Derma Roller - Fort Worth, TX

This is my second time ever used my derma roller. ...

this is my second time ever used my derma roller. Wow what a difference it makes I was skeptical at first but I'm very imPresses with the results so far I'm not finished I still have many more treatments to do but here is the start . I bought the roller off amazon using vitamin c & a firming cream after I roll.

Front view

After second roll


So In between the rolling I've recently tried microdermabrasion. I wait at least 7 days after I've rolled to make sure my face has heled enough . I've still only rolled twice but I do it ever 3 weeks and microdermabrasion In between the rolling .

Skin pen

So I bought a skin pen I've been using it instead of the roller.. this is my second time using it I use every 3 weeks! I'm obsessed with it! Very impressed how fast I see results . I recommend this instead of the roller! ( my face is red because I just finished) it's always red for a few hours after.

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