24 Year Old Asian, 5'1, 114lbs, under the muscle 350cc silicone moderate plus profile implants - Fort Worth, TX

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I've always wanted a breast augmentation when my...

I've always wanted a breast augmentation when my breast stopped growing in junior high school. Being petite at 5"1 and flat chested really made me feel so self consious and insecure about the way my body looked. I also had to have padded bra and swimsuit season was dreadful. As I grew older, I still felt like a little girl instead of a woman because of my breast. I started doing intensive research when I had enough money saved and narrowing down to a few doctors I wanted a consultation with. The process was super long and I felt like I looked at a million reviews and boob pictures. In order to decide what my wish boobs would be and how everybody's before and after looked like based on their height, weight, ethinicity, implant profile/cc they got, and much more. Trust me, I tried to do my research to the littlest detail. I wanted my breast to be perfect to my standards. Especially since I will have to spend so much money and put myself through surgery. After I had my consultation, I knew I couldn't want too much longer to do my surgery!

3 days Post operation

I scheduled my surgery for July 20th 2016 at 10:45am, a lot sooner than I planned for, but it just happen to work out that my friend was going to be in town so I would have someone to take care of me after surgery. I was told no food after midnight in order to be prepared for surgery the following day. I arrived at the surgery center at 9:45 in order to fill out some paper work and get checked in. Check in required the nurse to go over last minute medical questions, urine sample to test for pregnancy, and to get started on the IV. Dr. Strock came and marked me before surgery and asked me if I whether be bigger or smaller when I work up after surgery, this is because he brought in 3 different sizes. One implant size that we discussed during pre op which was 350cc moderate plus profile silicone mentor implant, and the other two was one smaller at 300cc, and one bigger at 375cc. The reason he brought in 3 different sizes was because he would be able to tell exactly how big of an implant he could fit in my breast pocket in order to make the gap between my breast smaller ( I was worried about having a wide gap since my natural breast already sits far apart). So I told him whatever size you can fit that would close the gap as much as possible without looking too top heavy and staying proportioned with my body overall. Shortly after I talked to Dr. Strock the nurse came and wheeled me into the operation room, the last thing I remember was seeing the big, bright, overhead lights of the operation room. By the time I woke up I was in the recovery room surround by my friend and nurse. Nurse was there making sure I didn't need anymore medication and to assess my pain level. I slept the ride home and for the rest of the day since I was drugged up from the pain medication. The next two days were full of pressure and discomfort, as well as sleeping propped up on the couch. I was all wrapped in a bandage so I couldn't see what my boobs look like until I went to the 3 day post op. At the post op appointment I wait for 30 to 45 minutes after my appointment to see Dr. Strock. When the nurse and Doctor finally came in, they unwrapped my bandage and put me in a surgical bra and compression band to push my boobs down. I was surprised on how big my boobs were! The whole appointment felt like a blurr because I was still in discomfort and just wanted to go back home and lay down. Dr. Strock gave me his personal cell to contact him for emergencies or any questions in case I can't reach his after office hour emergency line. I was directed to continue with my dosage of medications and that I can start showering, but just make sure I keep my incision dry. Then made an appointment to see him in one week.

1 weeks post operation update

So during this time I would say the most discount is from the swelling of the breast and also wearing the compression band. The swelling of the breast resulted in the heaviness of the breast and the strain it put on my back. I couldn't get up off the couch without someone helping me up by pushing me to sit up. The compression band was also discomforting because it put so much pressure on my incision since I got the incision cut under my arm ( that was Dr. Strock's specialized incision point, although he could perfect any incision site). I stopped taking my Oxycodone after the first day just because I didn't want to be all drugged up. I took my muscle relaxer here and there but completely stopped after the 4 or 5 day. The rest of the medication were required to take. Showering was a lot super hard, especially trying to wash my long hair. This was due to the fact that I couldn't raise my arms and because my incision was fairly new. I took extra precaution so I didn't shower until the 5th day, just clean my body with a wet hand towel, but had my friend help me wash my hair. I didn't start eating normal until the 3rd day and even then, it was hard to consume the same amount of food. I got better day by day and it became easier to do things and get up on my own. I went to see Dr. Strock again for my 1 week post op and he was pleased with the way my incision was healing and told me how important it was to keep weAring my compression band even if it is uncomfortable. He said the band would help me push my boobs down but also bring them closer together to minimize the gap between my breast. He cleared me to stop taking most medication so that I could start driving. He also told me to start doing small daily exercises of moving my arm to the side and slowly up so I can regain full motion in my arm. He just told me at the next appointment we can see about removing the surgical tape that was put on top of my incision. So I have 2 more days until my 2 week post op! Oh and I realized my boob is healing at different pace, one is smaller than the other due to the decrease in swelling!

11 days post op

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5 week post op

Today I went in for my 5th week post op. I've been getting a lot more use to my breast but they still feel kind of foreign to me from time to time. I have had a lot of dry skin on my upper body and sometimes very itchy too. Not sure if it's the medication or other causes. Sometimes at night it's hard for me to sleep because my boobs get really hard and it causes discomfort. But for the most part, my boobs are softing up and don't have too bad a case of morning boob any more. Driving has became easier and I pretty much have full range of arm motion back. I do have to keep reminding myself to stand up striaght because I tend to hunch over more without noticing because of heavier boobs. Ok so at post op, Dr. Strock told me I'm cleared for mild cardio and lower leg workout; but no weights or upper body workout. I'm off of my dreaded compression band!! Yay!
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Strock performs amazing work along with a great staff!! As soon as I had my consultation with him, I felt like this is the doctor I want to do my procedure with (I had 3 consultations with different doctors). Dr. Strock is very knowledgeable in his field of work, you can tell he is experienced and knows what he is doing. He is very confident in his abilities. He made the whole procedure relatively easy for me and takes his patients concerns seriously. He listens to you but also advises you based on his professional experience on what he feels would be/ look best on you. Although he is a busy guy, everytime I meet with him aside from pre op, seems so short. The wait time is also pretty long to see the doctor. However, he is readily available and can be contact via his cellphone for any questions post operation, he responds to his text almost immediately. But overall I am very satisfied with his work.

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