35-Year Old Guy, Can't Wait to Get Rid of my Extra Skin! - Foster City, CA

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I'm so excited. I just reserved my surgery date...

I'm so excited. I just reserved my surgery date and have less than two months to go. I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 5 years. I workout with a trainer 3x week, run and do yoga but extra skin and fat is hiding the fitness gains that I have made. I am a little nervous about how much pain and discomfort there will be following the procedure but so far the doctor and his staff have been awesome in answering my questions. Completely candid and realistic about recovery time an scarring. Dr. Beck was my fourth and final consultation and I'm so glad that I went to see him. He and his staff immediately put me at ease and I knew that I wanted to have Dr. Beck do my circumferential body lift. I feel so confident going forward now. The only question is..... what kind of belly button do I want?

A month to go!

I am getting so excited for my body lift. It is scheduled for July 16th and I can't wait. I have been working with my trainer and I am so eager to see the muscle that I have built up without the added skin. I have posted some pics of my training progress so far and then will post some more after the operation.

Three Days since the Surgery!

It's been three days since the surgery and I'm already amazed with the results. I am also surprised that there has been so little pain. Dr. Beck and the surgery center staff at Mills were awesome. They were caring and patient throughout the whole process. I was glad to have the overnight stay in the hospital as it made me feel very relaxed and confident going into the surgery. I tried very hard to follow the pre-op instructions and I think it helped me have an excellent experience.

I have had very little pain although there is a lot of tightness in my abdomen which can feel strange. It is also a challenge to avoid bending and twisting. The doctor installed two drains in my pubic area which I empty several times a day. Honestly, this part was one of the things I was worried about the most, but once I established a routine for emptying them it has not been a problem. I am also getting up and walking every couple of hours.

I have been exceptionally lucky to have tremendous support from my friends and family. My Mom has been an incredible helper and I am enjoying recuperating at her house. She is making me lots of protein-rich healthy meals that are helping me keep my strength without over-eating or eating too many sweets.

Today I took my first shower and it was the first time I really allowed myself to see some of the results. I was amazed and suprised at how good it already looks. I am especially happy with my perfect new belly button. He did a beautiful job and the placement is perfect. I was also surprised that he was able to achieve some tightening of the inner-thigh as well as the outer-thigh and buttocks. I was not even expecting this and I don't know how Dr. Beck managed to achieve this but I couldn't be more pleased about it. Even at this early stage I feel like I got even more than I was hoping for.

Below are some pics that I took today. Keep in mind that the drains are hidden in my underwear and that there is dried blood underneath the scar tape that makes the incision look worse than it is. It is actually very thin and seems to be healing well.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Beck gave me a personal and thorough consultation. I did not feel rushed or uncomfortable asking him any questions that I had. I feel confident that not only will Dr. Beck perform the surgery correctly but that he understand the body and how I want to look. I am looking forward to our next appointment where we will discuss pre-op procedures.

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