29 Yrs Old, One Kid, Going from B- to C. 125 lbs. 5'7". 325cc Saline - Fort Wayne, IN

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Well, my story is similar to everyone else's. I...

Well, my story is similar to everyone else's. I used to have perky C cups before I had my son, but after pumping every 2 hrs for 8 months, I was left with deflated balloons. There was no fat tissue but extra loose skin hanging. It didn't kill my self-esteem, but I figured it was time that how I felt about my body matched how it looked on the outside. I read everyone else's reviews here and I wont lie, I was terrified. I initially planned to get it done in 5 yrs or so, but thanks to family members, my dream came true sooner and I couldn't be happier.
I did my research and set up few consultations in my hometown. Dr. Robert Severinac was the first doctor I met with and I immediately liked his energy. He was calm and seemed very comfortable with his craft. He didn't push me or act like a sales person. He answered all my questions. I went to see another doc and boy, that was a waste of money. This other doc, whose name I wont mention, was all over the place. He was inconsistent and recommended something he had no experience in...I knew, I wouldn't pick him. I had already decided to go with Dr. Severinac but since I had already set up those other appointments and it was non-refundable, I still went. Ladies, always go with your instinct.

Fast word few weeks, I set up my surgery date for June 18th and I waited anxiously for that day to arrive like it was Christmas in July. All I wanted was some curves like I used to have, wear my old clothes that were now collecting dust in storage, and just be my old self again.

I went with smooth round Saline 325 cc on each breast...doc decided smooth round was a better choice and I trusted him.

Day 1: Pure Hell. COuldn't do anything. I never realized how much of our pec muscles we use for everything thing. I didn't sleep the first night. I had to sit at a 90 degree angle without moving a muscle. Just pure hell. I was afraid of taking the valium and the hydrocodon simulteanously so I decided to wait till the next moring to ask the doc. He said, it was safe and I took them both. I'm not a big fan of taking pills....too many things to swallow. The valium was heaven sent; I had a 4 hr nap with my son. I'm only taking 1/2 pill every 8 hrs and day 2 and 3 have been a millions times better.

The left breast has dropped slightly and is a little softer than the right. I have my post up on the 23rd so hopefully, they will drop more by then. The pain hasn't been as bad as everyone described. IT is the tightness that is unbearable. You really have to be diligent with your meds and take them on time. I didn't experience any nausea except for 15 min while I was in the hospital and it went away as soon as I had some crackers. So, yes invest in saltines. Clean your house and cook for at least a week. I cooked for about 2 weeks, groceries for 2 weeks and I put everything that I need on the dinning table. Surprisingly, I could put my arms over my head since day 1 but it's not always comfortable. I will keep posting updates....feel free to ask questions.

Just wanted to share something odd

The first time I took valium, it was heaven sent. I slept well and was able to function normally. Thank God my for my son because he helped me out with everything esp with opening and closing bottles. Anyways, on the third day, I decided to take valium just once before I go to sleep and something horrible happened. I had nightmares...now, I'm not an expert but I googled it and apparently, it is not uncommon. I was restless and anxious the whole night. Fyi, I only took half the pill per doctor's suggestion. AFter that night, I have decided to stop taking it. I really needed it for the first 3 days, but now, Ibuprofen will suffice.

On another good news (i know this is kinda gross), I finally went #2. I wasn't in any pain, and I expected it esp with hydrocodone, but always a relief nonetheless. My doctor had suggested Metamucil, but the texture and smell grosses me out so I decided to go the natural route. I bought a lot of spinach and fruits before my surgery, so I have been drinking my green smoothie religiously. Today, I went the whole day without taking any meds which is a huge relief because I cannot tell you how much I hate taking meds...always makes me gag.

Does anyone else have problems with the surgical bra? I bought 3 new ones from walmart and at first, they seemed comfortable and soft, but after few hrs, my back started hurting. The surgical bra given to me by my doctor is size 34, but I bought 36 and 38 and they are too tight. I have my appointment tomorrow so we'll see what he says. Is it absolutely necessary that I keep the bra on 24/7 because I took off today for few mins here and there...I just couldnt breath and my back need a break. I do sleep with it.

2 weeks post op

Two weeks post op and I'm thankful to my doctor, my friends and family. My doctor did an amazing job and he was happy with my progress at my first check-up. My friends have been very supportive although only 3 people know. I have not told my mother....she is conservative and although I love my mother, I'd rather not hear it. As for my progress, I'm impatient. I'm right handed but my left breast has dropped quicker than my right breast and has started to soften a little. My right breast is still riding higher and feels harder. I am not massaging them since that hurts, but I am wearing the band around my chest when I sleep. I also wear it during the day because it keeps them in place and minimizes the pain when I bend over.
Here is my question:
I feel quick twinges on my left breast throughout the day...almost like a pinch and it's sporadic. This usually happens if I do anything strenuous...luckily, my son is becoming more independent and I don't have to carry him around. I have yet to experience any pain or discomfort on my right breast. My theory is that my left breast is dropping more and 'settling'. I have read other posts and I think it's normal. It is not so excruciating that I need to take pain meds, but not so minor that I can ignore it. I put ice on it and it helps a little.
I was getting discouraged until I saw the progress pictures and I guess there is a difference between week 1 and week 2.
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon

Dr Severinac is one of the best surgeons in the city. I am glad I picked him because he did a phenomenal job. I have healed faster than I expected. His staff are very patient and helpful. He is very comfortable with what he does and immediately put me at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering a surgery. He answered all my questions thoroughly and was honest with me instead of telling me what I wanted to hear. Unlike the other surgeons I interviewed, he is not a sales person and he will not pressure you to do anything you dont want to.

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