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I'm 27 years old,I have 3 wonderful babies,and...

I'm 27 years old,I have 3 wonderful babies,and have terrible stretch marks and saggy skin in my belly,I have been thinking about this for a while and I just been trying to make a decision the final one about getting done and when? I'm currently engaged and have been with this wonderful man for 6 years,he loves me no matter what,he says I'm perfect you don't need it,and this and that,I know he just trying to be sweet,because he loves but what I don't show him discussed me,is my saggy skin,when I bend over,the strech marks turn into wrinkles and it just looks awful,I would never let him see me with no clothes on and if I do si quick before I grab a towel or turn off the lights..I'm so self conscious about it,I've tried to talk my self out it many times, telling my self well maybe this cream would work better since it cost more than the last one,I even did laser skin resurfacing and spent $2500 just to see if that was an alternate so I wouldn't have to get this extreme surgery,but the laser did nothing for me just wasted my money,so I think I'm ready for this I'm tired of having. To tuck my skiing under my under wear or jeans,no one know what we have to go through or what we feel every morning when we look at it,I hate my skin but I love my children they truly are a blessing but is time for me to feel comfortable and confident is some of my photos....

Finally making that appointment next summer

I have talked to my fiancé and we will get married and our hunny moon time (2 weeks) is going to be for my surgery I am going to see Dr. T very soon I'm only 2 hours away wish me luck ladies I am ready to get rid of this saggy old belly.....I also wanted to share something that my sweet mom told me when I talked to her about my surgery my mom said - well if is going to make you happy do it you're still young but I love my saggy old belly this is was my babies crib and I wouldn't get rid of it! (She also has it) genetics! I love u mom
It almost made me cry she is so sweet :')
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Research before and after pictures,I'm a perfectionist and After seen his work he seems to do an excellent job, his work looks very professional all of the reviews I've seen about him everyone's scars look great and they look very happy,their figure after the surgery I mean is just amazing! I never thought a plastic surgeon could create such a natural looking work...I'm ready!

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