Lipo or BBL with Dr.Hassan in Miami at Vanity

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Im from the Washington DC area, Who would you...

Im from the Washington DC area, Who would you recommend that can give me that no waist type of liposuction.... Ive been wanting this procedure for thee longest!
What Surgeon? I only know about Dr. Zumberman in Atlanta. (I think that its his name ) Please provide
me with information on a Surgeron. Thank you ladies and Gents in advance!!


So I've decided to go to Dr. Araya. I am nervous because I only seen 3 ppl who looked good after their surgery. One of my friends went to him and she looked amazing! I want to know why don't he touch your upper abs like other doctors. I'm confused. So right now, Ima go with Dr. Araya at Vita Surgical but Im still looking at other Doctors that's in the DMV area ! If you any please refer me..thanks.


I have a consultation on Friday with Dr. Shlomo Widder. I heard that he's aggressive with the lipo but do not use compression garments. I heard he is very costly but worth it. hmmmm. my budget is 5,000 for abdomen, flanks, love handles, and back roll etc. Don't know this is going to go ..... wish me luck.

Ladies I need your help!

Ive been researching crazy for a good surgeon from Dr. Widder who does aggressive lipo but is very pricey to Dr. Hassan who is known for doing bomb BBL's. I have a consultation tomorrow with Dr.Widder and I sent pre op pics to the coordinator at Vanity for Dr.Hassan. They will tell me if I just need Lipo or lipo with BBL. Ladies, I need info on the recovery houses. I wasn't feeling A&R prices. Too much. So help!!!! I need some affordable recovery houses. I will post pre ops after the coordinator tells me what I need to get done by the way. I got to loose 7 pounds. My measurements: Waist 38, hip 46.

I spoke with Chari (I think that's her name) at Vanity. She seemed pretty cool. I did asked about why is their customer service the worst based on RS comments lol. She explained why they feel that way and etc. The price woth Dr.Hassann is 3500. That's in my budget! lol so we will see what happens.

I guess theres no love on here for me? lol

I just had a counsultation with Dr. Widder and he said I need tummy tuck and its going to be 8,000. I was over him because for 1. I have seen alot of ppl bigger than get lipo but he said that Lipo wont look good because I have that lower pouch. I dont even have kids yet lol so I feel some type of way. Im about to call Shari back from Vanity and put my 1000.00 down to get liposuction in 12 areas! Guys, keep me in your prayers.

Before pic

It's amazing looking at a pic of how you look vs. how you feel. I had endless confidence until I seen this pic. I was like omg... I really have let myself go.

5 min update lol

So, I payed my 1000.00 dollars to lock my date and price. Chari said that she received it. Now waiting on my email and portal information. Let me say this, after what Dr.Widder told me about my stomach, I'm having mix feelings about how my Lipo might come out...

Received my Portal information. 70 days to go!

I feel bitter sweet about my sx now. I guess becuase I keep getting on RS twatching lol. I only have 2500 to pay off in which I have it but Ima wait untill they offer any deals like... if you pay early you get 300 Ive notice they do that frequently so Ill wait lol. Put in my sick leave and booked my hotel for 5 nights for 781. Not the best deal but Im grateful. Its actually 11 min away from Vanity in driving. I hired a nurse for 125 a day and 2 lymthic massage which brought me to 455.00. I only hired her for 3 days. My friends will be traveling in and out of miami to turn up so they mines well stay with me and get a deal. 100.00 for 5 days or within those 5 days. So far 3 of my friends said they down, so I made 300.00 back lol. Im a hustler. The nurse going to be upset lol about my company. Good thing they all not coming at onces, so my nurse should be okay. My Coordinator Chari said that I have to loose 5 punds. So far i only lost 1 lol. but thanksgiving or christmas hasnt hit and everyone knows I crush food on the holidays. Ill make sure I have my tea to clean me out. lol


So Ive decided to get a refund from the hotel ( which they told me I cant because its non refundable) I wasn't aware that's the hotel group I chose so I had to file a claim and they released my money the next day. 781.00 to be exact. My bank said that it could take up to 90 days for the investigation to be over so Im nervous because I really didn't know I booked my stay under non refundable. Ladies please wait until you do a through research. I don't want anyone to end up in my situation. Im not even gon touch the money now. Thanks to my RS boo, she gave me info on Keyla's RH. I got her for 6 days with 3 massages. I basically saved 400 dollars. I haven't started my diet yet, in which I need to starting next week or after Thanksgiving. I want to loose 10 pounds. I hope I can. I hate working out in the winter.

These BBL Ladies !! & my secret

Okay Ive been on RS looking at everybodys BBL but I cant get it because I had a little bit of but injections at the bottom. Yea, not really noticeable. I know a lot of females don't tell the truth about if they tried or not, My Coordinator said DR.O deals with them kind of clients and Dr,Hassan doesn't touch that stuff. I was like Bih, I aint had to tell you the truth. Ya would have never known ! But my health is important so I told her. that is why I can only get Liposultpure. I feel like my results would have been banging because Im fatty as hell in my stomach and back area. Im not gon be greedy. Ima be grateful because I just wanted Lipo anyway but fuh that. BBL looks nice on you chics. Im two months away from getting lipo and I need to start working out, being on here is not helping so after today, Ima challenge myself not to be on here until I lost a couple of Ha !

Future doll ya misses the special !

Bbl+lip was on only 3500. I'm bouta go to the gym. I snuck and ate some chips and dip. Smh. This shit hard. I rather wrk out and eat wat I want then eat right and starve but see pic attached.

Good and bad news! Hassan Vets ! Please read '

The bad news is that I went to the doctor and they said I'm 5'5 which means I got to loose 11 pounds to be under 30. I thought I was 5'6 which means I would have have to loose only 5 pounds. Doing your pre op visit. Do they take your height? I think my Coordinator put me as 5'6. The good news is that I lost weight and I'm shocked. My fat is stubborn!!! So I was worried !!!

Weight loss updates bitties lol

Ok so Its always been hard for me to loose weight but Im doing it and in a healthy way too. So, I recently put my weight in at 184 but one of the girls said that I need a electrical scale because my scale results are unreliable and you know wat she was right ! I got on the scale at my job on Monday and it said 188. I started at 192 and I started my lil diet Dec 1st. So, I went to my doctor to have my labs order and the nurse weighed me and I was 186, than she said hold on take off your shoes bcus I told her my weight matters to me and I was getting a procedure done. She said girl we must talk..let me re weigh you lol. So I wind up being 185 after I took my shoes off and she deducted two pounds from my clothes. My doctor called Vanity asking questions. Damn I forgot to ask if she could prescribe me some Percocet's for this surgery. My surgery date is January 28,2016. My goal is to be 179 so my BMI can be 29. My diet consist of a half of grapefruit with my breakfast and lunch. My dinner would be a small portion I incorporated yogurt and protein shakes as my snack (When I'm getting hungry) I got the idea of the grapefruit from one of the real self girls on here and I work out 3 days a week being on the treadmill and steps. I'm taking Iron pills not. But what other pills do I need to take? multivitamins? what? please tell me. I started my diet at 191 on Dec 1st and here it is Dec 9 and I'm 7 pounds down. I'm siice lol btw my PCP said Im jealous that your going to be in MIami while we stuck in the cold lol.


Am I moving too fast? I payed for my flights. I paid to fly from DC to Miami round trip for 137.00 and 21.00 for insurances. I also paid my remaining balance which was 2500 and my coordinator included the garment and two lipo massages in my price. I feel so fat. lol. I need to pay Keyla's recovery house when I get there. Im flying in Wednesday and staying till Tuesday. How many days is that consider? In my mind that's 6 days right? Im tryna calculate how much I got to give her, Her price 130 a day. My surgery date is January 28,2016

Stressed and nervous

I have been having dreams about my surgery. 1- with me waking up with a snached waiste and then im like what happn to the side of waist as if Dr. Hassan aint touch them, but my stomach was flat as hell. 2 - I just dream of the over all surgery. Lately, I on see great lipo on girls that are skinny with a gut and I seen a couple thick girls who lipo came out right but only a couple. I hope they schedule me as his first patient becus I feel like he prolly gets tired after the second patient and I know he will be doubling up since he took of in DEC and ppl had reschedule their BBLS which was messed up. Vanity call me today and performed the medical questionnaire. I told her I was 5'6 and Im one 182, She said that I can not gain another pund because Im at 29.4 and Dr,Hassan wants you to be under 30. So, I need to loose 5 pounds so I wont be walking on egg shells. Im still during the grapefruit diet and I cheated all this weeknd. smh. I literally have 30 DAYS left but you guys I been feeling so down that I don't feel like going to the gym. I sleep realself smh! I cannot wait to get this over with and move on with my life.

25 days away..

So I gained 2 pounds. That Christmas food took me way back but I'm straightening up. I take my labs on Wednesday. I'm so upset b/c today is my last day smoking hookah. That's all I smoke btw. I am staying at Keyla's and she said I can bring a friend. Hope she don't forget Bcus I have the txt to prove that she said I can bring a friend and she didn't say a price. Here are some updated pics. I do take the bromelain and arnica tablets after surgery right? I'm so nervous but the day b4 surgery, I plan on going to the beach to meditate and think lol. How far do Keyla live from the airport? Ima ask her next week. I didn't get too much items because I'm only having liposuction.

The Foolery ...15 days away...lab results!!

I completed my labs on Jan 7th. I've been calling my PCP office non stop and they would ask me to leave a message for them but today I was fed up. I went to the clinic and went to medical records to request a copy so that I can keep one for myself. I asked to speak to my doctor but they said today was her admin day and she wasn't seeing any patients so they referred me to her nurse. The foolery- The nurse says Its possible that I have a UTI and sends me downstairs to do a walk in and re test. I was so angry to the point when I pissed in the cup it got every where. What a day! After I clean up, wash my hands and everything, a whole hour go on and I'm just waiting....... so I seen some powder gloves on the wall that the doctor use and I politely grab some gloves and put them in my purse because I remember one of RS ladies telling me to get gloves when cleaning your incision. It was like 4 boxes of medical gloves and I only "borrowed 8" gloves LOL. I felt bad but shit I don't need to pay for no more stuff fooling with this surgery. So anyway, the doctor finally came in and she says to me.." I'm not understanding why you are here". So I just explained the to her everything from lab results to my PCP nurse saying I have UTI based off my lab results and she says, I do not see anything on here that states you have a UTI, she says in fact, I only see you have a little bit of bacteria and that's it but its not nothing to the point that you have anything. She talked about blood cells and I told her I was on my menstrual when I tested for labs. She shook her head and said they didn't even note that in the system and that's why you may have very little bacteria and blood showed up on your urinalysis test. She faxed everything to Vanity. So I'm praying everything is fine by the way ...My HEMO/ HGB is 12.5 !! Thanked the lord for that !!

Vanity bullsh**t it never fails!!

They cancel my surgery! They said Dr. Hasan has a family emergency and they don't know wen he going to be back . I'm so fucking pissed.


As you all know , Dr. Hasan cancels all his appointments for the next two weeks. I literally had to take a shot for that. It's hard trying to loose weight and not drink or turn up for two weeks . I can't lie, I was so in my feelings , you would have thought I lost a fan member. Not once did I consider Dr.Fisher and even if I did. I took a shot of patron and you can't drink two weeks prior to surgery. Not only that, o bought about how we might have to redo our labs which is not fair. My coordinator said she don't know exactly wen he will return , but it will be after February! I know he Need to start double booking. My thing is , they offer you money off if you pay early but wen they have emergency they just apologize. Tf?????

Made it to the other side.

Got here Wed. Had my surgery today at 6 pm. I was upset Bcus I felt he was gon be tired. Dr. Fisher was cool. We both states we was hungry. We talked for along time. They weighed me, took pics etc. after he told me abt my body. I felt embarrassed to show wish pic Bcus neither girls was around my body type. So, I told him no waist please. He said I had good skin. I had 2 percs so that's prolly while I'm up. I'm leaking like crazy on my back. The anastegiaguy and the girl Carlita who weigh you , and snap pics took so much care of me. Even when I woke up after surgery, my faja was already on. She was so good to me and patient. She gave me Gatorade and put the heat under the cover. She was no where near aggressive. I'm staying at Keylas Recovery house. The good thing is that it's just me and my homegirl from tummy tuck for right now due to Hassan canceling and my cousin. Keyla and Lishia so fucking bomb. Ya wen I got here, me and my home girl rode bikes around the neighborhood.. We were just cooling. Now we all eff up now after surgery lol. I can't sleep but I'm not in pain and I'm comfortable. I have no headache neither. She put s diaper on me in case I wanted to pee but it's mental with me lol . Oh yea Dr. fisher asked me abt the customer service here at Vanity. I gave him the side eye lol. He said he know but if he had his own office it would be a headache and he like working at Vanity Bcus he wrk 4 days sweet and 8 months out the year. He also said when he out get other doc to cover for them. He said hes honered to help Hasan out and don't mind a bit. He said he coming to DC for a day to meet the Ambassador. He's excited. The anastegiaguy said he love my accent and that I'm stuck with him. Here go a couple pics

Pictures don't do justice.

I went to Marian for a massage. Hurt like hell but drained a lot. I'm only one day post op and they said I need a whole new garment Bcus mines is very loose fitting. My cousin the worst with taking pics. I wanted ya to see my shape but here you go.

The trickery.

Now I know no one said it would be easy but this pain and soarness is the worst and I got my period. Wen I woke up from the anastegia I bit my tounge so my mout hurt, I'm swollen and my period came. I've been crying everyday wen I get irritated. I just been real emotional and did I mention I have a sore throat? Smh. I'm all effed up. If your staying in a recovery house make sure you bring a lot of socks and at least a sweater. I go walking everyday.

Vanity - their massage was weak. She basically rubbed my back and my front stomach. She kept effing coughing, I was like is you sick? Tf. Better be glad the massages was free. That shit was horrible.

Back to my pain story. Everybody look good on RealSelf but I don't think they stress the fact that you can't get up , your soar, your back feel like a cardboard box wen you try to touch it. I thought I was gon leave the recovery house and go stay with them. WRONG. I will be purchasing another stay with Keyla. She dealt with my emotional ass from the start. Love her for that. I got liposculture and this ish hurt/. Pain really bad. I had to chill out on the perc.. It tightens up your chest. I'm sitting here in my garment laying down and my feel like a cardboard box or burn. This ish ain't right.

Improvements- I know how to empty my drain, take long walks and get up from time to time. That's thee hardest. That ab board hurt like hell. I'm just going wear it during the day but not right now. Everything is soar including these effing compression socks.Here go some pics

Happy 1 week to me!

Hey ladies, I'm feeling a lot better day by day. Vanity keeps calling to check up on me and wat not. My last massage at Vanity was way better but I didn't get to see Dr. Fisher... Keyla took my drains out. Lately, I've been trying to ween myself off of Percs. I only need them at night. My back and stomach still get stuff from time to time. I am now able to lay on my side and stomach by myself. Getting up is what really reminds you that your still in recovery mode. When you go to s recovery house, you may want to purchase your own detergent for your clothes because I prove out in hive on my entire body, it starred in Miami tho so be mindful Bcus it made me feel dirty but I applied Calohan on my skit and took a few bennedryl so it's manageable. I was supposta return back to work but I didn't feel I was ready so I'll return on Monday. Just getting in the shower and washing your garment and putting on your close makes you tired and out of breath, it's super crazy. Dr. Fisher assistant said that I can take the ab foams out after 1 month. She said that I can get massages 10 days after drain Bcus if I was to get massages right after it can cause fluid build ups. With the drain in I got a total of 5 massages 2 with vanity, 2 with Marian and 1 with Keyla Recovery House. Wat are some tips to make my stomach become flat flat ! I know a waist cincer but wat else ?

Day 8 spoke to soon.

I am completely stiff and my stomach is soooo swollen. I look like the size I was b4 lipo. I completely broke out in hives. I went to the doctor and they have me medicine for the hives and I spoke with vanity and she told me to stop the percs and switch to Tylenol 3 and continue to take as much as the ceaflix (antibiotics) and stop all medicine. I either had to stop taking the supplement( bromelain, arnica tablets) Bcus I don't wat was breaking me out . I showered and motioned my full body. I feel so damn stiff but I'm about to continue to move around Bcus it hurts to stay in the med all day. This ish is crazy. And vanity took my drains out on day 6 and said I couldn't get massages until 10 days after. Wats a girl supposta do?

Day 9

Hey ladies. I want to know how long do I got to deal the swelling one minute I'm fine and if I eat or something I swell up and my back becomes stiff when I leave out the house. Currently laying on a heating pad. Wat am I doing wrong ? Am I living to fast. Help veterans.

Important thing you should know.

Hey everyone,

So today makes 13 days post op. 1 day away from being two weeks. I wish I was one month already sheesh. So because a lot of patients travel to other states to get procedures done. When you speak with your surgeon the day before your surgery..please ask him/her do theyhave any colleagues in your state or could he refer you to a doctors office that he know that can treat you during post op care to avoid paying 1-500 dollars. No surgeon really like to see clients that didn't go to them and they are charging an arm and a leg just for them to see you and if you need to be drained 100 to 300 more. I see why ppl order syringes and drained themselves. Its crazy. Dr. Fisher told me he would be visiting DC this month. I wish I had knewn what Ive known now smh. Sleep is getting better. I wear my black garment during the day and my old garment from vanity at night bcause it feels better. My back would be acking if I wore the black one. I used to hate the black garment because it was uncomfortable now I accept it.. If this garment gets loose than I will be extremely happy. I urine a lot. I still have trouble doing the number 2. The garment irritates my soul but its nothing I can do about it smh. My back still feels tender and my stomach is hard and discolored. I think my pre op measurements was waist 38 or 39. Im down to 35. Im super happy about that. My goal is to get down to 29. I went back on my grapefruit diet. I catch charlie horses like its nobody business. I cant believe I got this done. I like my results thus far and hope I see more. **I don't like the fact that you have to pay vanity to release your medical records. im over them and do your labs at home so you can get the 50 dollars from them. Because I had to retake the urinalysis in Miami, I couldn't get that 50 dollars smh. Heres a pic w/o garment.

I belee I'm 18 day post op. So many changes ..

I love my lil waist! I'm down to 34 inches. 29 is the goal. So I've been wearing the ab foam, foams and triangle nonstop. However, my skin is extra dry and peeling. Help! My mom says its because the ab board soo recently I wear my shirts directly on my skin and apply the ab board. Last night I slept with just t shirt on my skin and garment. I also now can fit this waist trainer I brought which couldn't fit around my back. I had trouble putting it on but I got it on. My stomach is hard and a little lumpy. I'm going to see a surgeon to look at my results and Ima book a massage. It's been a while. For Valentine's Day I drunk a. bottle of wine. No complications. I really want to hookah. Vanity said 3 weeks but surgeon on RealSelf says four weeks. I might do it this Friday tho. (1 time) Overall, I love my results but skin is ver dry and peeling. It's like Ima animal. I be shedding and it make me feel dirty. I put oil, lotion etc on there Twice day. I wake up shower, lotion/ oil body and wen I get home from work do the same. Any suggestions?

A big difference

Dr. Fisher said I will notice results by two months. I notice it now!

Post op from another doctor.

So I wanted to received Post op care because I don't have time to fly back and forth to Miami. Paid 100 for him to tell me that everything is fine lol. he gave me more information we look at my before and afters that Vanity sent me. He said that so far it look good but he would have pulled more at the top of stomach. Here in VA they don't have no limit on how much fat they can take. I'm just glad that all is well and I'm perfectly fine. I asked for a snatched waist and he gave me that but I wanted him to pull everything out but I guess the limit. I have RS gf that told me that Hassan went a little over 4 on them. Shiiiid. I wouldn't have mind too lmao. I'm happy with my results tho.


I love love love my results !!!! Happy 3 weeks to me :) Very grateful. I can't wait to see wat 3 months look like. I'm bouta strt doing cardio. Hips is all me!! Butt is all me!!!!! Stomach still swollen. 4 inches away from 29 on a good day Lmaoooo. I was just having fun. Lawd these thunder thighs make everything complicated. Oh yea, Ima be deleting this soon less than a month. Enjoy "Your" results.


I loaded 3 videos but it took too long to upload


Video 2

Throwback pic

This pic was 3 yrs ago before I let myself go and fell into depression.

God do not like ugly lol

lmao now wat? Ima keep being humble. Too much judging. I'm deleting pics one by one Bcus ppl clearly will talk about stuff disregarding ppl who is in the recovery process. I thought this was to support and hip you to who to go to etc. God just gave you a warning with a little bit of confusion. Glad I chose who I chose and I'm healthy and fine. Thnk you God and I love all The RS females I've met on here. I will be coming to ya city's turning up with my bomb body. Muahhhhh.

Almost a month

Almost a month. Stomach har I certain areas and stiff.

I need you guys help

Im almost at 1 month. Where can I get a nice stage 2 garment from and do I have to continue to wear the foams in it?

A lil over 1 month

I feel 85 % back to myself. I move around so much. I have been partying a lot. I know:( lol I just been enjoying my life. Im still at a 34 waist. I strted walking....and my garment is loose. Im in a L instead of a XL. I love my body. Dr.Fisher did good compared to where I was.

Suggestions for best results?

Hey ladies, I have been enjoying my lipo. As they say, the hate be real and the guys are everywhere. I'm in love with my shape , the way my hips tans out because he snatched all my phat. It's amazing! I been feeling sharp pain in the front of my stomach. I just massage it. I will be getting a lymphthatic massage next weekend. I been partying super hard and working hard. My liquor intake increased but I sip slowly or just get a shot. I hookah daily which I'm bouta stop. My food intake is not that bad. I still do salads and bake food . But I did have a fried food attack but that's about it.

Prolly like7 weeks

Been feeling a burning sensation wen I wake up every morning. I still wear my garment but it became super loose but that's the only one that's comfortable. I brought another one but it cuts my circulation off laws


Hey ppl. I love my shape. Ive been so busy I haven't just been able to love on me and dance sexy in the mirror and admire my body and flaws from afar. I broke up with my Ex. I am now dating and I am happy! He was irritating me about my new shape would I couldn't wear. I paid too much money and you was not that supportive, anywhoo this burning sensation is horrible. Im happy about a lot of things in life. Your body will attract endless foot ball players, all types. the attention so real and The guys I became friends with are everything, I never come out my pocket lol. but I only got eyes for one. Hows everyone?


I need to strt working out but at one time I was eating healthy and everything was leaving. I just want to keep my thickness and tone my thighs. I know ya hate that back pain shocks!

Hey everyone

I haven't been on here in forever! Who the best doct now? My body was everything until I got pregnant. I know ? A waste of money. He knew I was super litty lol. I'm concern about how my belly gon look after. Ima give my body a break. I was 4 months post op and wine up pregnant now we have a spot together etc. broke up with my ex and he came out of no where. My but went from a 43 to A 50 during my pregnancy . My shape is still like that even pregnant , he had to take me shopping Bcus I was giving Blac Chyna body (pregnant body) that's my update. I realize how press i was to get my Lilo and didn't even get to enjoy it but God work in mysterious ways Bcus I was living, traveling, partying, 'and meeting a way better selection of guys and God set me down. I literally clubbed everyday if I wasn't working. That's my story. All I can say is. If you getting it Bcus it's a trend .. you may wanna rethink it . I got it done Bcus I always wanted to know how it felt to have a flat stomach , and I wanted b4. Snatch bodies came out. I just wasn't in the position financially. When I got prego I said I was ginger it again but I realize my body has been through enough and I have a child who needs me so I'm not going to take any more chances with these surgeons. So be mindful and ask God first.

Still looking

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