16 Days Away from my Prodecure! Hoping for Some Support- IM NERVOUS! - Foster City, CA

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Today reality sunk in.. I have planned for my BBL...

Today reality sunk in.. I have planned for my BBL since January of this year, and up until this point it has felt like a dream. When I decided to count how many days I have left, I think I had a mini heart attack lol. 16 days!!!! Wow, I haven't even started preparing for my big day yet. I guess its time to start grinding, ordering and planning. Alittle about me... Im 36 years old, 5'2 (on a good day, stretched out =), 139 lbs (normally 117), I have an amazing 5 year old son, who is the love of my life and also an absolute handful! I was blessed physically, I was always known as the white girl with a big booty growing up.. In my 20's I had an amazing bubble butt and a 6 pack, those were the good old days. Now I still have a pretty big butt, but since having my son, things are different, I'm just not as well put together. I have some loose skin on my stomach when I bend down, and some uneven areas in my booty. My arms have always been chubby, I have always had big thighs and hips. Everyone thinks I'm crazy to get this procedure done, they tell me your butt is already huge (43" right now). But I decided more then just being greedy and adding to my booty, I'm looking forward to re-sculpting my entire body, lets face it my metabolism has changed and I'm no spring chicken anymore, so why not have a "me" moment. I have been with my sons father for 14 years, and he likes bigggg butts lol. I have dedicated my life to my family and somewhere along the way I forgot about myself, so I guess Im considering this a moment for me. I need a re-set moment, more then just cosmetic surgery my excitement comes from taking time out of life to reprogram me, eating healthy, reading, exercising (after surgery), loving myself more. Anyways, I decided to choose a Doctor close to home, I cant imagine being away from my son for more then a few days, plus my girlfriend just had her BBL with him in January and it looks amazing. My Doctor is Joel Beck in Foster City, CA. He is such a caring and sweet man, he thinks I'm the perfect candidate for the procedure. He is doing smart lipo on my arms, back, stomach, sides, thighs, I think 7 sites in total. He uses the grafting technique to ensure that he sorts thru the good and bad fat and the fat he injects has a more likely chance of survival. I have full faith in him. I will be staying overnight in the hospital after the procedure, so that added almost $3k to my total which was $10,500. I just had my blood work done last week, and now I'm trying to get my survival gear together. Does anyone have recommendations on things that will make my journey easier? I will post a list of things that I think I need, and welcome any suggestions. I look forward to sharing my journey and once I make it thru, I will be happy to help others with theirs.

Dr Beck, work your miracle

These are some of my wish pictures. A girl can dream cant she =)

Suggestions on pillows

Does anyone have any suggestions on what pillows to use? Boppy, Sachi Organic Roll? Did anyone buy the BBL Pillow or the booty buddy? Wondering if those are worth having. Im sure I will have to sit on my thighs once in a while. Also wondering about compression socks, any good ones that RS can recommend? Thanks for all the help

7 Days Away From the new ME!!

I cant believe how close my surgery is with Dr Beck! One week from now, I will wake and have a new shell of a body! I am so excited! I haven't had a moment to breathe and even think of the actual surgery, but Im sure that will sink in on Monday or Tuesday. I have ordered all of my supplies, blood tests came back in perfect, and I think the last few things I need are a boppy pillow and a female urinal. So far I have the following items: BBL pillow, Sachi organics roll pillows, body pillows, arnica pills, arnica gel, foam boards, vitamins, heating blanket, slippers, robe, gauze pads, tape, lots of loose shirts and dresses and my prescriptions. Tuesday I will be stocking the fridge and freezer to hibernate. Lots of coconut water, pineapple juice, fruit, soup, etc. I just want to take a moment to really acknowledge how lucky I feel to have Dr Beck as my doctor, he is a real master of his craft from what I have seen so far, and I know he will change my life after this surgery. His staff is amazing, Jasmine, is the sweetest person you could ever work with, and thru out my journey she has been supportive, funny, caring, sweet and easy to talk with. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing team so close to home. If anyone has any suggestions on what I else I may need I would love to hear about it.

Finally adding my before pictures, yikes!!!

So I decided as much as I want to hide under my clothes and not show my chubby little self, I need to just accept what it is, and also be fair to give you all an idea of where I am pre surgery, so you can truly see the end results. I'm up another 5 lbs, and now that I have finished all of my social gatherings, I'm going to be stuffing my face until my surgery, I'm drinking Ensure Plus right now, about 3 a day. Im going to need to do a sugar cleanse after this, because now my body is in Love with the sugar lol. I just want to thank the girls who have reached out with support and blessings, it has really meant a lot =) #Dr. Beck Babes, #Beck booty's,

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

I cant believe how quickly time has passed, I'm filled with so many emotions, but mainly exhaustion lol. It is a lot of work to get your life and house together so you can take some time off. But now its "ME" time. I'll be going in for surgery tomorrow at 6:00 am with Dr Beck! Im so excited to hit the reset button on my body. Sheesh, I deserve this. Its going to be amazing, and I cant wait to see my new and improved body after he works his magic!! I will post pics soon. Thanks for all the love on here, it has really helped me to prepare for this scary but exciting journey!!

Surgery is over!! Recovery is in full effect! Ouch!

Last Wednesday was my surgery with Dr Beck. Everything went really smoothly, the staff at Mills was amazing!! I cant say enough about every single person who helped me or cared for me pre or post surgery!! So here is a quick summary day of surgery: arrived at Mills Hospital at 6:15 am, met with Admin about health questions and then was taken into the back changed and met with Dr Beck who had printed my wish pics, we discussed and he began to mark me with sharpie pen, I think I ended up using all of the ink in his pens by the time he had finished lol. We did arms, back, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, stomach, back, basically everything =) The surgery was approx 6 hours, and I woke up in a recovery area, and felt very sick to my stomach. They gave me medicine thru my IV to help and also kept me very comfortable with pain medicine. I was finally taken into my own private room, and the nurses were the sweetest people in the world. The pain kicked in around 9:00 pm and I just couldnt find a comfortable way to sleep. The nurses brought me jello, pudding, ice chips, juice, water and a blueberry muffin lol =). The next morning Dr Beck came to check on me at the hospital and gave me authorization to go home. My eyes were swollen and moving was incredibly painful. When my boyfriend tried to get me into my bed I basically screamed, my body was in insane pain. Also getting up to pee was the worst experience of my life, arm lipo is no joke, you really need your arms to slide on and off your stomach. over all very happy with the results =) Love, Love, Love Dr Beck

Not sure if this is the best garment for me???

My booty feels like it is getting compressed down in this garment also when I wear the foam it leaves a square indent on my stomach, any suggestions on things I can wear? I noticed some girls wear garments that have their booty cheeks out?

Pics 3 days after operation

So I have been lagging on updating pictures. These are pictures 3 days after surgery and tomorrow I will update with current pics (approx. 9 days after surgery). Everyday I become more in love with my results =)

Feeling and looking good!!

I can't begin to express how happy and blessed I feel. I'm so in love with my new body. My arms are so tight and toned, my hips have so much volume and shape, my booty is full and Dr Beck was even able to get rid of almost all my cellulite and fill dimples, I have a sexy shelf on there now. But honestly, I tear up every time I take my garment off and look at my stomach, it is unbelievable, tight, tiny, no more loose skin, I almost thought I was going to need a tummy tuck, but not anymore, the insecurities that I had about wearing a bikini or showing my stomach are going to be memories of the past. Dr Beck did more for me then he will ever know, I see myself thru new eyes and I am so in love with my new body. Here are current pics. I still have a ton of bruising so I will take naked ones in a few more days

A few questions regarding recovery..

Hi everyone, so Im starting to feel a lot better, my booty has lost some volume (to be expected =(. My stomach was super hard after surgery and has started to soften, but now I have some lumps on my stomach, its pretty bumpy. My sides are also starting to get little wider then they were initially, so Im wondering if anyone else has had these issues and if so, do you have any tips on tightening the stomach area, it almost looks like pockets of fat in certain areas. I was also thinking of wearing a waist cincher and was hoping for suggestions on any that you guys have had great results with, I will still wear my garment but I'd like to secure my tiny waistline. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

Little over 4 weeks, so happy!! Before and After Pics

So I made it to the one month mark, it was a journey, but I can honestly say it was a journey well worth it!! I finally started going out into the world again, and my booty makes an entrance everywhere I go lol. I was walking and some guy said as I passed "IM IN LOVE WITH THE COCO" lol. I need to go shopping and get new pants, this booty is putting me from a size small to medium, but Im not complaining. Dr Beck said everything looks great, Im so happy I choose him as my Dr. He is such an angel!! So here is my before pic and my one month post op pic. What a difference!! =)

Sideways View

Here is my sideways view, Pre-Op and 1 month Post Op.. LOVE IT!!

I honestly felt like a won the lotto when I found Dr. Beck! When I met him for my consultation he exceeded my expectations, lets face it most girls go to Miami for a BBL. But after I learned about his experience, how he had trained with one of the top Miami BBL Doctors, that he was one of the top Lipo Doctors in the Country, I knew that I had found my Doctor. Plus the fact that his office is 5 minutes from my house was a major plus!! He is funny, smart, honest and really knows his stuff, he will keep it real with you. His staff is amazing, everyone there is so nice. I have to especially acknowledge Jasmin, she has been so available for me thru my procedure from the beginning and is still just a call away if I need anything. She is the best!! Now 8 days after surgery I am more reassured that I made the best decision, my results are amazing, and he really went above and beyond!! I would honestly say that he is the Bay Area Booty Doctor hands down!!

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