Excited and Nervous at the Same Time! Only 19 Days Left - Fort Wright, KY

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Well I have never started a blog, but I feel it's...

Well I have never started a blog, but I feel it's important to document my journey to my breast augmentation and donut lift. After doing research for PS in my area, I have decided to go with Dr. Vennameyer. His post pics look wonderful. After my consultation with him, I can say he totally listened to me and what I was hoping to achieve with my surgery. The whole office was so very nice and caring. I have called the office a couple of times since and each time I was greeted with nice reception. At my consultation we decided on Allergen silicone 475cc HP under the muscle. Set a surgery date and started the process.

I little about me. I am 53, have one child, I breastfed. I weightlifting from the early 80's until last year. After I quit heavy lifting I lost a lot of pectoral muscle definition. This yr, I lost another 29#. Needless to say my breast are flat and deflated. Agh... I took pics this morning and couldn't believe how bad they look.

Today is Pre OP Appointment

I have my pre op appointment with my PS. It's really going to happen. I am starting to get all my "ducks" in a row, so to speak. My PS will give me my scripts for my meds. I know some of the meds are not covered by my insurance, but what can one do? I have been looking into getting a pillow wedge for my bed to help keep me elevated at night. I don't plan on staying in bed except to sleep. I know from previous surgeries that getting up and moving about within limits really helps the healing process. Thursday I have an appointment with my primary doc for my EKG. My insurance will cover this as long as it's done in office. I just pay my co-pay, and the blood work will be done at a stand alone lab, so it's covered 100%. My surgical bra should be here this week.
I'm trying to arrange my schedule so I am not committed to anything for 2-3 weeks after surgery, except for work. I have an all day event 9 days after surgery, but I don't know if I should cancel this or not. (Any veterans out there, your input with this would be very helpful). Also, what do you do to counter act the effects of the antibiotics on your gut flora? That's one of my BIGGEST concerns. I haven't taken antibiotics in 4-5 years.
I know I am rambling, but I am keeping this surgery private, except for my husband and everyone here on realself. I don't want to here negative judgement from family members or anyone else. This is my decision, not theirs. It's stressful enough to get everything ready for the surgery as well as prepare myself, mentally & physically, without outside negativity! Anyway.... Hope everyone has a great day, and if your healing up may this day you show much improvement!

15 days and counting!!!

Well my pre op appt. went very well. Love that Dr. Vennemeyer doesn't rush you through, he actually listen to you and truly seems to care. We confirmed the size of my implants, they will be Allergan Silicone 475cc, placed under the muscle. He will do a donut life, but if it doesn't do enough to lift he will remove more skin underneath at the crease. I got my surgical bra, my prescriptions, which are many...

I do have a question: Do you think that by my 9th day post op will I feel good enough to go and participate in a 1/2 day event? I need to give my commitment in the next day or so.

13 days and counting!!

It's getting closer for me very quick. Got my EKG done today and had my blood drawn. I have prescriptions to have filled. Got a call from the ps office, and Marcy has been my go to girl for questions I have had. She was just finalizing everything for surgery. Then I spoke with the physician assistant Karen, and she went over everything from what meds to take before surgery to telling me my arrival time which is 8am. surgery is 9am and scheduled to last 4.5 hrs. I think this is longer then my back surgery. But I am so glad that it is early!!

Picked up my Prescriptions Yesterday! Wowers.... 9 days and counting, down!

Yesterday, I went and had my meds filled. All 7 of them. Holy cow!! I walked out in sticker shock. Some of the meds, my insurance did not cover. But in the end I don't want to have complications from not taking what my ps prescribed for me to take.

I am trying to get everything ready for my after surgery care. I am going to buy a small wipe off white board and write which med at take at what time, so my husband knows when I need to take them.
Someone mentioned about getting a pillow wedge for the bed, is this a good idea?

Also, I need to pick up some vita-water. I have protein powder for shakes, going to make some coconut milk yogurt. My husband is making homemade venison/veggie soup and will put it in single serving bags to freeze.

What else would I need? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
I am really excited!!!! Can not wait, I know there will be pain, but I had rods and screws in my back and I survived. I will keep a positive attitude, and that will help with post op;)

2 Days and Counting 2 a new me! :)

I am getting a little nervous, okay a lot nervous. I have almost everything I need for post op. My husband has made a large pot of vegetable venison soup. We will put it in single serving bags and freeze. Made some homemade coconut milk yogurt to help with the effects of the antibiotics. Have some extra pillows to help keep me elevated when I sleep. Ice packs if needed. vitamin water to replace electrolytes.

I have to say also, that I am really excited that soon I won't have to wear padded bras. I will be able to look at my breasts and not see them sagging towards the floor. I had pre-op pictures on here, but I hated looking at them and took them down, but I may reconsider and put them back up. This way I can do a comparison of before and after. And maybe it will help someone else. Reading everyone's reviews I see a lot of women wish they would have gone larger. I hope this is not the case with me.
My stats are: 5'7, 143#, and no boobs;) I used to be a Large C, verging on D. So my hope is to be a full D. I want my breast to look natural, and fit the size of my body. Going with Allergan silicone 475cc HP.

Thought I would add a few pictures, since in two days they will be new!!

Wish these were real, not just padding. Lol

13.5 hours till new boobs!!!

I am so excited not nervous. I got everything ready, my meds written down for my husband so he knows when I need to take them. This time tomorrow I will be on the other side with beautiful new breasts!!

On the other side & not too bad!

YaY! Surgery went fine. PS had to do a lollipop instead of a donut lift. The drugs I'm taking make me loopy. So I am off of here.

Post Op, Day 2

Well I am 2 days post op, and I can say that I am pretty sore. Was trying to back off my pain meds, so I could get my bowls to move. By 5pm yesterday I was having a lot of pain so I took 2 Percocet and it really help. I have some sloshing around my right breast when I lift things. My bloating seems to be going down. I've been drinking a ton of water, which helps with the bloat. Been eating yogurt, to counter the effects of the antibiotics I took. Today I get to shower and I can't wait. I know I will feel so much better. I just have to be careful when I shower, because I'm by myself, and I don't want to fall.

Post OP Day 4, Kinda feeling funky:/

So today is pod4. I haven't taken a pain pill in 24hrs. It is so hard to sleep on my back elevated. Not only do I feel like I have bricks on my chest, but my back is aching. I so want to sleep on my side. I might have over done it, yesterday. started cleaning the house and this morning I'm doing laundry. My breasts do look good, very little bruising, and the tightness only happens when I use my chest muscles too much. Right now I'm sick to my stomach and feel funky. Maybe I'll just chill on the couch? Oh, forgot to mention that on pod2 I drove myself to town and got so busted by my husband! I know, it was stupid. So use to doing things myself, hate to ask for help....

First Post OP Appointment

My appt. went great! I must say that Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff are so nice. Got there early for my appointment and they took me right in. Dr. Vennemeyer checked my girls, he noticed that I have a small blister on my left breast. He sugested that I change from my surgi bra to a sport bra, because the band is rubbing my skin. He let me asks all the questions I had. He never makes me feel rushed. I felt like I decided when our visit was over. Where do you ever find a doctor like that. Usually they are in a hurry.
I got home and put on a sport bra I had and boy it was too too tight. So decided to go to the store & buy a bigger one. By the time I got to the store my breasts were hurting so bad that I was nauseated. I finally found a comfy sport bra, paid for them and went home. My breasts were so swollen I put ice on them, chilled for awhile and am feeling better.

Day 6 Post Op. Starting to Really love my new "Girls"!

Today I feel so much better. Slept pretty well on my back, but I'm a side sleeper, so it was hard to get comfortable on my side. This morning I didn't have near the morning boobs as I have had, so hoping things are settling down. I do need a new sport bra, one that has straps and not a racerback. If anyone has a idea please let me know. I am going to begin walking and was wondering if I need to really compress my breasts down or just let them be?
Posting a couple of pictures. They are healing nicely and so I will get the steri strips off.

2 Week Post OP Appt. and ...

Had my 2 week appt. on the 2nd. PS told me I could start implant displacement massage. They are starting to soften and drop a little bit. I was so hoping for him to remove the steri strips, but he said that if they are not off by next week I can take them off.
The right breast that was high & tight has finally soften and the swelling has gone down. Now they look the same. PS also said that I could go back to teaching my yoga classes on the 19th, but not to do any of the poses that require me to use my chest muscles. I am so jazzed about this!! I have missed my students and my practice, even though I have been practicing at home with modifications, I still miss the energy of being in class.
I will post some new pics, as soon as I take them!

Kinda in a Funk and Discouraged:(

So this morning, I decided to take my bra measurements. I then ran it into a bra calculator and it said that I was a 36C. WTH! That's the size bra I wore before my surgery. I am hoping I did something wrong, but since then, I have been really down, almost to tears, questioning if I went to small? I keep thinking about the bra shopping I did on Friday at Victoria Secret, and all the bras I tried on which were 36D, 34DD, all fit except for the fact that the straps were raised up from my chest. Hopefully this will pass.
Wondering if anyone else felt like this...

My New VS Bras!!

I decided to post some pictures of my new bras. These are 36D, and to me it looks like I might need DDs. I know now that I had to do something wrong when I did my measuring. My breasts are getting softer each day and I'm not getting morning boob. Also, I took off the steri-strips, and when I was doing that I got afraid that my areolas would fall off. I did this on the same day I took my bra measurements. Then I thought that my breasts were going back to their original shape. That was 2 days ago. I was just so down that day, feeling much better today.

They are beginning to feel natural.

Yesterday I had my 1 month check up. PS said I'm healing really good. He said I can start riding my bike, teach yoga, Yay! I really am liking how they look, it's giving me more confidence in my clothes. I went looking for sport bra, which is becomming such a pain in the but. I must be a 36DD, cause 36D is not fitting. I tried on 14 bras today and only 2 fit. If anyone know where I can get good bras I would love to know. I'm posting some pictures, but my breasts look much better then they do in the pictures. They are getting softer and are dropping, looking more natural.

5 Week Post-OP and Feeling Great!

Yesterday, I taught yoga, boy it felt great to start back in on my exercise. I did do some modified arm poses. going from plank down I kept my arms in tight to my sides, but I could feel my chest muscles activate, didn't hurt so much as felt strange. Tomorrow I will begin to ride my bike as I have a 50 mile ride in Sept. I need to prepare for.
On another note, my incisions are fading great, and my breasts are dropping. My right side is still a little higher then the left, but my husband said it's not noticeable. Hopefully it will settle in like the left side. They are less foreign to me and are becoming apart of me, so so happy with the results!!

Finally figured out what size bra I wear, 36DD! Yeah

Today has been a great day! Taught yoga today, and one of my students brought me 4 VS bras she bought that are too big for her. Got home and tried them on and they FIT! Yes, 36DD and they didn't cost me a dime! My breast are getting so soft and are looking real natural. I am posting some pictures. My incisions look much better then on the pictures. Each morning I wake up and my breasts change more and more.

Can Not Believe.....!

I know this is crazy, but I thought I knew what bra size I was. Until I went into Victoria's Secret and got measured on Saturday. I had the manager do the measuring and she suggested that I try on a 34DDD, which is a sister size to a 36DD. I tried on the Body by Victoria, demi and wow it felt so comfortable. (I never wore a 34 band in my life. But I have dropped 25# this year) She said that if I went with the 36 band, which I was wearing on the last hook, that when it begins stretch it will be too loose and ride up my back. I hope I do not change much in size, 'cause I am only 6 weeks post-op, and bought 4 new bras..
Been very active teaching yoga, ect. Started working on holding planks, side planks, have notice some soreness, but all in all I am happy to be back to working out!!
As for the appearance of my breasts, they look and feel very natural. They are settling down and are really soft. Or so my husband says;) They feel more apart of me now, then the two bricks they felt like at first:)

So So Glad I Did This!!! :)

I can't believe it's only been 2 months since I had my surgery. I am so happy with my results and glad that I want with the size I did. My breasts are soft and natural feeling. They move like natural breasts move. I have been using kelo-cote on my incisions and they are healing nicely. I go to see my ps in 5 day and hopefully he will say that I will not change anymore, then I will keep my new VS 34DDD bras I bought. I really do need to find a good bra to sleep in. I don't want any underwires in them. I am adding some update photos.

3 Months Post OP Appointment

I had my 3 month follow up appointment on Aug 27th. Doctor said everything is looking great. He asked me what I thought about the size and I said "they're big". I was wanting to achieve a 36D when I went into this surgery but I measure a 34DDD. In my boobs defense, they do fit well with my body and I do like showing them off to my husbands;) My PS said I can do push ups and anything else I want to do. I told him I was afraid that if I did push ups I might push the implant out from under the muscle, he grinned and said they're not going anywhere.
What's so funny is I did not tell my older sister about my surgery only because I felt she would not understand, being she has always been small busted. Well we had a sister's weekend away and the whole weekend I wondered if she could tell that I had surgery. She never said anything. I was kinda hoping she would because I wanted to tell her how happy I am with my new perkier breasts, oh well...
On another note.... I am back to doing and teaching yoga, holding full planks, push up(still a little challenging) ect. I do get sore but only in the pectoral muscles, but this will take time to get over, now if I could only do full crow pose..hum....

So happy with my Results - 3.5 month Post OP

It has been 3.5 months since my surgery and I have to say that my breasts feel natural. They move naturally and you can not feel the implant because the implant is placed under the muscle. They no longer feel foreign to me but feel apart of me. I am uploading some current pics. I can conceal their size depending on what top I wear. Also, the scars are healing nicely. First thing in the morning the scars are almost skin color, but by evening they are a little darker. I'm sure this will change as my breasts heal completely.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff. They are the most compassionate and caring group of medical personnel I have ever met. From my first call to schedule a consultation, to each phone call I made with questions, to my surgery, and my follow up visits. I've never felt rushed during my appointments, wait time was really no wait at all. My breast lift and augmentation looks wonderful!!! I would highly recommend, Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff!

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