Young and a Mistake - Fort Worth, TX

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I got this tattoo on my 18th birthday and it was...

I got this tattoo on my 18th birthday and it was on impulse. Four months later and I'm so unhappy with it, it's not a bad tattoo it's just so large and in a very visible spot on my leg. I think about how much I hate it multiple times a day, getting it effected my life so much, I can no longer wear shorts without feeling sad. I know it will take a long time to get it removed but just the thought of beginning to get it removed makes me so calm. I get to talk to someone a week from today, hopefully it goes well.

Looking at options

I'm going in for my first consultation tomorrow, and honestly I thought about not going. Over the past week I tried to tell my self that if I got my tattoo colored in, it would help. So I thought about it and almost disregarded all tattoo removal, simply for the cost and pain. I'm about to leave for college in a very hot city walking to class so wearing shorts and exposing what would be my tattoo removal would suck. But honestly thinking about getting it removed makes me visibly relax even a fraction.

I began thinking of ways to cover it up if I didn't get it removed, don't wear shorts, only long skirts and pants, but this wasn't me and would only make me more unhappy.

I honestly try to think of the POSITIVE. Which I know is hard for some of you reading this because you probably just want your tattoo off. But, something I'm working on is understanding it could be worse. I could not have a leg, or have cancer, or my dog could of died. It may look like the end of the world, but it's not. I know with time and patience, I will be rid of my unwanted tattoo. I'm going to get a second job to help pay for the session and if it's a lot of money tomorrow then I'm going to go look somewhere else. The only thing I'm still struggling with is telling my family. No one knows I'm getting it removed so it will be hard, but I feel like it will be worth it. :)
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