33 Years Old with 4 Kids Married 13 Years - Fort Worth, TX

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Okay so my expectations are to lose weight it's me...

Okay so my expectations are to lose weight it's me time ! So gonna have the gastric sleeve done late July and hoping for tummy tuck and boobs later as soon as I get to my goal. Then I would like to be able to wear panties the correct way. I've had to wear them backwards since I had my second child I have excessive amount of skin / fat layer that hangs down. I love my nipple but want boobs to touch in middle I've always even in high school wore sports bras can never find a cup that fit them just right. I'm nervous about being put under for my gastric sleeve procedure I'm just nervous is all

After I lose weight breast/ tummy tuck

I'm wondering how do you determine what size breast implant to get and every one says silicone is loud ? Just curious future planning ????????

One more

I have one more dietian visit then insurance will be billed and hopefully on to surgery date I've lost 10 pounds and it's gone back and forth but at all my appointments I've met the required stuff so yay me ! Hopefully next up date will be better but it's almost here.

Getting Close

So I'm getting close less than 2 weeks ???? I'm so excited I can't hardly control my self I'm ready to start a healthy me or healthier I should say so recap been on a almost 7 month journey I'm have the sleeve done and it's gonna forever change my ways of life. Very thankful for a supportive husband & kids. I told my sister in laws and my whole family knows but my biggest bullies are my father and mother in law. Am I wrong for not telling them ? Maybe then again maybe not. I will write a review on pro op procedure the swallow barium ! Until then hope you all are blessed

Had surgery

Well as of today I am one week po and doing great 27 pounds down and as of now a pound a day lost. Loving how I feel. I'm still taking pain meds and feeling a bit nauseated every morning lots of things bother me smell wise and so I take zofran the dr prescribed me. But over all very happy with the out come

30 down 2 weeks PO

So 30 pounds down in just 2 weeks we t from 305-275 and I feel great still super sore in the belly area but I'm happy wouldn't change it for nothing. God is good and I'm changing getting healthy and smaller

2 months out 59pounds down

So here I am 2 months out and able to eat what I want but not liking eating most items. It's Halloween I had couple pieces of candy and my stomach was tore up after words so I learned my lesson. I'm having a hard time getting my protein In also I started school again for the first time in 14 years. Lots going on with me

Changing all the way



3 month check up

Denton Bariatric Surgeon

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