23 Years Old, 3 Kids, 375cc SRM Silicone

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Had my first consultation today which went amazing...

Had my first consultation today which went amazing with Dr. K. I loved his 3D imaging and his passion for his work. He spent and hour with me explaining everything between pros and cons and we picked the sizing that didn't go over my body frame. I'm so excited to schedule an appointment in the next few months.

Not sure

Hey girls just updating. I am still not sure when I'll be scheduling surgery but I am thinking march. I'm making sure I'm financially ready. But I'm still so excited thinking about it. I hope all of you ladies are doing well and can't wait to be on the other side.????

Wish pics

Hi ladies, just want to show what I'm hoping the outcome will be for me. I'm really wanting my doc to go up to 400cc since I'll loose 25cc under muscle but I won't know for sure until I finally schedule and have my pre-op. They just look soooo real which is what I'm wanting.

What I'm working with

Just want to show y'all what I'm working with. My plan is to get them done in the month of March or April no later then May. Yes I know they look horrible lol.

What I'm working with

Wish pics

More Wish Pics

Love the natural drops of them

My boobs in a 32B bra

I usually wear a 34B but I wanted to see how the 32 would look. Well needless to say to cover properly I should of gotten a 32C but now I understand bras. If you go down in band size the cup gets smaller so for the women that end up with 32DD you should really be a 34D in my opinion anyway lol. But I put a couple pics. I'm aiming for the end of February. When ever the time comes for pre-op I'm still going to ask him for the 400cc instead of the 375cc since I'll loose 25cc. So hopefully it will be Allergen SRM (moderate profile) 400cc. :) Also on a different note I truly love RealSelf it has help a lot with what I was looking for and seeing all the great results that all you women have had. It's wonderful to know that a lot of women on here who post their pics and updates really does help the ones that are wanting this done. Your awesome ladies.

Just Updating

Hey girls, just wanted to update you. I have yet to schedule but I am praying I get to call by the end of the month and have a date for the end of March. If not it will more towards October which would totally suck but what can I do. :( I am staying positive for the soonest date I can get. I am still so excited because no matter what I getting it done I have my mind set of this so I know it will happen just not 100% on when but I'll know for sure by the end of the month. I definitely update whether or not I get to schedule. So exciting to think that I'll have a body I love lol. I know my husband said he loves me just the way I am and blah blah blah lol but I never get to do anything for myself and this is the one think I am set on doing. Hope you ladies are doing well.


Okay ladies just a bit of an update. I am scheduled for the 19th of April. OMG OMG I am so freaking excited. Everything is paid and I am ready lol. Pre-op is the 6th of April and I will see the doctor as well to go over everything with my concerns. OMG I still can't believe its finally happening!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely keep you girls updated.

Good bye itty bittys lol

Can not wait to say goodbye to these little things. Don't get me wrong breastfeeding is a fantastic thing but it sure leaves you feel so sad for your body lol. In just 3 weeks and 3 days I can finally say I have titties lol!!!!! How are y'all ladies?

Date Moved Up!!!!!

So my date is moved up to April 11th at 10:15AM. OMFG lmao!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited I'm scared lol. Can't believe this dream is actually is coming true!!!!!!

12 Days to Go!!!!! Whooohoooo

Almost here and I am sooo ready. My pre-op is next Thursday, which of course the time is sure flying so I am just a tad nervous lol.

Almost there

Single digits!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Can't believe I am only 8 days away from being on the "other side". I am so excited, I just can't wait. I love seeing all the ladies on here how the progressed and now I get to finally watch myself. I know it will be very painful in the beginning but soooo worth it. Plus I am high tolerance for pain so I'll be okay. As the days get closer the more nervous I get lol. Pre-op on Thursday and I'll let ya'll know exact size ect.

Last pics before the big day

Can't believe I'm 7 days away from saying I have boobies lol. These will be the last pre-op pics I'll post except maybe on Thursday if my doctor takes more pics with the stimulator then I'll put them. But I really hate seeing my pre-op pics cause their so sad lol. Kids have literally drained me to nothing but that's okay they were worth it and now I'll be getting something to fix the problem lol

Back to the 11th

Okay so Dr just called and they said they just had a cancellation so I'll be going in Tuesday the 11th. She said they'll start between 10:30 and 11. YAY Pre-op tomorrow!!

Back to the 12th

Well after I told my husband the date he let me know he was not able to change his day off unless it was 2 weeks before. UGH lol, luckily I was able to call right back up there and switch it back.

Time is passing so quickly

Pro-Op Done!!!!!!!!!

So I had my pre-op today and my doctor was going to allow me to go bigger but in order for me to go bigger I had to switch my profile to which I did not want to do so I stayed at what we originally agreed on which he thought was best anyway so I am happy. Had my pre-op photos taken now just waiting for my post-op photos to be taken lol. I am soooo super excited and I can not wait until next Wednesday. YAY

Can't believe it

Can't believe I'll have boobs in less then 2 days. Omg I think my heart races every second of the day lol. I am super excited but of course I'm nervous as hell lol. I'll let y'all know how surgery goes. ????

On the other side!!!!

So excited to finally be on the other side. Can't wait to see how they turn out. Yay!!! Dr said it was definitely a tight fit so it was perfect 375cc Allergan SRM!

Post-op day 1

When to my post-op appointment and everything looks great. Got to get my implant cards. They said when they start dropping and fluffy they end up bigger. Yay so excited can't wait.

Post-op Day 2

Got to take incision tape off today. Go back Thursday for my one week check up and hope everything still looks great.

Post-op Day 5

Loving them already. I'm super excited to see what they look like next week and see him e much there going to drop.

Day 1 to Day 5

Day of Surgery 4/12/17

So I just wanted to give my experience at the surgery center I went to and how everything went in general that day. So when I got up at 5 that morning i showered and dressed and then got my 3 babies up dressed and ready. I didn't wake my husband up til the end cause he was going to be making the awful drive. We had to leave to house by 7 am drop the kids off at their nannys then head to the surgery center which i had to be there at 9:30 and it takes at least 1 1/2 hrs to get there. So we get there just in time sign in, sign a couple papers and then was called back to get prepped. I put their gown, hat and socks on and laid in their bed. My nurse hooked the IV up and then brought my husband back to wait on me. After my Dr was done with his first patient he came in around 11:15 marked me up and headed himself to get prepared in the operating room. At 11:30, (this is a little funny) The assistant anesthesiologist came in and put meds in my IV and said it was a cocktail lol I knew he was joking. Well as they wheeled me to the door of the operating room I didn't even see the inside of it cause I was already out and didn't wake up til 22 minutes after I was already done and my husband was already about to come back and see me and I was leaving 30 minutes after that lol. Only "pain" I've had is just muscle spams here and there and pressure which neither have been unbearable which is awesome. I'll let you all know how my one week check up goes tomorrow as well just wanted to give my experience the day of surgery.

One week check up (8 days post) yesterday

My check up yesterday was great. He said everything looks great. I do have one dropping just a tad faster but not really that noticeable. Have to wear my surgical bra for another week then I can go to regular sports bras. I think I have to be about 6 weeks post before I get to actually get bras but thats okay since their not frakenboobs anymore lol and look decent in shirts now i'll manage. But I can't go without anything longer then an hour per day. They say when you do that you have a more likely chance of bottoming out and I defiantly do not want that. My next check up will be at 3 weeks one day post May 4th and I really hope they drop a great amount by then. I'll finally get to get my scar cream and my nurse will show me how to use it. Truthfully I don't care if you can see a scar cause I could careless if anyone knows I have a boob job lol but if I can make them almost invisible (as they said) with the stuff they are giving me that would be awesome.

10 days post

Love the difference. Even if they turn out smaller then expected I'll still love them

Sorry forgot the pic

2 weeks post!!!!

So I'm 2 weeks post and everything is coming along. Just wish lefty was a good as righty. But we'll get there :) I'm feeling great. Except itchy titties, itchy scars and the burning sensations lol. But I know it's for all the dropping that's been going on. Have my 3 week check up next Thursday and I'll update y'all then :)

3 weeks post!!!!! Pics!!!

So I've been feeling awesome. Lefty dropped a little but wish she would drop to rightys level. Have my appointment tomorrow so going to see if my ps nurse will allow me to massage or something to help it come down. I'm posting pics now and I'll let y'all know what you s said tomorrow as well.

3 Week Post Check Up

So I had my check up yesterday and everything looks great. The nurse took the rest of the glue and sutures off the incisions. I'll take pics of them later today. Dr still don't want me to do any massages cause he said there dropping right on time so I guess thats good. I have a 7 week check up next month on the 5th and thats when I'll be given the okay to wear a regular bra yay lol. I'll be so happy when I can again. But I'll keep updating weekly to every 2 weeks depending on change then after the 3rd month I'll do monthly or so.


So I was at Walmart on my lunch break and couldn't resist trying just a couple sizes on. I know I'm suppose to be in a 32 band but Walmart don't carry them with big cups. So here's 34c and 34d. Ummm I don't think they work lol

Scar update

There looking great

4 weeks post

So I think there starting to fluff a bit. It's weird how a weeks can change things lol. Can't wait for the to drop all the way in place so I can see where they'll be sitting

5 weeks post

Felling great. Going in on the 1st for my 6 week check up and the okay to finally wear bras yay lol.


So I ordered online by a long shot. 32E off amazon and 2 of the 32DDD off American eagle. And by my surprise they all fit :). When I received the ones from American eagle I just knew I was going to have to return them cause they just looked way to big until I actually put them on. ???? 12 more days and I'll be cleared to wear them yay ????. Not going to buy anymore just in case they become to small or to big over the course of a year.

6 weeks!!!!!

7 weeks!!!!

They look so uneven to me ugh!!!!

Sorry so late 3 month update

Everything still seems the same to me lol

4 MONTHS!!!!!!

I'll post more pics when I get time but this is a good idea of them.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Had my surgery almost two months ago so far I am loving the results and Dr. Kurkjian is awesome.

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