400cc MP Saline w/ Breast Lift!! :)

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Stats: Age: 20 Weight: 150 Height: 5'9'' I...

Age: 20 Weight: 150 Height: 5'9''
I once had boobs....Then I weighed 225 pounds, and something kicked in around my senior year of high school and I lost 75 pounds!! The healthy way, eat right, eat less, and EXCERCISE!!! Sorry I don't have a get skinny quick scheme that has lasting results. Lol. So since the summer after high school I have been obsessing over having boobs. Nothing outrageous, just to be comfortable in my own skin. This is the only part of my body that I am self-conscious about.

Being in college, I'm fortunate I don't have to work. My parents are paying for everything. I could never expect them to pay $5,000 for an elective surgery, still I haven't given up my dream. So this summer I will work at an early education/daycare (make all of the money =)) and roughly 2 weeks before classes begin in the fall I will have my BA!!

I have called and talked to the nurses at my doctor's office 3 times now. The first 2 just to ask questions. The 3rd time to book my consultation! =) I was always curious to know if its better to wait after having kids, recovery questions, etc.. Then I decided to heck with it all, I'm getting it done. I'm through waiting. My consultation is scheduled for May 21st. I couldn't be more excited. I'll post more after my consultation!

I'm so happy I found this wonderful site with all...

I'm so happy I found this wonderful site with all of you wonderful ladies! I feel like all of my questions get answered and my anxiety dissipates everyday. I find it better to understand from someone who has had a BA and gone through the recovery, then to get the standard answers from doctors or google. Hope all is well in the BA world!!

I've only made an appointment with one PS. And...

I've only made an appointment with one PS. And plan to schedule my surgery date when I have my consultation in May. Just curious, did anyone else find a doctor and go with it, or did you shop around and see what options were out there? Thanks ladies!!

FINALLY got around to adding pictures! I feel...

FINALLY got around to adding pictures! I feel since knowing my consultation date and prospected surgery date I am for one VERY happy but I also am accepting of how my breasts are now. I guess knowing they will soon be perfect helps me to feel less insecure about how they are. That probably sounds so ridiculous. Lol. Anyways... I posted pics of before, more than anything I am eager to post after BA pics to see the difference! =)

Now that I'm over the shock....

Went for my consultation a couple of days ago....
Turns out I am going to have to have a lift as well. It's not the pain, or incisions, it's the fact that it will be $3,170 more than I originally planned. I completely understand why I need it, after losing weight everything went south. If he put the implants in, they wouldn't look right. Which I'm having a boob job for them too look perfect, right? So I obviously need the lift as well. I will get either 350cc, 375cc, or 400cc implants. Doctor said he wouldn't know until in the operating room, after the lift which size would be best for my measurements and to achieve a full C cup. Luckily my parents came to the rescue financially, since my summer job was barely going to be able to pay for the $5,000 originally planned. I also had to move my surgery up a week (which is quite exciting actually) to August 5th because my doctor prefers me to have 3 full weeks of recovery before I go back to school. Luckily he is only about 30 minutes from my college if I had an emergency.

On the plus side, I absolutely LOVED my doctor and his staff. Even though it was news I wasn't thrilled to hear, I'm confident with my choice of doctor. After all, not everyone's doctor has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show!! :)

2 Weeks Away!!!

I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by! It seems like yesterday I had my consultation. I have my moments where I'm super excited and my moments where I'm in shock I'm doing this and crazy nervous. I go back July 30th for my final appointment before surgery. I didn't get to try on implants before because he said there was no need because with a lift it will be different then what I have now. When I go back I've decided I want to try on implants just for an estimate. And give me a peace of mind. For some reason 400cc just seems HUGE to me!! So I was always hoping he would decided on the 350 or 375cc. I have one week of work left. Then I'll have one week of summer fun before surgery. I know these next two weeks will fly by! :) Prayers to all of my BA ladies for speedy recoveries!!

Couldn't be happier!! 400cc :)

August 5th was my big day!! I couldn't help being so nervous. I was fine until they called my back for per-op and to prep for surgery, then I started crying (small anxiety attack). I got my IV, the doctor came in and marked me up. He said we are going for twins!! After making it to the operating room and getting on the bed I was out. Then before you know it your awake with boobies!! Lol. I ended up with 400cc. Not because I wanted to be big, that's just what it took to make myself proportional. So far I haven't felt any pain, just a lot of pressure, like I have an 80 pound weight on my chest. The nurses and my doctor were so amazing. One reason I believe I wasn't nervous before was because I have total confidence with my surgeon. He is wonderful!! I never thought I'd be one to have a boob job but I'm so glad I did.

NEW PIC!! 2 days post-op!!

Today has been a lot of emotions. Of course I'm so happy to have done this but I worry that they will be too big :-/ I keep trying to remind myself that they are swollen and won't be like this in a few weeks. My boyfriend makes me more nervous that they are too big, he doesn't want people to look at me and automatically think "she got a boob job." Can't say that I blame him. I'm still feeling a lot of pressure, never have I been in a lot of pain, just soreness and pressure really. I'm hoping tomorrow I get to go back and have my drain tubes taken out, they are such an inconvenience. I have been draining less and less which is what we are going for. I'll be so happy to see the results in a few weeks.


Went today (4 days post-op) to get my drain tubes removed! So glad I can finally shower and not have tubes hanging all over me. I was pretty grossed out to know the tube itself was in me about 8 inches on each boob. The nurse just kept pulling and pulling. It was such a weird feeling. I go back in 3 days to have my stitches taken out. My doctor put me in a "special bra" from Neiman's that cost $70. It's not super comfy but it what I have to wear for 6 weeks so my implants know where to drop. It's an amazing feeling to look down and see boobs. They are absolutely perfect!!

The Dreaded Drain Tubes

I thought the drains would be small and I wouldn't even notice. The had to be emptied every 12 hours. I had surgery on a Monday and the nurse took them out on Friday and put me in a bra.

1 Week Post-Op

Can't believe that in less than a week I already felt back to normal. Which is a bad thing since I wasn't supposed to be raising my arms above my head or doing too much until today actually. I go back to my doctor tomorrow to get my stitches out. Feeling nervous about it, up the front (for the lift) and around the nipple, there is a lot of them. Lol. I never realized how obsessed I would be with my boobs now. They just look so perfect!! I'm sure this is how we all feel though. :)

More Pics!

Here is a couple of pictures of me wearing the VS Bombshell bra (adds 2 cup sizes) and then after BA wearing my fabulous (yet slightly uncomfortable) $70 bra from Neiman's my doctor has us get. Now I have to say I don't know who would wear this bra other than after BA and being forces too from your doctor. Lol. Not cute or sexy. Rant over. Lol. Thank you for reading through it. :)


So a few days after surgery I went shopping to get out of the house. And found a bikini top on sale for $5. Thought, "what the heck?", lets get it and see in a week or so how it looks. The feeling I got when I put it on was amazing!! For once I feel like a woman in a bikini! It has no underwires, no 1.5inches of padding. All of the money spent made it so worth it in my opinion to put on a bikini top and it look awesome!! I'm just so happy with my results and the fact that I went through with it. I kinda hate that summer is nearly over and I won't get to enjoy my new twins at the lake. Lol. There is always next year!! :)

2 weeks post-op!! Stitches out! **NEW PICS**

Went today and got my stitches out!! I'm fall more in love every day!! I'm so happy my incisions look really good. I was worried they would be really noticeable, dark, and just yucky looking. My doctor is happy with my results this far, he said they look perfect! I'm a little disappointed, I can't work out for another month, then I have to ease back into it wearing a VERY supportive sports bra. We don't want my boobs moving around all over the place, until they are settled in more. And today I got my implant ID card. For some reason this really excited me. I guess I feel like I have something to show for nearly $9,000.

Tips for an awesome sports bra for working out after BA!!

Summer is coming to an end :-/ but I'm so thankful to have had my BA and had an awesome recovery so far. Classes start in a few days and it will be interesting to see the ladies I told about my BA, I haven't seen a lot of them since May before we all went home for the summer.

I'm struggling with this whole no working out thing. I can work out on the machine that has you sitting just moving your feet on the pedals. And I would have to have a fan blowing in my face. Lol. My PS doesn't want me sweating, and no crazy arm activity until 6 weeks. Once he told me the fan had to be on me I pretty much said forget it.

My PS recommends I get a zip front sports bra that fits properly. Under Armour is the brand he recommends. I checked them out and they run about $50. But they have bras that fit cup size and they are "compression fit". It's the tightest material and fit Under Armour has but it keeps everything in place. It's typically made for high impact workouts/sports. I know it's pricey but if you plan on running/jogging this is what I would suggest. And Under Armour is quality stuff, you'd definitely be getting your money's worth.

34DD??! Wth?!! Lol!

Today is 3 weeks and 3 days post BA. My doctor had me go to Neiman's today and get a different bra. We are done with the bra that allows them to drop correctly. Now I'm in a bra that fits me very snug around the band.

I go to get measured and HOLY GEEZ she put me in a 34DD and it was perfect! I literally about dropped dead. 34DD is the sister size to 36D so I shouldn't be too alarmed. The 34 just fit better. And I'm kinda excited to say I have "DD's"!! My boobs are so perfect for me and don't look like DD's at all. I feel like when you hear DD's you automatically think huge! This is just more verification that you can't go by cc's. Its what amount will look proportional on you, so ALWAYS trust your doctor!!!

PICS!! 1 month post op!

I took these a few days ago just haven't gotten around to posting. I'm so in love!! I say that a lot, I know, but I don't know how else to describe it. Lol. My implants feel softer everyday and more apart of me, like I've had them forever! One downfall is I am a tummy sleeper, and I wanna sleep on my stomach so bad it's crazy. I've been told it could be up to a year before I'm back to sleeping like that but I hope it's sooner. It doesn't hurt if I lay on my stomach, but its not comfortable either.

Cleavage Questions!!

I'm six weeks post op and finally got the all clear to wear whatever bra I want as long as it is supportive and holding my implants where my PS told me. Can y'all give me tips on what type of bras will give me awesome cleavage?? I've tried push up at VS and just wasn't really satisfied. Although they do have a billion different bras so I might not of tried the right ones. There is no way with 400cc and $9,000 later I can't have cleavage! Lol. Although they might need to loosen up a little more from the lift. Any suggestions ladies?? Thank you in advance! :)

It's been awhile...

I'm about 2 weeks shy of six months post BA and I honestly couldn't be happier with my implants. My Dr. says I look great, couldn't be better. The only thing I'm really required to do at this point is when wearing my bra make sure the underwire is snug up under my boobs. My Dr. has informed me that implants are "lazy". And you have to make sure they know where there are supposed to be. We don't want them following my rib cage, which is down and out to the sides.

I'm slowly getting the cleavage I want. It's just a matter of finding the right bra and having patience. My office nurse said "your implants will be different by 3 months post-op, they will look how they are supposed to by 6 months, but really by 1 year post-op they will be so different (how they will look the rest of their time). I can tell for sure. They feel more natural now, and feel like a real boob. In the beginning I was worried because I was so tight from the lift. I thought I was a patient person, but this has really tested my patience.

Another factor that kinda worries me is I have very minimal tissue. I'm basically skin and implant. So I really want to be cautious about what bra I wear and make sure I'm doing everything right.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I totally recommend him!! His office staff is so awesome, very welcoming and helpful. From beginning to this far Dr.Strock has been a very thorough doctor and made me feel comfortable and confident. So many of my friends and acquaintances have used Dr.Strock. I never knew this until I began asking "who did it" and it seems to always be him. I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful Dr. who is close and his office staff is phenomenal! Dr.Strock has been on Oprah and done a lot of work to perfect the transaxillary method. He did an amazing job with my BA.

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