Mini Tummy Tuck/umbilical Float--33 Yrs Old, 2 Kiddos--both C Sections. Belly Flap Desperately Wanting to Get Rid of - TX

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I went to 4 PS before choosing mine. I was...

I went to 4 PS before choosing mine. I was terrified to do this over such a small problem area, in others eyes. But in mine it was such an annoyance and confident crusher. Before my surgery I was going to the gym 5-6x a week and eating clean...doing everything I possibly could to try to fix my issue but never having the luck and all the PS said it would never go away without surgery. 3 out of the 4 told me to just do a scar revision but it'd leave me with still having a pooch but at least the major indent would be gone from c section scar. Well anyways--I went along with the one that said mini would work great on me and give me that toned look when I can start working out again. Had it done on 4/14/16. Everything went great until day 5 went to have my drain taken out and they noticed I had a major allergic reaction to adhesive and tape or both. So they had to take dressing off, yes on day 5, so had to start putting bacitracin on rash then bandages under garment. Well day 7 came and boom major rash--Yes allergic to bacitracin ointment that was suppose to resolve my rash. Had to stop everything garment...completely dry and started taking steroids. Well here I am at the 4 wks mark and my rash is completely gone--just insanely swelling and hard to keep it down. Don't know what to do but just give it time and don't do anything I shouldn't and solely listen to my PS. I wasn't going to post on here but who knows if someone else has issues that I have had or will and I can assure u...I know it doesn't feel as its going to resolve...but it will!!

Went in for my 4 1/2 wk post op f/u

PS said everything is looking good but I'm likely just one of those who will swell for maybe 6 mths-1 year...just never know but we'll see. At least the incision itself looks amazing and a huge plus--just to get over all the swelling...that'll be when I'll be truly 100% happy. Started with Embrace today and hoping that'll help especially with my scar tissue build up. Just praying I don't have a bad reaction to it like everything else--I'll be watching it very closely. PS also said I could start doing more physically and see how I'm feeling the next day...just go day to day but never overdoing it and listen to my body closely. Very good overall appt today

Started Embrace Scar Therapy

Embrace takes all the tension off incision site and feels tons better!!!! I'd definitely suggest Embrace to everyone out there

5 wks post op

Overall I'm feeling good just wish the swelling and humps around incision would fade away with the days. I'm also sensitive on left side of belly button about an orange size in diameter but she did fix an umbilical hernia so maybe that's why..?? Also I have this spot on my right hip, goes numb a lot, but very very painful as well. Kinda feeling like I have a bruised bone; been there since having drain removed on day 5 so was thinking it was connected to that somehow-hoping it'll go away with time. But other than those few issues--I'm feeling pretty good.

10 wks post op

Okay so I'm now 10 wks out and still pretty sad about the lump I have on both sides of incision. I don't get it and thinking it's never going to flatten. I went in because I didn't like the over hang from my 2 c sections and now the center is flat but over hangs in 2 places and further out towards sides now vs just in center of course section scar. My only goal was flatness and that's what the Dr said I'd get if I went the "Mini tummy tuck vs just a scar revision" I don't even know what to think or do about this ???? Cause of one spot about 4" long I didn't like and felt uncomfortable with...I go to have fixed and now I'm left with 2 areas of about 4" on each side, 8" total--I don't like. I would've never done this if I wouldn't have been told--"yes it'll be completely flat after mini tummy tuck."

Revision done after this posted surgery 2/3/17

So I wasn't happy with the final outcome of the mtt/revision of c section scar so I once again went under knife and had a revision done on scar 2/3/17. My belly, even 10 mths after mtt, looked not what I was expecting. I seriously looked 3 mths prego 24/7. Couldn't even flatten My lower belly with a waist trainer. Like lower belly stuck out further than before and so hard. My new amazing Dr did exactly what I asked for from the get go. Flatten lower belly area and no more indention!!
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

All I can say is I love her staff--I can't say enough about them so I'll just say...I LOVE them all!! You'll always feel like you're with a group of friends that care about you at her office--no doubt.

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