21 Yo, Small B's, No Kids, Apx 140lbs, 5'5 1/2, Ok Boobs, Wants Them Bigger Lol - Fort Worth, TX

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So I think I'm in the right place to post :/...

So I think I'm in the right place to post :/ anyways. I'm 21yo with 34/36 small B's and I KNEW about BA since I was about 8/9yo (my mother just had hers done about that time) and ever since then (even though I was young :/) I really thought it was a good idea. For a young age I was always curious. My mother had her's done because not only do small breast run in the family (sad face), but she already had two kids by then, me and my younger sister kind of sucked the life out of them lol. But it wasn't until I was 17/18yo I realized that my breasts would most likely stay this way (when I was 19yo I was 160lbs and some weight was gained in my boobs making me barely a 36C).

It wasn't until I lost a lot of weight, being at my smallest 135lbs, realizing that my poor small boobs are just that, small. So I figured in the future I would do something about it. Well its the future and im finally serious about getting a BA.

SN: Like any other female I had doubts about my beauty so I figured working on self-confidence would be the fixer, but even now, when feeling my most beautiful self ever...inside...I still feel like something else is missing on the outside.

I have a wide frame; broad shoulders for my size and kind of noticeable rib cage. I love myself, but I feel my sexiness would physically show if I had larger breasts. I am doing this for me and me only. I told my girlfriend, but of course she loves me just my natural self and my mother who believes I shouldn't, but supports me anyways. I just know that this is my time to do what I want to do to make me finally actually see my mature, sexy side I've began to fell all this time.

Ok, now thats out the way. Tomorrow I am making the call to see a PS for a consultation. My main concerns were that the person was board certified and not only had great outcomes (as in on their web page), but find actually people that had great outcomes too. I have decided on a location close to me which met both and they have a special going on (excited/shock face lol) . I am super happy I am finally making this move. Although I do not have the money, they have a great payment plan and accept Care Credit :). Wish me luck!


Today, even though I didnt get to actually set any in stone, I did receive a call back from a PA office :)....but I missed the call and they had to leave a message :/. But the assistance gave me some information. At least it will not cost me anything for a consultation, which in my mind is a small bonus. Today I will set a date.

Boring stuff but after the few weeks I've had any little thing like this makes me happy :) it's like making the first move on a long last dream.

Wish Boobs

Here's some how I wish my new beauties would look like :)

Roller coaster day

So besides my everyday life and stresses, I had oritention for cosmetology school today (Aug 5th) and found out that not only does class start a week earlier then regular start time for Texas and even though fin-aid will not be available until 5-6 weeks into the program (more $$$ issues), I won't be able to go for a consult until September.

I had a chance to talk to the PA assistant today and if available I will be seeing them on the 12th of September and if he's as good as I'm hoping schedule my BA for mid Dec (just in time for me to have nice healed boobs for my 22nd birthday).

Not much news but ill take what I can get right now and just not stress over things I cannot change.

P.S. How did everyone pay/finance their BA or any cosmetic surgery? I applied for a loan to at my bank and hopefully ill get it but if not what are other options?
More details of what I want :)

I didn't realize I left out some important information on what I want done, size, etc.. Ok well first, after reading people's reviews and also some post that doctors made on here, I saw that for my age and how much tissue I have (I have kind of big hands for my size :/) I have at least a hand full of breast and they are actually symmetrical. Got lucky there so, I would love to end up with 36D/DD. Even though I have the tissue for saline, I saw the results for silicone gel and they look ahmazingly beautiful so I am leaning towards that option. I am not sure if I want them to round smooth or tear drop but either way ill be pleased with what the PA chooses. Definitely under the muscle so they look nice, natural and big lol but as for the incision....I am going to ask the PA what's best because I feel I scar too easily so instead of under the boob maybe go for the areola?? Like I said, whatever is mutually decided will be fine with me. I'm sure they will prescribe so great scar cream or whatever :) Hope I covered everything. Please, everyone, tell me more things to expect, ask, look for, etc... I want to be for informed when I go see him so I can correctly tell him (so I don't sound so dumb lol) what I am looking for and to be prepared for before, during and after.

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