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Well since I just got it done I don't know how...

Well since I just got it done I don't know how it's going to look in the end but it hurt because I did the awake liposuction and Brazilian after a little while he gave me some pain medicine to hold on the side of my jaw. I really don't remember anything else after that. Okay they making me write more so , they had to numb me up. Then when they did the actual lipo, it was like a raking sensation. It was weird. It really didn't hurt tho ,but the smart lipo burned. He didn't burn me but it was really hot ....to me that s when they gave me the meds.

I'm 1st day post

I slept all day yesterday. I really couldn't do much but sleep. Today I'm leaking all over I had to send my daughter to get some more blue pad and for my bed and guaze and things of that nature. At first I was like I don't think I would do this again. But now I'm like I'm glad I done it. It's not so much pain it's just I can't really move like I want to move and I'm kind of uncomfortable. I got my daughter here is a major help. I just sent her to the store for some more supplies and some snacks I got the munchies...:) my doctor said that I can go right back to work like in two days which has to be a lie. I'm still leaking and when I read some of the post on this site people are taking six weeks off and everything. In the meantime I only took a week which is going to have to turn into two weeks because I sit all day at my job and I don't want anything to happen to my BBL after all that I went through. I'll keep you updated.

I wish

I wish he would've put more in my butt because now that I'm looking at it is not that much of a change. But he was like you know you want more of a survival rate then more cc in your cheeks because what good is the volume going to do if they don't survive. But I don't care about that part because I'm looking a lot of people and they still have a lot of volume in there but after the procedure and got a lot more cc's. Like if you're going to do it you might as well go BIG. Don't how much he put in there .. I'll update you later on that I'm waiting on my nurse to call.

I don't like my doctor

Okay I call my doctor today to see about my lightheadedness and nausea. Hey call me right back which was great but he still had a same kind of attitude .When I got my procedure like I had a consultation with a lady in Fort Worth but the doctor actually practice out of Dallas he has 2 offices. So I really didn't know what kind of attitude he would have or his personality when I got ready to actually do my surgery. Let me back I did speak with him when I got ready to do my surgery the first time ,and he didn't want to do it because my iron levels and hemoglobin was too low. So I did get to at least talk to him but on the day of my surgery when I got ready did you do with the second time, if saintlike he had an attitude problem like we just were two personalities that didn't actually click but I went ahead and got it because I had already paid for it and had already been waiting for it. I don't advise anyone to speak with have a consultation unless it's with the actual doctor and you can go back-and-forth and like speak on exactly what it is you want.

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas and I'm stuck in the house in the bed. But this is my Christmas present to myself;)) so I'll just have to tough it out. Pretty Hurts...

Post op

1st day Post op

Post op

A quick update

I know it's Christmas but when I went to take my garment off to take a shower I had like pooling or swelling at the bottom of my stomach right what I was trying to get rid of..so I had to put it back on because evidently it's not covering completely so I took the scarf and wrapped it around the bottom part and tided it tight so that I have full coverage.

Secondary postop this is from today but you really can't see where the fluids in the bottom.


I got up and walked around the house a little bit I'm pretty Stiff. It was a good idea to feel little better now that I feel that I feel like I have a lot of fluid on me. Since the doctors office is open today I called to ask their advice and they just told me not to massage because I had my daughter give me a massage last night and they told me no don't touch it. But reading some of the reviews I hear people start getting massages immediately after their surgery. So I'm going to follow doctor's orders and just relax.
I'm going to have to take another week of work because I only took one but there is no way I can go sit at my desk like this .Sorry:-/

Does anybody know how to change your doctor's name?

Does anybody know how to change your doctor's name?


Hi guys! I'm still in my healing process right now I called the doctors office to give my counselor some feedback on you know what the doctor would and would not do because when I went and I thought I was getting some fat in my hips also,but he doesn't feel comfortable giving it putting any fat in hips because it doesn't last. I didn't want him to do anything that he was not comfortable with I don't want to turn out like Frankenstein..lol nevertheless she didn't sound too happy about it but I hope she didn't think I was criticizing her or anything like that I just wanted to let her know because we think we're getting one thing and then if the doctor doesn't want to do it ...and...your already undressed ready for surgery then it's a problem. But anyway, I really don't know what my measurements were before I have to get them from the dr when I'm go in for my appointment but right now I was like 33 after surgery. today am 32 and 43 in the hip n butt area and 36 up top so 36-32-43 is pretty cool cause I like before I was "spongebob" seriously.


Post op Doc appt

Ok, So I I went to my post op appointment today and why the nurse tell me that he put 700cc's in one cheek and 800 in the other WTF! Like she tried to explain that he just fills them until there even .....???? I might have been uneven to start with..I really don't that I was that f*** uneven . I got some really choice words, for him cause he gonna have to fix it. Like honestly it's not noticeable, but I know so I notice. Ima sleep on that one .i told him one was bigger than the other..BEFORE she told me that little tidbit of information. He's like ur swollen n really can't tell the results yet..Lyin Ass.


Y'all I really don't feel like I should let him f*** wit my body anymore. If anybody got any advice let me know ..please.

Gettin Fat

I've actually been eating too much. He said don't diet for three months but I'm gaining weigh. I haven't got on scale but I know that I'm bigger. I'm going to have to just slow down

Left 1out

Booty Greedy

Ok, now I' m gettin booty greedy????..I softened up already I guess because I've been sitting on it. But I do have an opportunity to get a touch up and I think ima take it. It's fine a little uneven but you can't really tell. Since I'm nervous about losing it since I've been back to work, I started drinking protein shakes to up my protein intake. Idk if it will help ..I' ll let up know

They say don't diet

They say don't diet for about three months but I don't want to start getting fat . That's mostly the reason why I started drinking protein shakes so it's still going to keep my weight up without me just gettin unnecessarily fat. Hope it works

Frown lines

I got my botox yesterday. :)))..


Ok now I'm thinking about a Tt. I know it's early, but my swelling has went down and I just feel like Im going to need my stomach a little more snatched. I've had so many children , high stretch marks idk it just seems un even

Yay yay

I'm officially a homeowner today.!!!!! I was super scared a nervous ..plus you really do sign your life away... Up date my pics soon. I'm sick it's something in the air my allergies are acting real bad all I did was come home and take out my clothes and lay straight down.


Mostly have a reading all of the posts on here and just going through everybody's experience ...tomorrow will be day 30 for me????

Still try a get this house together

Still try a get this house together

Has it been 2 MONTHS,,

Well as for me I'm just a little overwhelmed trying to get furniture and get the right person to hook up this appliance and get water line to the refrigerator ..it's just a lot


Its been awhile since i posted anything. I just started back wearing my squeem. It seems to me that im getting fat back in my waist??? Im going to take my measurements and update

Back at it again????????

Hey y'all...im pretty satisfied with my results but I should have got a tummy tuck instead of just a lipo????. I say that because now I look at it and is still looks poofy. It's like eventhough it's sucked down I do still have that little lump above my belly button so its flatter at the bottom than it is at the top which makes it look weird and since I have been pregnant like 5 times and one was twins, I still have the muscle separation that needs to be fixed. If anybody knows someone good in the DFW area hit me up please :-). But for now I'm combing through, doing research looking for a Dr. I seen a doctor Hein in Oklahoma who has great results and I love the way his patient's look... like there is no raised outrageous scar, the couple ive seen lay super flat.



It was cool but I wanted more in my butt like I want more cc's and he refused to do my hips even though at my consultation everything was already in the works for my hips and then when I got there and spoke with him he said no which was very unsettling

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