31yrs old getting Tummy Tuck Only - Foster City, CA

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I'm a week away. Super excited and nervous. After...

I'm a week away. Super excited and nervous. After I stopped breastfeeding I gained 20lbs so I'm feeling a little down. I always had a belly I just feel like it's gotten bigger actually I look more pregnant now then when I actually was pregnant. I'm 5'3 and 170 and my baby is 10months. O and I have a cough yes why not hoping it will go away soon.

Tomorrow's Tummy Tuck!

Ok I was so busy with work the last couple of days I'm not freaking out... yet. Tomorrow I go in at 6am which is perfect since I a early bird. I feel like I'm not prepared but I can't imagine getting anymore protein shakes or jello or bed pillows or bath chairs. Some pics of before and a pic of the garment I wore after my back lipo which was so comfortable.

4 days after Tummy Tuck

I had my TT Wednesday shockingly not nervous I went in got the special jucie and woke up in recovery. The pain is like doing a thousand sit-ups. That's how to best describe it and the incision hurts time to time. I slept the night at the hospital and made sure I got the pain meds often so I can be comfortable. The hardest part is getting out of bed and in. I had BM the 2nd day but that's because I took milk of mag 3 times at day. I have seen myself a little and man I'm flat but I'm too nervous to really take a look. The hip to hip incision is what scares me the most so that's why I haven't looked.

4days after

Laying down with the binder on.

5 days

The belly button looks good and normal. Thanks God! Tomorrow I have my 1 week check up so I will put up better pics. PS I got a cough and omg it's horrible the pain o the pain. I'm on Tylenol once a day so besides the cough the pain is mild.

Drains are here to stay for another week

I knew I would have the drains for 2 weeks so it doesn't bug me. Doc gave me realistic advice when I first saw him for my consultant. I'm sooo tired I get winded so quickly. I haven't even stood up and really looked at myself and gotten really excited. I think once I get over this hump of tiredness. Doc took the tape thing off my incision and he said I can start putting fading cream on it. I think I'm shock happy omg I have a flat stomach which I never had. I think I'm trying to stay calm about it and not act like a lil girl jumping up and down. Lol. P.S TT does drain your energy extremely! I was so worried about the pain but the no energy is what gets me the most getting use to.

Exactly 1 week after TT

Exactly one week ago I was getting my TT done. Here is a pic of me laying down belly button and all. I'm very big busted and have a small torso. Dr Becks did great w/ the incisions it's super low and doesn't look too bad.

What to put on incision and what to eat

I'm feeling good still can't stand up straight and I get tired. Since my TT I get up and walk around the house every 2 hours. I have had soup in 80 degree weather for 4 days but now I'm hungry. I eat veggies and lots of fruits, salmon, tuna but what else. Also Doc did say I can put Mederma on my incision but what else do you guys suggest. Since my 1 week check up I have nothing on my incision no gauze or tape. Doc took the tape off and said it was fine to start putting cream on it.

18 days AFTER Tummy Tuck

Sorry I was MIA. Ok so I'm still not walking straight. My back hurts so bad but I always had back issues because I have huge boobies. The tubes came out on my 2week check up. It didn't hurt just felt strange. It does feel good to be tube free. Doc told me to take it real slow after tubes come out incase of fluid build up. I'm using Biocorneum on my incision and neo on my Belly button. I wear the binder all day long expect when I take a shower. I don't mind wearing it so in the pics you can see my imprint. I'm going back to work tomorrow but half day . I'm feeling better more energy but I do get winded and out of breath easily. I'm going to be very busy next couple of months my baby's 1st bday next month, hell month at work and the list goes on. I will tried to post pics every month to show the progression.

3 weeks after Tummy Tuck

Had my 3 week check today! Doc said I'm doing great and healing well. He checked everything and I was on my way home feeling excited that the check up went great. Now I did start work Monday and omg I was tired and out of breath easily. Tuesday was a little easier I'm walking a lot I work in a big bldg. I have notice I'm getting more lose in a good and I'm not hunch over as more. I also took a shower standing up today. Since my surgery I've been sitting ( it was suggested by a lady that had a TT) to get a shower chair. I had my husband take some pics so show a better angle.

23 days AFTER Tummy Tuck

Just a little update, I'm almost standing straight. I'm working a lot more and get completely wiped out at night. I sleep like a baby. I'm feeling great. I went to work and wore my old dresses that fit amazing. Its a big noticeable change. I'm so happy w/ this. Sorry for the bad pics I was trying to take it next to a white background. I'm wearing Spanx that I had for years there's no wire I switch w/ that and the binder the Doc gave me.

6weeks after Tummy Tuck

It's been 6wks. I did take longer to stand up straight but I think I know why. I slept with the pillows under my legs like the Doc suggest but I did it for 4weeks and when I went for my appo he said to take it out and the next couple of days I started standing straighter. I babied myself lol. I feel great and love dressing up. My closet full of clothes are brand new again. I'm trying not to buy new clothes but I can't help it. I was a large/9 in jeans. I fit in my jeans w/o the gut hanging over and skirts I'm a medium and my large fit as well. Here's a pic sorry my butt is in all in the shot.

2years in

It's been 2 years.... so my tummy is still flat. I have a tightness feeling like I did sit ups but it does not bother me. I like the workout -pain feeling. I do work out and when I do sit ups the pain is intensified but again nothing I can't handle. I feel great I love dressing up. I'm going in for a breast reduction tomorrow I wanted this since I was 18 and once I had the tt my breast looks even more bigger. I think I'm 36 ddd or whatever comes after that. I will put pics up later. Something funny after my tt with my big boobs I can't see down when I button/ zip my pants.
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