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More than anything, I would like to not have the...

More than anything, I would like to not have the constant pulling of my neck and shoulders. I would like to run and dance and jump without being completely self-conscious about the flopping display. I want someone to notice my brown eyes first, not my big boobs. After experiencing the true onset of menopause and its lovely weight gain and mood swing surprises, I decided I had suffered long enough. After praying about it first ( I didn't want God to be upset with me), my spiritual advisors helped me work that out.. When I had the peace of knowing He blessed this decision, I went into action and found my PS and made the appointment. We talked at great length, then took pictures, and measurements and sent the request off to my insurance company. Two weeks later, I got the exhilarating news that it was approved...after all these years, it was finally going to happen. Now I'm getting myself ready, losing weight, lining up help for a week or 2 and ready in every aspect. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

My "before" pics

Not scheduled until Dec. 14th. I will happily post "after" pictures once the surgery is over.

Procedure Post-poned

Due to circumstances WAY beyond my control, I have to post-pone this surgery for a period of 7-10 months. :(
Hopefully, I will rejoin the forum a few months closer to my actual rescheduled date. This has been THE single most helpful location to understand all that is expected financially, emotionally, socially, etc. before a major operation like this. I pray that all will be resolved soon and I can go ahead as planned. For now, I continue to endure the shoulder and neck pain. Very disappointing but I always trust my God who definitely is wiser and knows the better time and place for me.

Back in the surgery schedule - Dec. 17th

So my surgery was scheduled and then issues arose that made me cancel it and then things worked out so now I am back on for December 17th. Now it's starting to feel "real" and I'm getting mentally and physically (and spiritually) prepared. And posting my official "Before" pictures, as uncomfortable as that feels. But I realize that in the next month, lots of strangers (i.e., medical professionals) are going to be seeing the girls.

How do you get authorization to stay at hospital?

I read where some people have been able to stay overnight or even two days at the hospital or surgery center. I think I would like to do that but not sure how you go about getting that authorized. Does anyone know? I think I'd be more at peace with staying there for at least a night. When and who do you ask?

Anyone else "nesting"???

I'm not sure what's going on with me, but I can't seem to get my house clean and ergonomically straightened enough. I have been preparing almost like I did when I was expecting my babies. They called that nesting but not sure what mine is. I have so much to do before my BR date, 12/17/15.

On another note, my very cool surgeon called me at home last night to talk with me about any concerns I have for my upcoming procedure. He was so helpful and patient. I appreciated that time more than I can state here. He also told me about doing a biopsy while they are in each I breast. I was wondering if every surgeon does that as a standard precautionary procedure since they're already in there. I think it's an excellent idea - the ultimate cancer screening. Sure hope everything comes out fine because, in the worst case scenario, he would stop the BR procedure and close me up to decide on the next plan of action. Kind of scary, yet reassuring. As I get closer to my date, so much is running through my mind. You ladies have been such a magnificent form of therapy and a plethora of information. in fact, I was able to tell him (my surgeon) some things that he didn't have to tell me because I already knew from this forum. Y'all rock!!

The "Hole Thing"

Had to update you ladies about something that happened to me a few days ago. My lollipop incision (which is only on my left side) opened up to a gaping hole...it was pretty disgusting and quite frightening. I couldn't wait until my appointment with my surgeon today. About 4 days ago when I woke up, I noticed I had this disgusting "yoke-looking" stuff spewing out of this hole...I'll spare you anymore nauseating details. But the good news is that it is old fat that is "melting away" and we need to let it empty out, as gross as that process is. Hey, if it's getting rid of fat, I'll endure it!! He squeezed a lot of yuck out during my visit then bandaged me up really well and told me to put Kotex pads on it along with paper tape - no adhesive. Anyway, we both noticed that during this process, my breasts are falling nicely into place. So just another week off from work (for a total of 3 weeks) and hopefully I can go back in and not have any wound management issues to deal with. Thought I'd share this development.

6-week Update & Pic

I wanted to post an update about my progress. Aside from the hole that developed at the "T" junction on the right breast, I'll have to say I am very pleased with the whole thing. My swelling continues to go down a bit every week. I flush my hole/incision twice a day with Betadine solution using a squeeze bulb and definitely in the shower as it is MESSY!! After each flushing, I clean it even more with Hydrogen Peroxide, apply a dab of iodine ointment, then cover with a clean gauze and tape it. Doc says it's looking great, healing from the inside out. Itching has subsided since I started using the CeraVe lotion that someone on here recommended. I'm so happy that I may actually be released to start running at 6 weeks...or at least walking real fast! I still can't feel anything in my nipples but that doesn't seem to bother me since I hadn't felt anything there for years due to the heaviness. I'll continue to post monthly or if anything develops that I believe you ladies would want to know about. Have a great day. :D

7 months Post-Op Visit

Visited with my surgeon today, 7 months post op. He's pleased with them and so am I.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schuster seems like a genuinely caring man with a servant heart to help less fortunate children, especially with facial deformities. That spoke volumes to me because character and integrity are equally important as precision. His numerous awards and credentials were convincingly impressive as well. I trust that he will do a great job. I'll keep everyone updated. After seeing him in many post-op visits, I have to be emphatic about his great "bedside manner", humor and genuine care. He takes the time to answer all my questions and calm my fears.

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