Gastric Sleeve, Fort Worth, TX

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I am 4'9, I weigh 250, I'm a mother of 3 girls. ...

I am 4'9, I weigh 250, I'm a mother of 3 girls. I've been a member since 2014. I've been reading and looking at all the successful stories and horrified by unfortunate stories. I'm hoping to get my buttocks done next year, I'm on a journey to working on myself. I've been trying to get a panniculectomy done, but Dr said I must lose 66lbs first. She said it's dangerous to work on bigger people. I must admitt I got very sad, because 66lbs is very hard to lose and it seems almost impossible. So after I got out of my consult with her I vowed to eat right and get a membership to the gym. It's been a month since then, I've only lost 5lbs. Very disappointed, but at least I have a healthy heart, thinner legs, and thinner arms. ???? Anyways, I went to see a bariatric surgeon at first I was like noo I don't want to. I've had a change of mind, I want to do it. My insurance approved of it, but now I gotta come up with 5gs!! They told me that before I can get Nothing done they need me to do a few things. 1).get a edg /egd done that's where they stick the tube down your throat. 2). See a psychologist, just to make sure that I understand lol. 3). Have a sleep study, make sure I have no sleep Apnea. If I do then I'd have to pay more to get a dang cpap mask. 4). See a nutritionist. 5). I MUST get EKG test, make sure my heart is well and dandy. It's a lot to do and some of these are gonna cost me a lot outta pocket. I'm overwhelmed!! $300. To do the Edg/Egd tube down throat. $80. For a nutritionist. Sleep study insurance is gonna cover it. I have no idea how much it will be to see the cardiologist?!! I must come up with the deductible before surgery. I almost feel like starting a GoFundMe thing, but I'm too embarrassed!!

Gastric Sleeve, Fat transfer to buttocks

I have a question for anyone that has had the gastric sleeve done and has gotten a fat transfer to the buttocks. Will there be any or enough fat to transfer to buttocks?? I'm very curious to know, because next year I wanna be able to get my booty done.


Omg, soo much on my mind. I just wanna get this over with. I still don't have the funds collected. If I get a job will they let me off for however many days I need without being dismissed? I don't wanna be fired from any job. I've applied for a job, but I haven't heard anything from them. Stupid assessment test!!! That took me a while and on top of that making a resume for the next job that may require it. =/ My hun is the only one that brings in the money so it's sorta hard to save then with 3 kid, $900. Rent and whatever bills we must pay. =/ I keep trying to stay positive as I get on this site to read everyone's stories. I keep dreaming and anticipating the day it will be my turn. GOD please let it happen this year. I wanna be able to share my journey.

Nutritionist visit

Omg, I'm getting closer to getting my gastric sleeve done. This coming Thursday July, 9th I will be meeting up with a nutritionist. After that all I will have left to do is pay my co-pay and pay to get a Edg. I'm waiting on my doctor to give me a referral for a EDG. I don't wanna pay $300 For one, when I have insurance. Baylor hospital said my insurance won't pay for it, so therefore I called my Dr to help me out. Wish me luck beautiful people. I wanna get this over with the more I think about it, the more nervous I become! Thought I'd do a small update, will post my visit to the nutritionist visit went on Thursday. I better get some shut eye or I'll be moody tomorrow.

Got the nutrition visit outta the way, EDG visit coming soon.

Saw my nutritionist she gave me all the information before and after surgery. I'm super excited! I will be visiting a EDG Dr on July 29, 2015. I'm nervous, mostly just excited. I need to take pictures but I Really hate taking whole body pics. I Shall try after I get done seeing a EDG Dr.

Surgery date August 17th

I'm super excited, on the 17th of August I will be going in for my gastric sleeve!! Aug 3rd I must start my pre op diet. I'm nervous as heck! Question how do I add a pic ass my profile???

Gastric Sleeve Pre-op diet

August 3rd was when I began my Pre op diet . Let me tell ya'll it ain't easy, especially when you have people eating all the delicious food you love. =/ I've been drinking these protein drinks called Isopure . So far apple Melon and coconut are yummy . Blue Isopure is horrible the orange looking one is by far the worst !! These drinks do leave you with a dry mouth, Coconut one doesn't leave you with a dry mouth. Anyways I've been eating the healthy soups, eating sugar free pudding, sugar free Jell-O and lots and lots of water. I'm soo freaking sick of eating soup that I don't even bother eating the soup anymore. The Dr told me I can not have the creamy kind. Tomorrow I shall start on nothing but a liquid diet, Broth only, my Isopure clear liquids, no vitamins what soo ever, sugar free popsicles, decaf tea no sugar , or decaf coffee. I am scheduled to have my surgery this Monday August 17th . I'm super excited at the same time a Lil scared. I'm scared of the gas pain I'm scared to take my bariatric Celebrate vitamins and vomiting. I don't wanna hurt myslef, the Vitamins I bought are from the website Celebrate . The flavor of the vitamins are horrible they remind me of the Flintstones vitamins. I hated taking them when I was young and as an adult I sure in the heck don't like em. They weren't expensive. I'm going to post some pics of me before I started my Pre op diet weighing 255 I'm 4'9.

Help Rotate Pics

Can someone please help me Rotate these pics, in my camera they aren't like this. How do I add a profile pic on here? I'm using my cell.

Surgery day at Baylor Trophy Club

Hello beautiful people, today I had my surgery it was around 10 something. I Woke up ok thanks to the meds in my IV, but once they started to fade outta my system omfg! !! It was freaking horrible !! It was due to gas pain. My incision on my left side is the worst!! All other sides are ok no pain really. I lost 11 lbs on the Pre diet I was on . That's crazy! Well I will post pics tomorrow when I'm feeling better I wanna make a video just not sure how to go about it?

Weight loss questions

Hello everyone, since my Pre-op diet to now 4 days post op I've noticed that my breasts are getting smaller. Will it stop getting smaller, will my breasts droop a lot? Idk how I feel about this... Is it normal for your chest to hurt when breathing in ? It feels as if I've been smoking cigarette after cigarette after another.

1st week post up appt

On August 24th , I went to go see my Bariatric Dr. When they weighed me I was at 235. I was like omg what???? Coming from 256 yeah I was in shock. I never thought I would ever see a low number. After many many years of researching, I know I made the right choice ! Anyways, my Incisions are healing really nice , I don't think the scars are gonna be ugly nor very noticeable . Next week, I'll be seeing my nutritionist . I can't freaking wait, I'm tired of broth, and Jell-O. I'm ready for food!!!! I definitely feel like I have more energy. They did some testing on the stomach and it turns out I have an Ulcer. I know how I got it, it was because of all the Nasaids I've been taking for my headache , menestrual cramps, and back ache. I'd pop about 3-4 every 3 hours. Some I'm taking some medicine for it. I feel overwhelmed over all these medications I'm taking. I can't stand the multivitamin I have to take, I barf it up each time. It's called Celebrate chewable let me tell you it tastes like the darn Flintstone vitamins. I hate that flavor!! I'm soo fed up with drinking the Isopure drinks too! =/ sigh ,but I'm following what they told me to do. Stay strong my Gastric Sleevers!!!

Weight lost

I'm very happy I got the Gastric sleeve done, without it I would have still been really big. I'm more confident, I feel great, I even look better.
Dr Adam Smith

Dr. Ferrera , he seems very nice and caring . His staff is great!! Park Place is the name of the building. Sorry Dr. If I misspelled your name. =(

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