64 Year Old Woman Getting Vertical Breast Lift - Fort Worth, TX

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I have been plagued with 36 J breasts for about...

I have been plagued with 36 J breasts for about the past 15 years since menopause. I have large indents in my shoulders, fungal infections under both breasts, and neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain. I am not a large woman, so buying clothes is a challenge because I need a larger size to accommodate my breasts. I can't wait for the surgery to be over!

Sfbf gram waiting for breast reduction surgery in two weeks.

I haven't had the surgery yet. July 28th is the scheduled date.

Surgery over!

My surgery was yesterday, July 28, so I am 1 day post op. I do not remember anything after my husband kissed me and said see you later. I was nauseated in recovery, but since then nothing. I slept most of the night[except for taking my meds]. Yesterday after surgery I felt burning in my incisions below the breast. Today that is gone, but I am sore but it's nothing I can't tolerate and the meds help a lot. I tried some blouses on today that didn't cover half my breasts, and today I could button them all the way. I'm so happy and I look so different. I waited 10 years for this surgery and I would do it again! Compared to the back pain, sciatic pain, shoulder indents and the horrible rashes, the pain from the surgery is nothing. I was in surgery 4 hours because I had a very aggressive reduction. My bra size was 36 J and now I will be a small C cup. Doctor removed 2.2 lbs. from each breast! I have an appointment on Thursday to have the bandages removed and he will put a bra on me. I will keep posting as I continue my recovery!

48 hours post op

8 days Post Op

Had my 2nd post op visit to the doctor and today the sutures and gauze that were on the nipples came off. It was the first look since the FNG. He said they looked great. Now I have to put silvadene cream and gauze on each one after a shower. Thursday more stitches will be coming out. I'm so happy with my results. The only problem is the itching, which is a rash from all the tape and gauze. I'm now on a Medrol pack so hopefully that will get better soon! My only regret is I didn't have this surgery years ago. I was so miserable for so long, and now I'm just thrilled with the results. My bra now is a 34C down from a 36J. I've got so much in clothing that hasn't fit me right in years. I haven't gone thru a weepy period yet and as of now don't think I will. I have such a new outlook on life. It's really amazing! Communicating with all of you has been a huge help! Thanks so much!!!!!

5 weeks Post Op!

I am 5 weeks post op and starting to feel good! I honestly can say that the worst part of my recovery was the intense itching for a good 2 weeks. All of my outside stitches are out and my free nipple grafts are a huge success! I'm so happy with my results! Since I've been feeling better, I want to start doing things and I can't yet. My doctor said I still need to stay out of the heat and sun, so I've been going through some depression. That's hard to do when I'm in Texas! I know I need to be patient so I'm trying! Other than those two issues, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!!
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had the surgery yet, but it will post afterwards.

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