Here are some pictures!

Almost a year later!

Hello ladies,
It's been a while since I have updated my review!! Well I'm here...7 months pregnant! I guess my hubby couldn't get enough of me and got me pregnant a few months after post op lol. I have gained some weight so of course my hour glass isn't as tight as it used to be. I will post updates on the adventure of getting my body back after I give birth. For being pregnant my body looks great lol. I posted pics, enjoy!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I chose him as my surgeon! He's amazing. Thank you Dr.Beck for making my body look better.

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