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Hi everyone. So I started my bbl journey today and...

Hi everyone. So I started my bbl journey today and met with Dr. Beck. I'm looking to do it in a few months. He was very kind and reassuring and made me feel at ease But let me tell you, I am extremely petrified. I have an 18 month old son and I worry I will not wake up from the surgery! I tried to talk him into doing twilight anesthesia but it's a no. Oh no! im hoping It would be a 2 hours process and again that's a no! He is taking fat from arms, flanks, back and abdomen. I'm 5'1 and 142 pounds. I don't know if he can get a lot of viable fat from me. Problem is, he also needs to prioritize the deep dents on my hips and thighs because of a previous botched lipo on my thighs. I completely lost my hips! So whatever is left from fixing my dents would go to my flat as a pancake butt. I'm hoping to hear from the ladies who have done it, especially those who have seen dr. Beck, how they got over the Jitters and also to those who did arm lipo if they were happy with the result. I was told that 90% of time, arm lipos are not very effective. I have yet to see good photos online where I can actually tell if it's effective or not. Recovery wise, was it totally unbearable? How was you ladies' first day at home? I'm a single mom and I don't know how I'm gonna chase my baby if I'm throwing up and in a lot of pain. I'm seriously considering spending an extra day at recovery but don't want to spend if I don't need to. Also how long did it take for the bruising and scars to go away? Really hoping to get some tips from you lovely ladies out there. You're amazing and you look great. Wish me luck!

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