27 Years Old, Arm Liposuction. Foster City, CA

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I have always had big arms, even when I was BMI 19...

I have always had big arms, even when I was BMI 19.5. I am currently BMI 24 and happy with my weight and body.. except for my arms. I just had it done yesterday morning (9am) and the whole day I was leaking tumescent fluid like crazy. I went through a lot of bandaging, and was super sore. Today I'm still very sore, but it's a bit better.

I'll update as I can, and maybe take some photos.

Day 4

The leaking stopped by the next morning--I changed all of my clear bandages and got rid of all the gauze bandaging.

Over the next couple days... well, I've been sore. I Feel like a sausage in the compression garment, but without it I can feel my kin moving around without my muscle and it freaks me out so much, so I'd way rather feel the pinching of the garment. The worst is at my upper upper arm, but that's not surprising--the garment is kind of a uniform tube for the entire upper arm, but my upper upper arm is huge.

Here are my pics from yesterday, which is about 4 days post-op. My arm looks the EXACT same as before, except with lots of bruises obviously. This isn't concerning--i'm told you dont really see any results until like 3 months later, so..

Day 15

Wow. It's incredibly what 10 days can do! Since my last update all of the bruising has gone away, and so much of the swelling has gone away too (obviously not 100%--since they say that swelling continues to die down over the proceeding 3-6 months, but I'd be happy even if my arms didn't shrink any more!)

I love my results already! There is a bit of lumpiness, as is expected, but honestly not much. My range of motion is 100%, though it's a bit tight when I stretch my arms above my head, but stretching helps loosen it up throughout the day. It hurts the most when I use my clarisonic to massage the lumps (I saw that as a recommendation from a doc on the site) but if I just massage with my fingers it's only a bit sore.

Honestly, now I'm just worried that as the lumps go away my skin will become saggy. I'm so happy with the firmness right now, I wish it could just say like this!

Oh, and last week I met with my Dr for the 1 week checkup and asked what I should do about my compression garment, because already it feels like it's barely compressing at all anymore. Very oddly.. he recommended I just find a tight long-sleeve shirt. The only long sleeve shirts I own are not a strong enough material that it'd offer any compression, so I'm just going to wear the compression garment for the recommended 4 weeks and hope that works ok, even if its loose by the end.

Quick update

Doing pretty well.. but still some obvious dimpling when I lift my arms. Hopefully it'll smooth out with time. Still, since I don't raise my arms like that in public I'm more than happy to wear sleeveless shirts. :)

Found some before photos

Two taken the night before.. the rest just random. Wish I'd taken before photos from more angles and both arms. I'll probably find some more next week.

4 months or so

Hi y'all. I wanted to put an update.

All the lumps and bumps are gone! My skin isn't 100% tight yet, but its pretty good.. no one else notices, that's for sure. (Keep in mind that they tell you that you won't see your skin at its full tightness for 1 year, so I've still got 8 months of tightening to go!)

I'll post a pic soon, but just wanted to update. :)

ok photos

sorry I've been so slow.

Ok so as you can see in the first, things are looking pretty good! The second and third show what little sag I have, right around my underarm.. which will hopefully clear up as I work out more and time goes on! Um, both arms are pretty much completely symmetric, so I guess Im only showing one side of each angle.

more photos at month 4

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

In general I've been very happy with Dr. Beck and his team. I did have to wait over an hour for my consult, but was taken care of pretty promptly for the actual surgery and all of my follow up appointments, so it probably was just a hectic day over there. All of his employees are great and very sweet and friendly. Dr. Beck is professional and confident. I'm very pleased with my results. Dr Beck performed liposuction on my upper arms and it's been 6 months and while there's a bit more tightening up to do, especially right where my arm was widest, I am way happier with my appearance than I was before the surgery. Honestly, if I had the money I'd go back and get more work done.. definitely addicting!

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