I'm in love with my new breast - Fort Worth, TX

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I have had huge breast since i was 12/13 years old...

I have had huge breast since i was 12/13 years old. I am a mother of four and that made them bigger. I am 4'11 with 36 G/H BREAST AND WANT THEM DOWN TO A B CUP. I finally have insurance that can n help pay. Not quite sure the total amount but all i paid out of pocket was $859.

My surgery is scheduled in eight days and I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and ready all in one.

im too excited

I am five days away and im sooo excited. I have started my hibiclens bath to reduce my chances of infections.

Do anyone know what i should use to avoid scars and infections?

Five days away from neck and shoulder relief. I hope he makes me a B cup

3 Days away

I have some updating I will do lter. I was almost at my sx day. I have had phone calls from the surgery center and their nurse and it has made this even more real. I cant believe after all this time its finally happening. I have bought products to help reduce swelling and bruising. I ask for prayers that everything goes well. Thank you

24 hours away

I am so nervous right now. I am trying to remain stress free worry free and i am trying to get everything in order so i can relax and heal. Although I want this and have always needed it, I am so wiggly right now.

I remember I didnt have any until I started 7th grade. by high school I was so uncomfortable because I had a teacher commit on how big they were when I took a school picture. I knw then I wanted them gone. I got pregnant at 16 and they grew more. the second baby I had was premature so I breast feed and that made them bigger. I am now a G/H and I am only 30 years old. I am so ready to part ways with half of each of them. I have had to skip in bra/pantie sets because my bottoms are 7 and my top is 36 G. the bottoms are always 18/20 and I cant wait to get my very first set. I am ready to wear a button down shirt without the bust area bust open are needed to be safety pinned closed. I ready to exercise without having to a bra, sports bra, and a tshirt to try and minimize too much movement. I am ready and this is my

Transformation Tuesday
less than 24 hours away

9 hours away

I'm almost ready to start my food and drink intake. I have cleaned my house, gotten my support team here and ready to go to sleep so i don't worry. I wonder how it will look, well i don't have to wait much longer. My hubby is here too calm me down right now.... a few more hours left

Thank you Jesus praying for the best

one of my happiest days

I went in on Sept 23 and as approved on October 14. My date was set for April 14 because of my deductible. I switched doctors on January 8 and my surgery is now on January 27. I got my approval switched and ready in about three weeks. I'm blessed because i had no hassle at all from my insurance coming, Aetna

Transformation Tuesday

Today is finally here and I am sick to my stomach. I dont know if its because I have not eaten or the nervousness kicking in. I pray everything goes well. I normally dont have problems with surgeries and I hope this is the same. I am ready to go right now although i dont have to be there until 630.

I will update how my prep goes and after words. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and I will pray for those who sx is to come. Goodmorning and I will update some, hopefully.

OH I was sooooo excited when they called to say my meds where called in. That made me realize even more that this was really happening and today is the day and im glad its here

Running late

Ugh I'm late cause of my drivers. But I'm thankful i have someone here with and for me. Shouout to my sister. Im five minutes away. As i get closer im more anxious and scared. I feel like i want to cry but dont know why.

no more lap buddies

This is the last few hours i will sit down and have lap warmers

Im here yall

oh my gosh

I'm sooo happy im here. Ive checked in and in taking my vitals now exactly 120/80. Ny nurse Mirah is amazing. She is extremely nice and friendly so early in the morning. Her smile and conversation has calmed me. I just took two pills, zantac 150 & reglan 10. One of them have me nauseous. This day is finally here and im excited

more to come when I feel better

Just giving a couple of pictures. I will update on everything when I feel better, hopefully tomorrow. I'm in pain but didn't want to leave yall hanging

Just a few pictures

Im still in pain dont think my pain pills work to well. I have photos that I am sharing right now

some info

right now im in a lot of pain. the sign in process was quick and easy. i has a nice nurse that kept me calm because of her smile and bubbly personality. DrSteele came in and answred any question my sister and u had while marking my body. anesthesiologist came in and describe what they would do. everybody seemed to know what they were doing and treated me very well.i got some medicine through my iv and my sis said count to 20, i said maybe 4 or 5 numbers and was out. my sister said it took four hours, they sent her text messages during the procedure so she would know thats was going on. After the sx she say Dr Steele came out nd talked to her. He is extremely nice I would recommend him.

I am sleeping on my couch sitting up.

i forgot

i do have drains in. they are through my stomach which to me is good so that i dont have the dents in my boob area. I hurts to cough sometimes but not too bad. im not bleeding that much either. I go to see him today at 945.


Although I am smaller than I was and it has relieve some pain on my which is important, I am unhappy with my size. I was suppose to be a B or C but I have measured at a D. I did not want that cup size and I feel like since I am paying out of pocket for it I should have gotten what I wanted. I totally understood the risk at going down so small but it was my choice to make and they took that from me. I repeatedly told them the size I wanted and im not that. I know that I am still swollen but that does not mean I will go down to the size I wanted. a B or C cup is what i asked for and I got a D, i didnt want that and im upset for being that big. and when I told them that the response was you dont look like a D, I dont care but i am a D.

However my babies are pretty and they sit up really nice. they are very professional and nice people I would recommend their office anytime. I would use them in the future maybe he did what he knew was best because of my body portion so i have no choice but to say thank you and i am glad im doing well.


I was woke early that morning, I showered and was ready to go by 430 am. My surgery was the first one of the day starting at 8am so i had to be there at 630. I arrived about ten minutes late and checked in at the Baylor Surgical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. I filled out a few forms and was called to the back by my very bubbly nurse Mariah. she took my vitals and had me change into my gown. She gave me some lanacane to numb the area of my IV which didnt hurt at all. ( she was amazing all the way around) she gave me two pills to take and the doctor came in. Steele did his drawings all while answering questions my sister and I had. Anesthesia came in to let me know what they would do and gave me meds through my IV. I kissed my sister goodbye and before I made it in the hall way I was sleep. I know they sent my sister updates throughout my sx via text messages. My sx lasted 4 hours from my understanding.

I woke up for maybe 45 seconds to know I was being discharged. I was told that I vomited a little in recovery. i remember them giving my sister instructions and I was wheelchaired to the car. I remember them telling me to stand up so i can get in the car and next thing i knw i was at home. so as you can see I missed a lot of things.

I was in pain so I took some meds and after realizing the pain was not going away,i asked for the bottles to realize that I had no pain meds. they forgot to get it filled and its 9 pm at night. Thank God cvs closes at 10 . i was given one oxycodone which did not help me at much so I am now taking two. the meds I am taking are
Oxycodone-acetaminophens 5-325(pain)
Promethazine 25 mg (nausea)
Diazepam 5mg (muscle relaxer
Cephalexin 500 mg( Antibiotic) but I itch really bad when i take this so they switch me to
SMZ/TMP DS 800-160.

I know I had a tube down my throat which made my throat hurt afterwards. It still hurts a little now but im sucking on Halls Breezers to help out and it works. Plus screaming for help is also a reason it could still be hurting.
My drains are nearly empty now so they should come out soon. I first went to the doctor Thursday to see him and he said everything looked great. I will do back to see him this coming up Thursay where my drains should come out.

Throughout the entire process he and his staff have been wonderful to me. they appear to be caring and honest. He did tell me upfront he probably couldnt get me a B cup but he said a C. the only thing I do not like is the D cup size. He is amazing thou and realistic. He did explain to me why he could not get me a B ~:(

If I have any question I could call his nurse Kathy and she answer anything and if I had to leave a message she always responded with one hour. My nipples look even and pretty. But I am puzzled about the left one as I heal it will hopefully fix itself. the left one is a little puffier than the right.

I am going to end this review now because my pain is starting back up especially in my back so ttyl
God bless anyone who close to or wanting a surgery. Thank you everyone for your positive attitude and feed back.

I think I answered and touch everything if I didnt get ask and I will give you the best advice I know.

Itching Like Crazy

I am waking up itching like crazy today

Loving the new me

They are becoming softer as the days go by. My drains are still in but I really dont have any more leakage. I had them changed once at night and its 5cc or less. They are looking beautiful to me but the still itch like crazy. My drain site area as pain but if i softly rub it its releases some pain. my shoulders still have pain which leaves me wondering if he took enough out? He told me he took 2.5 lbs out the left and 2 pounds out the right. I have had the bra on nonstop and was able to take a small bath navel down (that made me feel better) but there is a lot of tension in my shoulder area but they look GREAT!!!

my drains are out

Finally, my drains are out. It hurt coming out. She said i should've taken pain meds. Since I only had one left ,she calling some in.

Constipation is a major problem for me right now. Make sure you get something cause i am swollen like I'm ready to pop at any minute. Six days without going,

I'm glad the drains are out. I just got permission to shower

they are getting better

I have softened up more. I question my left nipple. I'm still in a lot of pain especially at night. I was fitted for the bra he recommends and its a DD. Omg i asked for a B no more than a C and fitted for a DD. When expressing this to him he kept his head down on his notepad and said you probably are

Praying that when all the swellong leave i can be a C (i doubt it and dr steele said it too) makes me sad. He gives me the body portion os how i determine the size speech when that's not what i asked for. I can change my body size in due time and pray they grtetaller.

But they do sit up way better than before. I just might be ok at the end if i go below a Dcup.

Dont think im trashing him cause im not just stating my point of view
His fort worth nurse Kathy is great she responds quickly and answer all my questions and concerns. They are getting better though

more photos

I'm using mederma advance and palmers oil


Im complaining when two months ago i would have begged to be this size. It's sure better than a G/H cup. Im sorry yall forgive me i will give it more time cause i realize its not instant results. I might end up a C. I just had my eye on this particular item and i don't think i will fit it. However, im rushing because i look way better than Jan 26. I should be saying

Thank you Dr Matthew Steele and all your staff at Plastic Surgery and especially Baylor Surgical in Fort Worth because you have made me better than ive been in 10+ years.

My concentration should be on losing weight to help match my new love hand holders. They are pretty. So thank you and thank you all for your support it means a lot cause my real life people didn't support me outside of my twin.

Forgive me please and thank you
Goodluck God bless to those recovering, those getting ready to go in, and those waiting approvals. I love you

its getting better

I am healing better i think. I still have pain mainly for my right breast. Under the bottom and closer to the underarm does it hurt more. they are going down. i see the importance of the lipo they offered lol. i am peeling really bad on both. is that normal and if i peel it off will it hurt me?

they are getting smaller my left has gone down way more than the right one. Dr Steele did do a great job

size is different then looks

Although they are still gettting smaller i dont think it would be a B cup. I wish it was. Coming from where they were, yes im happy with how they look but i wish it was smaller still. he told my sister the insurance company wants you to take as much as you can off, they want them small.

still painful

I have two hard spots under my breast One under each side. The side where my incision stopped and also where my drains were hurts. The underwire bra i was instructed to buy hurts underneath and on the side. No one understands why i was told to get the underwire anyway

I also still have neck, shoulder, and upper back pain as they loosen up (is this normal?) This is why i don't think he took enough. My shoulders feel strained ugh

They are pretty i realized it was glue on my breast. It was hurting so i put mederma and a gauze on it and when i took it off the tape came off too lol. Pictures will come soon

Shoulder and neck pains are back

I am having shoulder and neck pain again just like before. First i was told its the way i sleep then i was told its stress. I say it's because enough was not taken off. He say he took 2.2(l) & 2.?(r) pounds off maybe i should have had 3.0 or 3.5 lbs off. Granted they not as heavy as the G but this DD is still too heavy. My shoulders feel pulled. That's why i asked for a B cup. He then said maybe a C and i said ok no more than a C. I got a DD and now the pain is back. He say if they were any smaller it would be a mastectomy... i dont believe that. I think more could've been taken off with some left. If i can rest two fingers under my breast comfortably i can have more removed. no im not a Dr im just a patient who has experience carrying breast around so i think i know what size wont hurt me.

my scars underneath still hurt and sometimes they burn. feel like i been punch in the sides.

Positively: they are pretty


i must say that my dr was professional although he know im not happy with my size.

since they are smaller than before it makes me look extremely fat. I thought i was gonna pop my tummy was so bloated. i have had a ton of emotions with this surgery i think i am depressed. i just want to cry all day and for a long time i dont want to go anywhere. like its 3:52 pm and I have not eaten anything and i am crying.... i hear this is normal for some people after surgery but geesh. i can now walk without holdng my breast in my arms which is nice. who cares about food hey i could lose the weight anyway.

since raising my arms is still a pain i have decided to cut my hair. This is helping with me not having to lift my arms to do my hair. the first lady did not cut it right i think because she didnt know how so i have to find someone who does. my shoulders are hurting

falling and i cant get up

So Wrong I'm Sorry

I am in love with my breast now. I would've like a breast lift or a tad bit smaller but I am overall happy. They have gone down to a 36C. I love them I can go without a bra and still look nice. I will post more pics soon. I'm very satisfied and totally recommend Dr Steel

My new girls

They appear flat but I love them. I think my 36c bra is a tad bit small. I have more scarring on my left side and it has a little pain but other than that its great . he is an amazing doctor

I want a new body too

I am now looking at a tummy tuck and bbl to go along with my new breast. I know the Dominican republic is cheaper than the states. Who would you recommend? Have anyone been or had services done?
Sioux City Plastic Surgeon

So far i have been pleased with their office. Cindy is really nice and helpful. She is his assistant. During my consultation, Dr Steele measured me took photos and came back in to have a real conversation and answered any questions i had. He was the only doctor to do that. He did answer many of my questions without my asking. He was even patient when i forgot some questions, he didn't rush me or anything. I hope all works out because i will go back for Lipo. The wait was never longer either, no more than five minutes if that.

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