18 Y/o BBL Needed . - Foster City, CA

I've been wanting a BBL since forever I hate...

I've been wanting a BBL since forever I hate trying on clothes they never look right I wear baggy clothes to hide my stomach . I came across Dr Beck last month and fell in love with his work his team is very nice Nicole explains everything in great detail . My date for surgery is Summer 2017 I'd like to have enough Rest to heal correctly once I get closer to the date I will be updating more so excited to share this journey / life changing experience

I can't wait !

I'm so excited for this surgery! I've been waiting so long for this to happen I'm counting down the days til ! I'm saving every penny ! I'm so determined to make this happen for myself ! .

Wish Pictures !

having doubts :/

I know some of you can relate to family and friends telling you that this surgery is " too much " my family keeps making me feel about this surgery but honestly no one feels how I feel . I just want a nice body !! I know deep down inside that I still want it, I just wish my family were more supportive !

wish pictures


Yesterday I went to an consultation to another doctor I'll choose to keep him nameless . The office was very nice and so were the staff , he gave me a pretty low price which was kind of sketchy to me but after leaving his office I googled him and looked at Yelp reviews they were bad and people were saying how he's not certified . The doctors before and after pictures weren't what I was looking for gladly I'm sticking with Dr. Beck I'm saving up every penny

wish pic

wish pictures

wish pictures

More wish pictures .

Wish Pictures

Wish Pictures

Wish Pictures

Wish Pictures

Body Goals


Changed Doctors!

Hey , it's been a while since I wrote an update. Dr. Beck was originally who I wanted to get my BBL done by I kept dont research and came across Dr. Hughes I emailed him sent him my pictures and my goal pictures and he told me he would be able to give me my dream body , I will be getting surgery done in July. Before I actually went through with putting a down payment my mom wanted to check him out and she approved ! I can't wait to update you guys the count down is real


Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

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