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A little history about me I am 28 years old and I...

a little history about me

I am 28 years old and I have 3 kids (10-5-3)
I feel like no matter what I do I can never get satisfied with my body. I am normally in shape, healthy eating habits, and work out at least 3 days a week
Whenever I get down to my comfortable size (jeans and tops) I absolutely hate my butt.
When my stomach goes, my butt does too!!! But when I allow myself to gain 15lbs I get a bubble butt

Ive had lipo 2 times so my expectations are realistic. I know im not going to be one of the dolls that gets 1500CC in each booty cheek. Im hoping and praying for 750-1000 though :)
I had many consults and I wasn't happy with anyone until I met Dr Beck in Foster City Ca

I scheduled a surgery with him for a BBL
He told me his honest opinion and I feel comfortable with my body in his hands

Nervous about the first week post op

I'm so nervous about the recovery
Prior to seeing dr beck , the other plastic surgeouns I had consultations with told me the recovery wasn't a big deal. Dr beck told me it's a pretty tough recovery !! So glad he's honest but it definitely rained on my parade
I'm having arm lipo, full back, full abdomin , and some of my inner thigh
Anyone else just recently have all these areas ?

Surgery scheduled for 02-25 Questions for the experts

Although I'm so excited for my bbl I'm extremely nervous and have so much anxiety!! I'm worried about the procedure, I'm worried about the results, and I'm especially worried about how I'll feel the first 24 hours. I don't like feeling "not myself" which is why I don't drink alcohol and I don't ever take pain meds. I'm worried about being dizzy and fainting as I've read a lot of folks who experience that after a bbl... Why is that ? Anyway to prevent that from happening ??
I just hope I don't freak myself out lol

Pre-op on Thursday

Times slowly approaching ! I have my pre op on Thursday ! Can't wait to start my Count down.

Wish pics

Wish pics

Had pre-op today

I had my pre-op today and I'm excited to get this over with!! I feel confident in my surgeon and I'm really praying for great results!! I'm having liposuction of
Upper and lower abs, upper and lower back, flanks, inner thighs, knees, and arms ! Ouch !!! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk after this. I hope the pain isn't intolerable as I do have 3 kids! I have a live in nanny who will do whatever I need but my kids are attached at my hip and I never leave them !

Anyways if anyone has had lipo of the same areas I'd love feedback on your pain and level of discomfort !
Hoping in the end I'll have a nice plump booty and a much smaller waist!!!

Serious question !!!!

I have the IUD mirena and my PS said he's giving me a blood thinner during my BBL because my IUD have hormones
Has anyone else ever had this ? I didn't think anything of it until now when I realized I never read anyone saying anything like this .... Is this normal ? Who has the IUD and had this procedure ?

Anyone have the IUD??

Has anyone who's had a bbl have the IUD ?

Foods to avoid prior to bbl

My list says tomatoes and strawberries and apples?! Really???

What about ketchup and apple juice lol

Bbl package arrived

Bbl is next week and I'm getting so nervous and so excited!!
I've had previous lipo that didn't work so I'm really nervous to do it again . There's obvious fat and I don't really get why it didn't get taken last time. Praying for a safe surgery & all my fat to be out of my tummy and into my new ass lol

5 days!!! Starting to feel a cold come on !!! Omg

So I'm 5 days away from surgery and all 3 of my kids are sick and I've been fighting it with vitamin c but I'm feeling worse today! No fever just les energy and somewhat achey! I hope it goes away and fast!!!!

Countdown !!!! Nervous and excited

So I know it's normal to feel this way but I can't help but get discouraged/scared/sad at night when I'm laying with my youngest kids and think the horrible what ifs? They're so young and are such mamas boys that i don't know how they'd recover if something happened to me! Ugh I need to stop!!! I'm gonna be fine!!!! Stop stop stop!!! Think happy positive thoughts!!! How do you girls get through it without thinking the worst!!!!

OMG surgery tomorrow morning

Holy shit!!! I'm an emotional wreck!! On and off crying , PRAYING for a safe return home to my babies. I'm so scared to leave them !!!! Please God keep me safe and bring me home to my family!

On my way !!! Dolls I need your prayers

I'm on my way to the surgery center for my procedure and my bf is begging me not to go through with this ! He's making me nervous and stressing me out!! We have 3 kids together and he doesn't understand why I want this! I need a safe recovery and fast healing so I can be with my babies again and soon!!!

Something to remember

Made it to the other side

Went in about 11 got our around 530
I'll post more details soon!!!!

Only have this so far

Pics don't don't do justice

More pics

Doctor won't let me take the garment off so this is all I can do for today

The struggle of the recovery is real!!!

My first day out of surgery wasn't bad and neither was the 2nd day. Wasn't really taking any pain meds, wasn't nauseous, I was just weak and dizzy when id get up and walk around . I was very hydrated since my stay was at the hospital I had fluids in my IV . My biggest issue has been the stiffness and swelling . My hands and feet aren't bad but my tummy and back and booty are so swollen it's ridiculous!
Today will be my first day allowed to shower so I'm excited about washing up . Although I don't get to remove my garment until Tuesday :(
I haven't been able to really see the results so I will definitely show better pics once I get to see my body!!

Oh man there is NO comfortable position !

I'm am struggling to find a comfortable position . I keep getting these tension headaches in the back of my neck from having to sleep on my tummy. It sucks ! My stitches are irritating me in my armpits :(... Can't wait to get these stitches out and see the results so I can see if this struggle is worth it lol. I'm so curious how other dolls are out and dressed by day 5 because I'm still so swollen and stiff!!

Any advice from the vets for this headache and stiffness?

6 day update

Here is my 6 day update

Following Drs orders

Hey so I know my pictures haven't been good but until today dr becks rules were to not remove my garment at all and to shower with it on. I finally was able to remove at my follow up today and I was so light headed from being compressed to free i didn't get good pics. I'm going to upload a few but again they have my garment on. I'll take a shower tomorrow with it off and hoping it goes better and I can get more full body pics

My back and butt has a DRAMATIC change. I went from having no hips, straight body to extreme curves!! Dr beck not only gave me a much gorgeous butt but he also gave me hips and an hour glass shape. I honestly haven't seen my belly or inner thighs so I'll have to connect on those as time goes on. Right now I'm concentrating on pain management and these damn headaches!!!!

Better pics

Until today dr beck asked me not to remove the garment so I apologize for not good pics. I also had 5000cc of fat removed and he said I was his toughest patient ever because of how tight my fat was so you can imagine my recovery is intense. Tomorrow I will update better naked pics .

My figure is looking amazing. I went from a very straight back, butt to an extreme curvy lower body. I cannot express the curves enough

Stupid pics

Damn pics didn't upload

RS you're making me mad! Why won't my pics upload

Ughhhh... Trying again

Trying again

Trying again

Question for the vets---please!!!

Today is my 8th day . Today I just feel BLAH! No energy , nauseous , no appetite , just sucks . I want to start feeling normal again!!! Today was the first day that I almost regret this entire procedure because of how shitty I feel :(
Is this normal?? When will I get to feeling normal again, like no more pain pills no more body discomfort, no more stiffness??

11 day post op

Today was the first day I've been starting to feel somewhat normal. My body is lumpy all over (everywhere I had lipo) it's very hard to find a lymphatic massage therapist here , I've found 1 local who was booked and the rest are over 30 miles but hm I can't drive lol :(
Soooo I'm trying to massage myself. My knees I'd say are the most swollen of everything . I had my knees and thighs lipo but I bend on my knees often for some relief which can't be helpful with swelling, thankfully it doesn't hurt.

I actually haven't used much of my bbl package I bought with the pads and gauze and arnica gel. I was good with what they sent me home with and didn't need any extra supplies. I also don't have much bruising and where I do it's not painful. I'd say my worst part is headaches and not being able to sleep comfortably. And I'm not even a back sleeper!!
I'm soooo hoping each day gets better from here... Fingers crossed!!

Almost to 2 weeks!!!

Saw dr beck this morning for my almost 2 week follow up!
Everything is looking good! I'm so happy I chose dr beck!!!

2 weeks exactly

Couldn't be happier at my 2 week mark!!
Finally getting my lymphatic massage tomorrow , it'll be my first one !!! It wasn't easy finding them out here!!

Stupid pics didn't upload

Wasn't done

Wasn't done....

My pre surgery pics--- day of

These were my day of surgery pics just to show the weight gain I had gained and the major improvement dr beck did on my body!!!!

Jeans ....

Yikes. These are my jeans before my Bbl. can't get them over the booty lol... Big booty girl problems!!!


I've finally hit 7 weeks and I'm feeling 95% normal. The only reason it's not 100 is because my ass and thighs get really sore and sensitive depending on how long I'm sitting (using my bbl pillow of course) Or if I walk a lot I get tender butt. Pros and cons so far I'm really happy with my arms, back, hips , butt . My surgeon did great! However I'm struggling with the thigh lipo and the abdomen. I knew my tummy was going to be tough to snatch because I've had lipo in the abdomen 2 previous times. 1 9 years ago (great success!) and another time 2 years ago (sucked! No results and left me with scar tissue!!) My stomach is very uneven right now and upsetting even though I'm doing my massages 2 times a week and hoping for better results. My thighs also have a weird lump on each side that my PS said he'd probably have to drain I haven't been updating because not a lot has changed besides my butt being fluffy and jiggly now!

Loving my butt and my back

So I'm 4 months post op and I absolutely love my ass and back but I'm not satisfied with my waist and my thighs. I'm really hoping for some corrections soon!!!

6 month post op

So I'm approaching my 6 months. Not gonna lie I would love round 2 but I think I'm going to focus more on a tummy tuck! I need to lose about 10-15 lbs to be at my ideal weight and than in 6 months my surgeon said he'll do my tummy tuck!!! Here are some new pics!!

Just to show the arms!

Wanted to post a before and after of my arms
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