47 Years Old, 3 Kids, Much Needed BA. Fort Worth, TX

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I had my BA yesterday with Dr. Steele and I must...

I had my BA yesterday with Dr. Steele and I must say I am a happy camper already. He is very professional and he knows what he is doing. He is board certified and belongs to all the right PS associations. Me and my husband showed up and he explained everything to my husband. I was a 34a and I cannot say what my final result will be. I received 450cc silicons by Allergen, low profile. I am not in any severe pain, it is mild and I am engorged. Even with the engorged look, I Love It!! I will post pics next time as I am still a little sleepy but I wanted to write a review about my wonderful Dr. Steele.

450 cc gel silicon Pre and Post-op Photos

I finally had time to post some pics. I am satisfied because I did not want to be huge. Dr. Steele knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a look that would still maintain professionalism at work.

3 day post op

Today I woke up feeling much better. I stopped all the narcotic pain meds the first day and took Tylenol & antibiotics only. The pain is at a level 2 and it's bearable. I'm still riding high. I showered today and went out to the store and came home. I'm healing nicely. I see my PS this Friday Feb 12. I'll keep you posted for anyone looking for what to expect.

5 days Post op 450cc smooth round

Today is better with the pain because I have none but not a big change in the look of my boobs. I'm off all pain meds including Tylenol but I am taking my antibiotics. I'll post more pics after my post op appointment in two days. It's not that bad once you get to the other side. Maybe a lot of impatience to drop & fluff but the survey is over!! Yay

5 days Post op (pics) Silicone gel 450cc smooth round Pre BA 36A

I decided to post some pics to track my own progress and for any one who is nervous before BA like I was. I am in no pain and am not taking any meds.

1 week Post op Natrelle 450cc silicone gel from A to C/D

Today was my 1 week post op appointment. My right side is swollen more than the left side but my PS said they are symmetrical and will catch up to one another. I still feel mild pains but nothing serious. I am walking slower than usual because the bra rubs against my scars. My surgical tape was removed after I took these pics and I was informed to buy & wear a underwire support bra for the next two months. I went out & bought two bras and was measured at a 38C but the sales lady gave me a 38D. I do not fill the cup all the way but she thinks I will after I d&f. Not feeling 100% yet but am hopeful.

10 days post op

Natrelle 450cc Silicone Gel

2 weeks post-op

I received Natrelle 450cc silcone gel implants. I cannot see much change from the last pic I posted a week ago. My left side is still swollen and my right side has dropped some. The pain comes and goes and I am having muscle spasms throughout the day. I guess that is the muscle and skin expanding. Very uncomfortable and I am very sensitive to clothes and bras. I wear my underwire bra all day with a one hour break a day. I cannot wait for the d&f process to end!

Sports Bra...What A Relief!!

The underwire bra my PS recommended has been killing me. Today I went out to Wal-Mart and bought a Danskin sports bra and I feel 1000% relieved!

3 weeks Post-op

Today makes my 3 week post-op and at times I still feel pains. I am still sleeping on my back which is a pain in itself. I wake up in the middle of the night to back aches but I will take a Tylenol and eventually fall back to sleep. I can see no big change from last week.

1 Month Post-op

My left side is more swollen than the right. The pains are still coming but the process is moving along...VERY SLOWLY! I am still taking pain meds because of the shooting pains throughout the day. I'm hoping o be well by the time I go on vacation in July. I started off a 38A & I am now a full C small D with Natrelle 450cc silicone gel.

5 weeks post-op (Keeping an up to date profile for later comparisons for myself)

Had my 5 week check up today Doc said everything was fine. I am having mild itching and shooting pains but its bearable. Doc told me I could buy some regular moisturizing lotion for my scars and that would be fine. My left side is still swollen bigger than my right but my PS explained the different procedure he had to perform on the left side. I have Natrelle 450cc silicone gel on both sides so he said to give it a few weeks and they will even out. I trust my PS and everything he has said to me so far has been the truth. I just have patience because bugging him will not speed up the recovery time. So far it has all been just like he said in the beginning.

6 Weeks Post-Op

6 Fridays ago I had my BA. My left side is dropping slower than my right side. I am finally on Tylenol ONLY and I feel so much better than previous weeks. Right now I am just in the process and all is going well. I moisturize my boobs daily and it helps with the dryness and itchiness. I will be glad when I can bra shop! xo

7 weeks Post op 450cc silicone gel (pains) Help!

My left breast is giving me problems. I am back to taking half of vicodine a day to ease the pains. It is still swollen more than the right and it is irritating!! I asked a question on reals self regarding capsular contracture. I read where doctors are saying it is impossible at 7 weeks but I feel something is not right and I see a PS in April. My PS informed me that he will be leaving the practice so I am at the mercy of real self. I am too OUTDONE & I feel so alone!! :(

8 weeks post op

Yesterday I saw the PS and asked him about my left breast being bigger than the right and the irritation surrounding it. He told me it may be fluid build up and in a month he will do a sonogram if it is still the same but for the most part he believes it will all even out after the d&f process is completed. My nipples are super sensitive and he gave me these adhesive pads and they worked wonders. I am going to buy more at my local CVS. Overall, I am satisfied but wish the healing process would hurry!!

Surgery Date Friday 02/05/16 (9 weeks post op)

Natrelle 450cc silicone gel. I am having shooting pains in my left breast and the swelling remains. PS said it may be fluid. He will check again on 04/24/16 and he may have to do a sonogram. He also said he believes it will even out, but we'll see.
Sioux City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steele is very professional. I was impressed with everything from his office environment (it smells so good), the location, the staff and his personal assistant Cindy. Everyone reassured me that Dr. Steele's abilities were the best. I believed them in the beginning and definitely after my BA. I am one Happy Customer! Thank You Dr. Steele!!

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