23 Yrs. Old 5' 7" 155 Lbs. Active, Runner - Natrelle 410 FX 450 ccs Shaped Gel Gummy Bear Fort Worth, TX

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I had my consult today with my chosen plastic...

I had my consult today with my chosen plastic surgeon and have set the date for surgery! I will have my pre-op in a week and the surgery on March 24!

I currently wear a 36b (per Victoria Secret) and hardly fill it out. I struggle with self-confidence because of my small boobs and am so ready to look much more proportionate. I am shooting for a full D!

After taking measurements, talking about my end goal look, and expressing recovery concerns with my active lifestyle, we decided Natrelle 410 implants will be the best option for me. I will be getting between 400 and 450 ccs. I don't recall exactly, but I think the dimensions that we are going with are full height and projection? I'll confirm later.

Please let me know your experience with Natrelle 410s, what height and projection you chose if you have similar stats, or any other advice and experience you have! I'm so excited to share my journey with the realself community!


I need to prepare! What unusual items helped you through your recovery? I have the usual list: neck pillow, icepacks, bendy straws. What am I missing?! I have less than a month and am officially in freak out mode.

Avoiding Stretchmarks

I have stretch marks on my hips, thighs, and rear from puberty like many others. Does this mean I will definitely get them when I get my BA? Is there a way to prevent them from happening? Did any of you have stretch marks elsewhere and successfully avoided them following your BA? Stretch marks would be a total let down. :(

Pre-op complete!

Pre-op is over and I am one step closer to new boobies! I paid my balance, signed consent forms, decided on an implant and size, and got the details for pre and post surgery care. I received an adorable goody bag from my plastic surgeon and the recovery kit from Edenknowsimplants.com. Both are so awesome and I'm excited to put them to use!

16 days to go! Woohoo!

Two Weeks Left

I'm uploading two pics that show my torso and hips for a better idea of how disproportionate I am! It is going to be soooo nice to not feel "bottom heavy" and have awesome boobs! I deleted my old pics because I was pretty sad when I saw them, but I've gotten over myself and have posted these in their stead. Enough whining! I will have new boobs two weeks from today!

I am running through my surgeon's recommended checklist for items to have post-op and see I have some shopping to do! A lot of it is pretty intuitive (anti-nausea stuff like saltines and ginger ale or laxatives) but I didn't really think about frozen peas to ice my boobs after or easy foods to have on hand, like jello and broth. This list is amazing and incredibly thorough. My surgeon did an oustanding job putting together a handbook for her surgery patients that entails everything pre and post related. After reading it front to back, I have no questions and feel very confident about going into surgery.

I am typically pretty pain tolerant, so I am hoping to have surgery on a Thursday and go back to work the following Monday or Tuesday. I'm prepared to take time off for a longer period, but I would like to avoid it. We shall see!

One major concern for me is running. I will be running a half-marathon the weekend before my surgery, so I do not think I will lose too much stamina during my recovery period. My surgeon said the recovery time for these textured anatomical implants is shorter than the smooth round alternative, so I am hoping this is true for me. I want to get back to running as quickly as possible. It will be a whole new world having to spend a pretty penny on really supportive sports bras, but it is worth it. I want to keep those things in place so I can run to my hearts content. Are any of you runners? What was your experience like?

Not a secret anymore...

So I have kept my surgery on the DL telling only my boyfriend, dad, one co-worker (who is likely getting a BA soon), and one of my good friends. Said good friend told another friend who announced it aloud during brunch and now everyone in our friend group is informed. It's amazing how this sort of thing spreads like wild fire. I'm going big enough where it will be evident I've gotten surgery (kind of the point), but I wanted it to be something I address if it's brought up instead of having it announced by someone else. I more or less wanted to have a coming out party for my boobs at some point after it was said and done lol. I'm pretty irritated at my friend for leaking the details when I told her in confidence. I really don't like how it came up at brunch and I had to be like "yeap I'm doing that" and answer a ton of questions and receive unsolicited advice about my future augmentation. I also kept this on the DL to specifically avoid irritating and uninformed advice when I have been researching for this procedure for years at this point. I am pretty livid, but have learned my lesson with telling this "good friend" important things in confidence.

Can any of you relate?

10 days to go!

Each passing day gets me more excited about the procedure! I am prepared overall and feel so good about everything. The main struggle for me now is determine whether my existing button downs and jackets will fit following surgery. I also had a really hard time finding a front close bra at Walmart or Target. I want to have one available so I can wash my surgerical bra as needed. Any suggestions as to where I can buy one?

Emotions and Rice-Sizers

I made some rice sizes today (1.9 cups = 450 ccs) so that I could get an idea of what clothes will fit and what clothes won't. As I tried everything, I learned nearly all of it will likely fit and I will fill out the top of every piece much better. It was sort of emotional thinking about how my confidence will improve, not having to worry about how to fix how my boobs look in everything. I already have major butterflies and will be a nervous wreck come D Day! I'm so ready to wear clothes without a bra if I choose to! It's going to be amazing.

One Week Away!

I will have new boobs a week from today. I have my surgery pre and post op shopping list done, have paid everything, and have my time off work adjusted accordingly. I am going to try to work in the office the Monday after surgery (Thursday before) and am hoping that isn't a poor decision. I carpool to work anyway, so I won't have to worry about driving! I am so anxious and I feel like the only thing I have thought about is boobs! I have constant butterflies when I think about the surgery. I dont think it is going to quite feel like the real deal until I'm being knocked out and out under the knife! Now it's just a waiting game... Woohooo!

Yesterday's Surgery and POD1

The night before, I stopped eating and drinking by 12am. I also placed an anti-nausea patch behind my ear that Dr. Kirby prescribed. I packed up my meds and miscellaneous things I would likely need for the day.

I arrived at the surgery center at 8:30am and was amazed at how efficient the office staff and nurses, etc taking care of me were. I finished signing consent forms and such in under ten minutes and was immediately brought back to do a vitals check, blood testing, and get my socks and gown on. They gave me an IV drip while I waited on the medical team to come by and introduce themselves. My boyfriend sat with me in the back until he had to go back up to the front lobby to continue working on his laptop.

The anesthesiologist, his assistant, one of the nurses, and Dr. Kirby all came by to greet me and tell me about their roles during the procedure. The anaesthesiologist and assistant were very thorough discussing was would be placed in my IV and talked to me about my nausea issues. They said they would take care of me and certainly did.

After Dr. Kirby drew on me, I received valium in my IV and was rolled back to the operating room. I don't remember anything after that until I was waking up. I learned that it took me around 90 minutes to fully awaken from the general anesthesia, that's nuts! My boyfriend and I definitely attribute it to my ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere at anytime. I'm just a really sleepy person in general. I remember receiving water and saltines when I woke up fully and then burping and getting embarrassed! That really woke me up!

I slept the whole ride home (1 hour) and didn't remember much of anything. I am so glad I didn't get nauseous because that would have been the worst! They gave us bags just in case and I also brought a trash bag from the house. I think the patch helped and whatever else they gave me back in the OR to combat nausea.

Yesterday really was not bad at all until later in the evening. I had sharp pains at what seemed to be my sternum, but learned from others that this does happen and I shouldn't worry. It really felt like I had been punched though! I also had severe dry mouth and still do, so I have to wash down anything I eat with a sip of water. I've also been trying to drink as much water as possible. Same thing goes for today. My sternum isn't painful currently, so that's great! The naps have been the best!

Prescribed meds I'm taking: muscle relaxer, pain pill, and anti-nausea (I'll take it after I remove the patch tonight)

Other things I'm taking: one a day women's, miralax, bromelain, quercetin, arnica montana
These are for vitamin intake, digestion issues (still haven't gone), tissue repair, anti-swelling, and anti-bruising

Got the last three with Jenny Eden's Recovery Kit. From the kit, I'm also using the boobie wash and boobie butter. I started all of this three days before surgery, and will get to use the wash again when I can bathe tomorrow. The boobie butter is seriously amazing though and it is so moisturizing!

I slept in our recliner last night and will probably continue to do so because I slept so well! My boyfriend bundled me up with pillows and blankets in the recliner and it worked like a charm.

Current lifesavers: travel pillow for my neck, bendy straws, app called "Medisafe" that reminds you to take your pills, my sweet fur baby kitty keeping my feet warm, and my sweet boyfriend who made me some homemade broccoli cheddar soup and has been doing anything and everything for me.

So far, so good!

Surgery Day and POD1 Pics

Forgot to upload these with my last update!

Specks of Blood

Anyone deal with a couple of specks of blood coming throigh on one or both sides of their surgical bra? I am dealing with this on my left breast. There were two tiny specks that probably came from the same spot in the bandage and they have since stayed the same. Looking now, it looks like another speck has come through. It doesn't appear that I am currently bleeding or anything. But I obviously was at some point. Should I be worrying?


I worked from home today on my laptop while laying in the recliner. I took it slow and it went well. I'll do the same tomorrow. I am going to try to negotiate with my director to let me work from home Monday as well. It'll depend how I'm feeling tomorrow I guess.

I'm taking my muscle relaxant every 8 hours religiously. Day of surgery and POD1, I took the max dose of pain killers, two total, every four hours. Today, I've cut back to one pill every four hours instead. I don't want to push away the meds too quickly though because even cutting back I've noticed a good bit more pain. Today my sternum hurts again, but I also have serious pressure and dull aches in my underarms. It's tolerable though. I still cannot, however, open my medicine bottles myself. I'm not sure why it is so difficult, but it requires immense effort to even try and then fail. I hate being dependent on my boyfriend. Luckily, he doesn't seem to mind.

I finally was able to shower today. My boyfriend washed my hair because I could not reach the top of my head, but I was able to handle all else. I also lathered my boobies with the boobie butter from my recovery kit.

My boobs are so hard, high, and tight. I'm ready for the swelling to go down and for them to drop and fluff a bit. They should a bit despite being textured, right? Anyhow, going to put on some more ice.

So far, so good! I'm so happy to have something more than mosquito bites!

Post-op Week 1

I wanted to update daily, but that is pretty tough! Last week was a hard one.

I was pretty miserable during my first week post-op. Each day was different. One day I had a ton of pain along my sternum, the next day my armpits killed me, and the next I had random minor bleeding. Nothing major, but frustrations none the less. I had some trouble during the first week with my compression bra. I think this was partially because I was incredibly bloated (and still am a little) and my stomach was pushing on the bra up at my ribs. My ribs were so sore. I also had serious trouble sleeping elevated in my bed. The recliner was awesome and I probably should've stayed there the whole first week, but went to the bed on day 5. I had so much pain between my shoulder blades down to the middle of my back. I finally learned the best pillow setup after a lot of reading. Placing a rolled towel at your lower back and a pillow under your knees makes such a difference. I also think I would have just bought a wedge pillow if I could redo it. Stacking pillows perfectly in the bed before going to sleep and then having them all over the place by the morning is a pain. A wedge pillow would eliminate that ordeal.

Regarding my minor bleeding, my PS had me remove my incision tape early and keep the incisions covered with any Neosporin equivalent and gauze until they heal. I haven't had any further bleeding thankfully, so now it's a waiting game for them to heal so I can get to scar massage!

I had my one week post-op appointment with my PS on Thursday. She said my breasts are looking good and I can expect them to drop and project more as my muscles relax. I can start scar massages at the two week mark and will be using my scar salve from the recovery kit. My PS also gave me the okay to perform any and all workouts, but warned that the more I do, the more sore I will be and the more I may delay my chest muscles relaxing. I plan to get back to the gym at two weeks post-op and do lower body work, the elliptical, and spin bike. I may try to run at three or four weeks post-op. am not going to give myself a hard timeline because I don't know how I will feel and be healed that far ahead. I plan to listen to my body and go from there.

I am feeling so much better during the second week. I actually went to a wedding this past weekend and was able to dance. I have full range of motion and was even getting spun around by my boyfriend on the dance floor. I did feel a little sore this morning, but I expected that. Overall, all is well thus far!

Boobie Pics

Two Weeks Post-Op

I understand you don't measure in your final size sometimes until 3-6 months post-op, but I needed a bra to wear out for my birthday evening and a couple of sports bras to get back to running. I bought the Knockout wireless sports bra, Body by V plunge, and a t shirt bra. All of them are wireless because I can't do wireless until 3 months post-op. I measured a 34DD and felt unstoppable. I am hoping my boobs only get bigger from here instead of smaller like some ladies report. Or honestly, I want them to stay the same. I love the size.

I am still dealing with some soreness, but definitely feel back to about 90%.

Three Weeks Post-Op and Running

I ran for the first time since my half-marathon (Mar 20) and was so worried about running with my boobs. My PS cleared me to do anything at a week post-op, but warned not to overdo or I'd make myself sore because of continued swelling from surgery. I took the plunge and ran two and a half weeks post-op and did six miles. My boobs felt great, my lungs, not so much. The Knockout sportsbra really kept my boobs in place, but they are so hard and tight right now that I don't think they'd move without without a bra lmao. Anyway, I'll be anxious to see how they're supported once softened. I'll definitely be trying out different sports bras, so stay tuned!

I also am noticing my left breast is bigger and more projected than my right. How long did it take fellow teardrop implant ladies for they're boobs to take they're final shape and size? I'm a bit worried, but know they go through this.

Updated Stats

Height/Weight: 5'7" 155 lbs.
Breast width: 13.0 cm
Bra measurement: 36B

Implants: Natrelle 410s with 450ccs (textured teardrop under muscle full height full projection)
Bra measurement: 34DD (as of 2.5 WPO)

Six Weeks Down!

I'm feeling really great and am happy with my progress thus far. I still have some numbness every now and again on the botter side of my left boob. Other than that, everything is healing accordingly and without me noticing too much.

I'm back to running of course and run 20-30 miles a week. I planto try out other sports bras, so I'll let you know how that goes! I'm still super happy with the Knockout wireless ones I got!

I was using the Scar Salve from the recovery kit I received, but have decided to take additional measures. I am now wearing the silicone scar sheets and applying the Mederma once a day when they are removed and Mederma with Spf before I go outside for a run. I look forward to progress because my scars are really hard under the skin they are also still pretty red.

I need bikini advice! Where should I go?! I can't wear any of my old bikini tops, so I need to buy new ones ASAP! I am not allowed to do underwire until 3mpo, so I'm not really sure what to get other than triangle tops?

I have gotten a good bit oudgiersonce before surgery, but I'm working on it. I think I'll be happier with the whole package once I lose a bit of weight.

Six Weeks Comparisons

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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