34 Years Old, Tummy Tuck. Fort Worth, TX

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I have had lipo sculpture on my belly and I had a...

I have had lipo sculpture on my belly and I had a nice outcome, but my stomach muscles still sag and give me a pregnant look when I don't hold it in. I just want it flat and this extra skin GONE! Plus I have a rashy looking thing under my navel and this procedure will get rid of it. I am looking forward to this and plan on wearing a two piece for the first time since elementary school LOL


surgery day pic

not many markings to stat. there were more when I was on the table. I paid for a dose of liquid painkiiler that is injected into the surgical area before I stitched up. I only have minimal pain. I am up and walking on my own to the bathroom/kitchen. The name of the painkiller that was injected is called EXPAREL

surgery was done Thursday morning

I am having minimal to moderate discomfort. It really has been a piece cake sofar

Day 11 update

Got my second and final drain taken out today! Feeling pretty good but the nurses told me to still take it easy because too much activity can make me build up fluid and since the drain is out I have to make sure my body is relaxed enough to absorb the fluid! Learn something new everyday. I will post the pics as soon as they are sent to me tomorrow.

DAY 11

This is 11 days after surgery. I have been able to stand up straight since day 8. I am SO happy with my scar so far. it is really low and even though you can';t see it it is thin and the stitch is reversed so it is under the skin not above it. I had "FRANKENSTEIN" in my mind but when I pulled the tape off it wasn't like that at all. I didn't see any of the stichting

DAY 15

I went back to the doctor where Nurse Cee gave me my EMBRACE scar therapy coverings. It is supposed to help flatten and smooth out my scar. I think Dr.Kirby did a great job with that already but it won't hurt to try it!

6 months out

still some slight swelling. will get my hips evened out in the spring so stay tuned

After wearing my compression garment for a few weeks I went back for more pictures

Wear the compression garment! You will be swelling off and on and it can affect your final outcome. I am trying to do better with wearing it more. At least 8 hours a day.

With no swelling

I wanted to snap a pic before the swelling
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

The Dr. and her staff were very nice and seemed just as excited as I am. They are really making me feel at ease.

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