Consultation Review: Unless You're a BMI of 30 or Less Dr. Beck Won't Perform a BBL

Just wanted to let my thicker ladies looking to do...

Just wanted to let my thicker ladies looking to do a bbl: unless you're a BMI of 30 or less, Dr. Beck won't perform a BBL on you. Drove across the Bay just to be told that. He said he would be surprised if anyone took me with a BMI over 30. He recommmended I lose 50 pounds prior. I understood his concerns and thanked him for his honesty, being that every doc and surgeon has their own style and preference. Turns out 3 other docs said they'd perform a bbl w liposcuplt on me, as long as my labs were fine. Just wanted to let my thicker ladies who may be over a 30 bmi know so you don't waste your time or gas. Otherwise he's one of the most personable, not full-of-himself surgeons, w a clean and organized office and friendly professional staff that I've interviewed- from the Bay to Beverly Hills.

Very personable, easy to talk to, not full of himself. Office clean and organized with friendly professional staff.

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