27 Yr Old, 5'2", 135 Lbs, Mom of 3 Going from A Cup to C Cup with 375cc (filled to 400) Saline Under the Muscle - Fort Wayne, IN

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I've always been small chested. Always wore padded...

I've always been small chested. Always wore padded bras early on and through high school, even when I played sports because I was embarrassed by my flat chest. (Because I'm not wearing a sports bra that's only going to make them look smaller)
When I got pregnant, I was looking forward to finally getting the big boobs everyone talked about. Went out and bought nursing bras 2 cup sizes bigger since it was recommended. Well that was a waste. I barely got any bigger when I was pregnant and nursing. Then when I was done nursing, I was convinced my boobs were smaller than how they started off before pregnancy. Then baby #2 and #3 came and the same thing happened.
It's really affected my self esteem and confidence over the year. I looked into augmentation a few times over the years and when I finally got the nerve to bring it up to my husband, he totally supported me! And not just because he wanted boobs to play with, he wanted me to feel better about myself and knew that the confidence boost would really help.
After lots and lots of research and months spent perusing real self, I finally made an appointment for a consult with a PS. Dr. Severinac was great with me. I was a little reserved at first but he didn't make me feel awkward at all. He was very professional and I was very comfortable within a few minutes, even making jokes and laughing. He answered all my questions, explained a lot of the process, and assured me of my concerns. After his measurements the doc said I was a great candidate for augmentation as I have perfect symmetry, no sagging, a great cleavage line (no gap), etc. He said I measured at a 13 bwd and then took some pictures and then headed in for sizers. I said I was looking in the 325-375 range and after we tried on sizers I decided on the 375. The doc even told me that 375 was his recommendation for me to get what I was looking for. All I know is I felt great and really excited upon leaving my appointment. 2 weeks later I scheduled my surgery date for September 1st, so we can also take advantage of the holiday weekend so I have help with the kids. 5 weeks to go!

So stressed..

So I haven't even though about my surgery date lately. I've been really overwhelmed and stressed over some life events lately. My husband was offered a new job about 4 weeks ago, but he officially started today. The new job is in a different state, so until we move (this weekend), it's just me at home with the kids while my husband works. Luckily its closer to family so he's got a place to stay. Anyway, we're trying to sell our home and I've felt very overwhelmed in getting everything ready. Of the packing that's finished, I've done about 90% of it and I've still got tons of stuff to do before the photographer comes to take pictures in two days. On a bad note, I just got hit with an awful sinus infection. I don't get them often, and they're usually just annoying but this was is the worst I've had. I had pain not only in the sinus cavities in my nose, under and above my eyes. But I felt it in my ears, jaws/teeth too. I've felt so awful I haven't eaten, which has caused me to be super weak, which makes all this packing and bring boxes down the stairs a huge chore. On a lighter note, I'm glad I waited to have surgery. I initially wanted it done the end of July, beginning of August. So lets just say...I would have been super miserable. On another lighter note, when I pack I also sort and de-clutter a lot. So that means I got rid of a bunch of clothes I don't wear. But it also means I got rid of almost all my tiny itty bitty bras. I'm now down to 2 soft bras with very minimal padding (think whats in a standard swimsuit), and 2 small front clasp sports bras for exercising. I did keep my 34C bra I bought when I was pregnant first time (remember I had no use for it? so it's basically still brand new) and hope it fits afterwards. It's actually a nursing bra and it's underwire free but its still probably too much for post surgery. But all 4 of the smaller ones will be tossed on surgery day :)
I'm also looking forward to the move, sort of a fresh start if you will. Which times perfectly well with fresh new boobs. I will probably wear that padded 34C for the few weeks I am pre-surgery if I go out anywhere but I don't really plan on being very social til then.

My 3rd update

I've written this update 2 times (this being the 3rd) because Realself kept being weird and deleted it when I went to add photos. It seems other people have this issue as well. Anyway, I'm about 3 weeks out from surgery date. I'm pretty excited, I dream about it, and I think about it all the time. I'll be paying off the rest of the cost this next week as I have to have payment in full 10 days prior to surgery. I've still been researching bras. I think I will be leaning towards the Brilliant contours bras that everyone has raved about here on Realself. Then I will probably buy a cheaper Danskin zip ups at Walmart. My closest target is an hour away, but I may head out to get a champion brand zip up bra from there as well. I'd like to have at least 3 different kinds/brands. I've also eyeballed the Under Armour protege zip up sports bra, but I prefer to stay away from online shopping.
Everyone talks about how they wish they had bought bras BEFORE surgery, but how do I know what size I will need? Should I take my rice sizers? LOL
Anyway, here are a few more before/preop photos. Don't mind all my extra skin on tummy and my muffin top, lol. It's all loose/extra skin from post baby but it makes me pretty self conscious of my body :/

paid in FULL!

I finally paid off the rest of my surgery. Now just the waiting game. 16 days to go.

silly me forgot to add...

Also, more bonus points for my PS. After I called to arrange for final payment, I had some questions regarding bras and post op recovery. The office said they'd transfer me to the head nurse who has a good grasp on questions like that. Then the doctor picked up the phone and basically said "ask away". I was so caught off guard when he answered(unsure why really), that I forgot what I was even calling about. HAHA, boy did I feel silly. Luckily, my brain did recover a bit and I was able to ask about bra recommendations and things like what size I should consider buying. He told me look for sports bras that are C/D or LARGE. It's SO weird for me to think about the fact that I should buy a LARGE of anything. Still super impressed he took a few minutes to talk with me on the phone over what I would consider such a simple question that his nurses could have easily answered.

more before pics

I bought the Hanes Cozy seamless pullover bra last week. This size(medium) is said to fit from a 34C/D through a 36 B/C which is where I'm hopeful to be in a few weeks. This bra is more for sleeping in, comfort after the initial recovery phase. But I will be sure to take after photos in it as well.

BRAS/Getting ready

Just a quick update (no photos, there will be plenty of time for that after surgery)
I bought myself 4 different bras for post recovery.
1. Walmart Danskin zip up sport bra (high impact support)
2. Target Champion C9 Zip up sports bra (high impact support)
3. Brilliant Contours Dragonfly post op compression bra (spent the big bucks on this one)
4. Hanes Cozy Bra (lightweight, minimal support) <--seen in photos

I wanted enough styles to try from to see what I liked and can order more from there. Luckily, the Champion, Hanes, and Danskin bras are sold at local stores. So should I need to return or exchange, it should be easy. And I'll probably end up sending the husband anyway. The Brilliant Contours I just purchased today and it should get to me before surgery day. It was pricey ($77 after shipping) but lots of women on REALSELF have recommended them. They do have a return/refund option should I choose I don't like it as well. I'm glad to have those options.

As far as other prep, I already have my prescriptions that they were able to call in (can't call in the narcotics-against the law) and I've bought myself some super soft stretchy tank tops. They have big and low open arm holes so I can pull them up over without pushing my range of motion too much. Also bought a new zip up sweatshirt. My other ones are tight on me to begin with so I needed a large size. It's fun because I already feel like I'm shopping for my new wardrobe.
This next week I will be prepping meals, cleaning house, and buying last minute needs (extra pillows, pill organizer, ice packs).
I really just wanted to get to this Friday. The weekends always go fast, and we have stuff to do next week so it won't feel like it's dragging on forever like it has the past month. Bring on the boobies!

Prep prep prep!

I've been doing so much today! I've been cleaning, organizing, doing all the laundry and sheets, etc. I've also already shopped for easy meals and snacks for the husband to make for our family this weekend. Also picked up some liquids ( including ginger ale and sprite for nausea) and high fiber stuff for me as well as pillows. I bought rubbing alcohol and made those gel ice packs, they are sitting in the freezer already getting cold. Made 4; 2 blue, 2 green (for funzies and keeping track of which ones go with each other) I also bought lots of fruit to make some smoothies this week. I have a feeling I won't want to eat much, but a cold fruit smoothie sounds more ideal. Worst case scenario, the family drinks them. But I made the different flavors/kits today and stuck them in the freezer. Just toss in blender with some liquid or yogurt and blend.
Here are the different concoctions/packs I made:
Strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana
Strawberry, kiwi, mango
Strawberry, kiwi, blueberry
Blueberry, peach, mango
Pineapple, peach, mango, banana

Surgery Day

Slept like crap last night and I think the mattress I was on tweaked my back a bit. That's honestly what is most sore right now but I'm pretty numb from chest down to about mid belly. I'm icing which feels great and I'm experiencing some pressure. For some odd reason my armpits are sore, but on my back below the shoulder. No idea what that's about. I was mildly nauseous when i woke up but it went away pretty quick. I also shook a lot, which I knew would probably happen.
I took a peek shortly after i woke up and cried. A good cry though because they were so beautiful to me and I was so happy. I will update with pics soon, I'm just not feeling it right now. Doc ended up doing 375cc filled to 400. I'm in love.

I live them.

I think they're PERFECT!!! Some of my fears were actually coming out of surgery and them being super ugly before they dropped and fluffed but I'm feeling great about them. I don't feel very swollen either. No bloating in my tummy like some ladies. I don't like to have the bra unzipped for long so you only get one picture today. Incision sites are tender, slight burning sensation. Will shower tonight for the first time when husband is home to help.

2 days post

I'm itchy. I believe it's a side effect the Norco (hydrocodone with acetaminophen ) I only feel it on the back of my hands and forearms. I took off the gauze from my incisions and will shower today. I'm also feeling WAY better today, I even feel like they've softened ever so slightly. I have been sleeping great as well. I wake up once because I set an alarm to retake meds.

Post shower

Pics from after shower today. My incisions are very tender and i dknt like being exposed for long. It feels lIke they NEED to be supported or else they hurt more or I feel somewhat nauseous. I WAS able to get out of the house today. Weather has been beautiful so we took advantage of it.

Brilliant Contours bras/Feeling Good

So, the bra I had been wearing for the past 3 days was the Brilliant Contours Dragonfly bra that everyone on Realself had mentioned. Well, it wasn't really working for me. The bottom kept rolling up and I was still in a lot of pain and I didn't feel like I was getting much better each day. I reached out to Brilliant Contours and asked them about the band rolling up. Turns out it's because I have a very short torso, and there is nothing to fix the problem. Because I had already worn the bra, they couldn't refund me my money. I did mention to them that I had contacted their company a week prior to purchasing with concerns about the bra fit BECAUSE I had a short torso. The owner, Janice, was very understanding and as such and in good faith, refunded me part of the cost which I thought was very generous of them. The bra itself is still comfy and soft but the band rides up and the fabric rolls, which means It would look strange if I were to wear it under fitted clothing.
Soo... today I took my 2nd shower post op (p.s. shaving armpits was the worst!) and decided that I would try another sports bra (Target's Champion C9 zip up). I was super hesitant to wear it as my incisions were my main pain areas and this bra had seams there. However, after the shower I put the bra on and I seriously felt like the pain went away. Turns out I actually PREFER the compression and pressure on the incisions and I am not bothered by it at all. (Reminds me of my c-section recovery, I bought a band that compressed around my incision site and made recovery much better) Because it IS tight, I may not sleep in it but during the day I will continue to wear it. I also have not taken any narcotics since this morning, I'm feeling pretty good about that and will just continue my ibuprofen and muscle relaxers as needed. Also, taking stool softeners the day before surgery up until now have paid off. I was able to easily have a BM. So glad I didn't fall into the category of not pooping for more than a week!!
Overall feeling good. My back is still where I'm the most sore, don't feel much in the chest area. My first follow up appointment is tomorrow afternoon.

1 week Post

Feeling almost 100%. My incisions itch and it's going to take some getting used to feeling the weight of my additions when I let them breathe for a bit or hop in the shower.
I also tried some side sleeping for the past 2 nights. Last night was better than the first. But I can't stay like it for long. I'm still sleeping slightly inclined on a wedge pillow, flat on my back doesn't feel good. Like I have a hard time breathing because of the weight of the implants.
I also have been moody lately, but I think it's because I'm expecting my period soon. I have been having some seriously weird dreams for the past few days though. Creepy ones, weird ones, and one where my right boob just FELL off. LOL Funny to think about now, but it was an awful dream.
Anyway, here are some 1 week picture updates.


I feel great. Slept on my side (preferred way to sleep) most of the night. Also, removed my steri strips last night (which took away all that itching I was dealing with) and can I just take a second and say, WOW. My incision sites look amaze-boobs. I honestly expected way worse. A lot of what you see in pics us sone dtied blood and glue residue (I havebt showered yet today since I took them off last night)
Way to go Doctor Severinac!

2 weeks post

Just updating with pics. Just tender now. The skin under and around nipple is highly sensitive. Incisions don't hurt at all anymore. Softening up a little every day.

3.5 week update

I had every intention of taking pictures last Thursday (3 week post op) but I got busy and didn't realize it til today. So these pictures are from Sep 26 (Monday) so they are approx. 3.5 weeks post op.
They are much softer now and they feel like they are a part of me. Skin is still numb-ish and itchy at times but it's not bad at all.

When wish boobs become a reality

Just over 1 month post. Here are some recent pics. Bra-less and with a bra. (p.s. I'm sorry for the awful quality. We just moved to another state and we're currently in an apartment. Alas, not much light which leads to grainy photos)
Ok, SO I haven't officially been measured yet, still just wearing sports bras. I have a couple like the white one the pics. (Danskin brand, $7 on clearance but normally 9 dollars which is a great price to begin with) and I'm wearing a size Large.
I love how they are feeling. Taking pictures today, I'm like "wow, I feel like these are the type of pictures I saved as my wish boobs. Damn I look fantastic!" <----- that my friends is exactly what I've been dreaming of since High School. I finally feel confident. I don't stare at other women's bodies with envy or sit and compare myself anymore. Ok, I still look at and critique other women's breasts because it's what I did for MONTHS leading up to surgery, lol. I can't help it.
But all in all...........I'm gonna go ahead and say "1000% worth it". I'll continue to post but probably every month now that I'm about 4 weeks out. (Unless unforeseen things happen)

2 months Post

Feeling good. I'm still sleeping in a bra because I like the support and I don't want them going anywhere, ha ha. Every once in a while I get twinges and they're semi painful but they seem to go away quickly.
I was also officially measured at Victoria's Secret 2 weeks ago. They put me at a 34D or 36C which we all know is sized big because it's VS. I wanted an average C cup so I'm happy with where I'm at. I didn't buy a bra or really spend much time at VS because I had my 4 and 2 yr old with me and I turned into crazy mom because they were going nuts. PLUS I'm preferring my sports bras for now.
I took some pictures this morning for progress purposes. My scars are dark but they are smooth and look good. I have experience with scarring (csections) so I don't doubt they will fade over time.

4 months post

I have had no issues lately. About a month ago I finally got the nerve the sleep without a bra (so much better). I still have very minor numbness in a small area under my left breast but I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it. This month I go back to my doctor for my final follow up and final pictures.
I'm feeling great!
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful doctor. Very knowledgeable and has years of experience. Wasn't pressured into anything and addressed all my concerns. Even spoke to me on the phone regarding simple things like what bra to wear post op. His staff/nurses were very kind and pleasant as well. Great bedside manner, even prayed with us right before surgery for a great outcome and happy healing. Would definitely recommend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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