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Went to the gym today and felt invisible... I...

Went to the gym today and felt invisible... I guess it's been like that for awhile now- part of that is my shape has changed and of course not being so young anymore. Next month I'm getting Lipo to my flanks and abs, and also a BA. I know it's not going to change how people look at me- but I think I need my confidence back.

Pre-op appt

Looks like I'm getting 320cc and I added back Lipo to my procedures that day. So getting BA and Lipo to my abs, flanks and back. Oh god I hope I'm not in too much pain... I look at back Lipo photos and don't see that much difference between before and after. It's looks like you get more bang for your buck on abs and flanks.

Adding back Lipo- so getting an overnight nurse and hotel room

It didn't cost that much more to get a night nurse to take care of me (about $300) so I did it. I almost booked a hotel room for about $120 so now I can rest in piece without my kids running around, causing havoc

One week away- not nervous yet but it'll hit me soon!

Can't wait to get this done and walk naked around the house!

Getting excited but not nervous yet

It's over! And it's a motherfu$#%#%!

Had my BA and Lipo yesterday at 7 AM
I didn't wake up till four in the afternoon and my nurse came to take me to the hotel room. The recovery in the hotel room was really hard. It I felt fine laying down but every time I got up to take my medication I cringe so hard. Think goodness my nurse was there helping me, I don't think I could do it by myself. Woke up with tons of nausea and lightheadedness. I thought this was harder than giving birth. Way harder

Today is day 3

Feeling ok today. Hurts the most when getting in and out of bed but walking around is ok. I just took a shower and had to blow dry my garment - it was hard to get dry.
I'm still stuck in my room- trying to stay clear of kids.

Holy torpedos !

Thought there weren't so big after the procedure - in fact on my right breast I almost inclined to say that he forgot to insert the implant! But now that I'm taking naked photos, they do appear much larger.
Does anyone have drains in? I was wondering if that meant just openings, prof there was actually a tube?


Forgot to mention- I got on the scale yesterday and I was 10lbs heavier at 153. Today I am 151 so hopefully all the water will go away and I'll at least be back down to 143. Hopefully this procedure will help me lose more weight. I have been going to the gym every other day- but I have to say, Its had minimal impact to my weight

Post op appt 5 days after

Postop with PS went fine today. He allowed me to take off the garment and wash it which is great because it was gross wearing it for so long and showering with it on. I was able to see all my bruising and status progress when we took off the garment. The most bruised areas where my pubic area and my tailbone area they were purple triangles basically!

He said there was a lot of swelling and that would all go away and make a big difference.

How d'ya like my square boobies?

Day 5 - feeling much better

I'd say I feel pretty good now except for the feeling the chills all day long. I don't have a temperature but feel like I got the flu. Did a bunch of grocery errands anyways getting ready for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful the first 3 days are over!

Went torture device-free last night

I couldn't stand my compression garment last night and tonight. I took it off and could've burned it. Couldn't sleep, was couldn't and felt like I was suffocating.
Anyways, put it back on in the morning. And went to the gym. I just did some light walking on the treadmill and it was good. Feel fine. Also tried on a bikini tonight although still heavily bruised. I got 330cc but they don't look that big when covered

Easy to look modest with this size

Just in case anyone is wanting to keep their augmentation private and not sure what size to go- I went with 330 cc and I think it's safe to say you can't tell when I'm wearing certain clothes

tried in some clothes today- no more rolls!

3 weeks post op- trying on bathing suit top

I like how the boobs are looking but I'm still numb around the waist and back and abs. I'm starting to fear that not working out is going to make me gain weight and make the LIPosuction for nothing

Does anyone need Hibeclens Soap?

I had to purchase this along with milk of magnesia, and tons of pills I really don't need anymore and everything practically full. I'd love to pass it on to someone who needs it. It's expensive!
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