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I live in Miami, FL. At 46, I have decided that...

I live in Miami, FL. At 46, I have decided that it's time to research a traditional or liquid facelift procedure. After hours of research, I came across this doctor and was very impressed by the great feedback that her patients shared about her. I decided that I would have her help me decide which was the best option for me in terms of combination of products for a liquid facelift, and would fly out to her within a few days. My Daughter's wedding is a couple of months away, so this is an extremely important decision for me. This is where things detoured from excitement to dissapointment. I requested a consultation via RS. When I received the call from her office, I explained that I am in Florida, was ready to schedule, and needed a virtual consultation with doctor as soon as possible. The woman asked when would I be available to "come in" for a consultation. I explained again that I was out of state and needed to decide the best course with doctor, and that getting approximate pricing based on the best plan for me was necessary before I made arrangements to travel. The woman had no suggestions, and in hopes of resolving the apparent hault, I asked about the possibility of Skype, email pictures and phone conversation, or any other option that could be offered. She stated that she would ask her manager and call me again in 5 minutes. I received an EMAIL the next day stating that they were not able to accommodate a Skype consultation at this time. I responded and asked what other options did I have to be able to communicate with the doctor, and I never heard back.
Based on the reviews that I have read, this doctor is a humble and caring professional. I assume that knowing that someone had already chosen her and was ready to travel out of state for a fairly common procedure in my local area, would have been a welcomed compliment to her. It is a shame that because of the staff that is representing her, she will never get to know my story.
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