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Hi! I'm 25 5'4" and My surgery is scheduled in 2...

Hi! I'm 25 5'4" and My surgery is scheduled in 2 days and I am SO SO NERVOUS AND AFRAID!!! I was doing ok until I got here and saw a couple of not so good pictures:( One lady lost her nipple!!!!! But she was the only one after looking at what seems like hundreds of boobies. I want to go smaller but not too small because I don't know if I'll be comfortable with such a drastic change. I think a DD would be great! We'll see. My pre op is in the morning. My breasts have become a pain...and they are droopy. I want kids before I'm 32 and can't imagine pregnancy with boobs any bigger..yikes! So I'm excited as well:)

I've been having breasts since I was 8. I was an A cup in 4th grade. C in 5th and DD in 6th! They've just kept growing since. Now I am in a 44H because that is the largest size I can find and I am spilling over in that. My back, neck and shoulders have been giving me so much pain I have since stopped being a hair stylist and have had trouble on my part time job as a make-up artist.

My shoulders have large indentations in them from where my bra straps are and they are ugly and dark. I get attention almost everywhere I go because of my boobs, and sometimes feel uncomfortable.
Now I am almost always covered up and feel like a grandma because of how conservative I choose to dress to avoid unwanted attention:(
I've also had problems with chafing and irritation under my boobies as well. So ready but so scared. EEEK!!! Wish me luck and please send me your positive energy and or prayers for the surgery and healing as well. THANKS!!!

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