45 Yrs Young & I look and feel 25 Again...NO REGRETS!!!

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I really get annoyed when I see people posting all...

I really get annoyed when I see people posting all this negativity with their tummy tucks. Look, lets be real for a second..."Its going to hurt" BUT ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS. The pain isn't really pain...its more of being uncomfortable for a few weeks. (Being out of your comfort zone can be considered Pain I guess) I don't know - maybe I have a higher tolerance for pain than others, but being uncomfortable for a few weeks has been worth every moment of being uncomfortable for awhile. I'm 6 weeks post op and I feel AH-MAZING!!! I started walking as soon as possible (its key to a quicker-stronger recovery). I'm not a doctor and everyone is different but I am so glad I did a round of T-25 prior to my surgery. I really think it helped me get my strength back super quick. I started walking on day 3 at the track - drains and all- and worked my way up to running at 4 weeks post op. Yes, running! Turtle pace and started out small but I'm up to 5 miles now. If you ran before your surgery wait until after....OMG BECKY!! You will feel like Forrest Gump once you get past that first hurdle of recovery. I think it is absolutely CRUCIAL that you prepare yourself mentally for the recovery process. It isn't easy but if you stay positive and focus on the outcome you will be amazed how fast the recover process really is. (you will be bruised and swollen for a while but this will pass so don't get discouraged) I cannot believe I'm 6 weeks out. I feel unbelievable and everyone keeps telling me I look amazing (I never told anyone I was having the procedure except my daughter and husband). The reason I chose not to tell anyone is because frankly I feel like its my body and by business. I don't owe anyone an explanation as to why I feel and look "Amazing"! LOL. I don't want to make this a long drawn out post so here are just few tips that I wanted to share and they really helped me to get to a quick and healthy road to recovery. Oh by the way, I'm leaving for Florida for vacation next week and I have a bikini!! YUP!! that's right...and I look 25 years old in it. Nice and tight and flat!! (even thought I'm still swelling-I still look good)
1) It is imperative that you have someone to help you 24 hrs for the first 3 days after surgery. DO NOT waiver from this. You cannot be by yourself even if you are superwoman.
2) Talk your pain medications ONLY if you absolutley need them. I was taking Tylenol only after day 5. Really it's not that bad! Like I said its uncomfortable not PAINFUL. Sleep was the hardest for me. Pillows and a recliner will be your bed for the first 2 weeks so get as comfortable as possibly can when you can and REST REST REST.
3) Drink Water Drink Water Drink Water Drink Water and then Drink more Water. You will pee 100 times a day but it absolutely flush you out and help with constipation. And it's amazing for your body and skin. I still drink a gallon a day...no joke. Its going to be your new NORM...so drink away.
4) Massage your belly as soon as DR tells you - every day a few times a day. (i just used pure vitamin E on my scare and massaged with only Cocoa Butter Oil. Don't waste your money on other stuff.) This absolutely helps with swelling and healing of your scar. Ok... lets talk a minute about swelling. You will swell for weeks/months afterwards. Don't worry it will get better every week, but its part of the healing process so let your body do its thing! All these SWELL HELL comments I see all over the place...don't let that bother you!! And SPANX are a necessity. Buy at least 3 pairs (hi-power spanx are the best I think) once you can go to spanx and not the binder you will be in heaven!
5) Absolutely change your eating habits if you haven't already. Tons of veggies, fruits and proteins will heal your body quicker and you will lose inches! Don't worry about your weight...let your clothes do the talking.
My stats on surgery day: 45 years young. 5 prior abdominal surgeries (c-sections and partial hysterectomy) 140 lbs 5'3 - size 8-10.
Today I'm 129 lbs!! I'm a size 4-6 at 6 weeks post op! My only regret is not doing this years ago.
I had a great surgeon. His staff was the best. They have been there for me every step of the way. Make sure you have that connection with your Dr and his team.
Good Luck to all and I hope you are as happy as I am afterwards. I can't wait to see what I look like a year from now:) this picture of me is the day before surgery and then 10 days after. This just shows you how fast you can recover if you do it right and listen and do whatever your surgeon tells you. Maybe I'll post an update with photo at 12 weeks!

Well Worth the Investment....YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

I feel like I'm on a mission now to let women know how important it is to feel good and confident in your own skin. For 20 years I hated my body. Tried every diet and exercise routine to lose my "kangaroo pooch". (multiple surgeries due to babies and partial hysterectomy) Nothing was going to fix it but surgery. My personal opinion - The procedure is well worth the investment. In fact any procedure that gives you that confidence back is worth your happiness. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love my body now. I really feel like a new person and I can honestly say I love myself again. Women who have procedures like tummy tucks, body lifts, ect. are not meant for us to be conceded or vain but we are set to a higher standard when it comes to our bodies and lets be honest women put their bodies through hell with having babies and going through all the hormonal stages as we get older. Once we hit 40 (which must be the magic number) we have to work even harder at keeping the weight off and to just maintaining that "healthy" weight. I look at a brownie and I gain 5 lbs. I honestly I felt like a 30 year old women trapped in 45 year old body, but not any more!! Don't feel bad about investing in your body. We only have one life to live and we should feel happy and confident as we walk on this earth. We deserve it! I thought I would put up a photo of me with clothes on...lol...just to show you how good you can look if you work hard at your "investment"! With a little help from Dr C I am able to look like this in 6 weeks. No photo shop here, just your average selfie!

My 8 Week Update

Hello Beautiful People.
I just wanted to send out an update on how I am doing at 8 weeks and to Thank You all for your comments and kind words.
I just got back from a 10 day vacation in Florida and I had one of the best times ever. The main reason for this is because I finally felt so amazingly confident and comfortable in my binkini on the beach for the first time in 25 years. (I was always too self conscious to wear a bikini) I'm not a Victoria''s Secret model by any stretch, but I gotta tell you I sure felt damn close to being one. I wish I had a decent picture to post of me in my bathing suit but this is the best I can do. It is a VS bikini, but with me sitting slouched in a beach chair you really can't tell how good my tummy really looks. However you can see that I don't have a kangaroo pouch bulging over my bottoms anymore! My top straps are pulled down to prevent tan lines so I look a little weird but you get the point - right! LOL
So anyway, I am running almost to normal pace and distance now. I can do core exercises - but they feel really weird - almost like a pulling sensation so I have to be careful. I am started my P90x routine again on Monday, so I'm excited for that. I have always exercised at least 5 days a week. Now I feel guilty on my rest days I want to do something. For me my workouts feel even more invigorating since my TT. I feel like my energy level and strength has doubled. I'm sure it has something to do with the muscle repair during the procedure. I has made a world of difference for me.
Even during my vacation I made sure I exercised whether it was a morning run before the brutal sun or miles of beach walking...I even did squats, lunged, and planks on the beach. Something about the sound of the water and the salty air felt motivating. I didn't feel as guilty when I did splurge on numerous alcoholic beverages and beach bar food (I tried to still eat a lot of fish and drank a lot of water ) but now I have to go back to good, healthy, clean eating again (which is cool with me)! My body is actually craving healthy food again. I actually gained 2 lbs, but I am not going to freak over it! I can lose that in a few days now that I'm home. BTW, I have to tell you one of the coolest things about my belly now... After I eat a meal and feel full , my belly doesn't bulge out like I just ate a 10 course dinner. It still stays flat and tight....It's amazing!! You don't have to go home after a great meal out and throw on your over sized sweatpants for relief. Throw those suckers out ladies - you won't need those anymore!
I still cannot believe I'm over the 8 week hump. I totally feel back to normal. The first few weeks are really just a blur to me anymore. At the time I felt like the days were just dragging... I remember thinking to myself "I cannot wait to get to 2 weeks" - then it was "I cannot wait to get to 4 weeks" - now at 8 weeks " I cannot wait to get to 12 weeks - 6 months - and the first Year"!
Another "side" note (pardon the pun) is that my right side swells more than the left - especially at the end of the day. I do wear my Hi-Power Spanx to bed on the really swelly days so when I wake up in the morning I'm flat as a pancake again. I have been told by my Dr that since I'm really active I may swell more than usual - which is fine with me - he says my results will just keep getting better over time. I just have to be consistent with massaging my belly at least 2 x's a day to help with the swelling. It really isn't that bad either I can just tell I look lopsided by the end of the day. He told me I will continue to swell on and off for up to 6 months.
I hope everyone who is getting ready to start their journey remains excited and positive. If you have mentally prepare yourself it should be fairly easy for you. For those who have already had their procedures I hope that you are doing great. I love hearing about your experiences and your insights.
If you ever have any questions or want to know of any of my experiences through my recovery please drop me a comment! Everyone has a different experience but I'm more than happy to share mine with you.

My 8 week timeline

A few photos of my first 8 weeks!

Tried to upload this to my last update but mt tablet died

Sorry for the additional update but I could not upload this photo to my previous "8 week" update....it's hard trying to do a Selfie of your whole self!

My Scar - My Smile!

I wanted to show you what my scar looks like at just under 10 weeks post op. I call it my Smile. I think my surgoen did a fabulous job with it. Its very thin and it's not crooked at all. The two little dots in the center are part of my old belly button believe it or not so it required a few more stitches and make that smile even. They will fade over time. I couldn't be happier.


Happy Friday All!
Since I have had my TT (March 24th 2015) I've been asked by many on this site what I've used doing my recovery process. So I thought I would post some pictures of some of my favorite things. Your Doctor may not agree with my choices/favorites but all of these have been approved by my surgeon and he encourages me to continue to use them as well as maintain my exercise routines and post workout regimens. They work for me so I would like to share them with you.


YIKES... 2 of my photos didn't upload. Can't forget these!

16 weeks flew by....what a journey so far!

Hello Out There My Friends!
I was officially 16 weeks yesterday - Woo Hoo - and I cannot believe how fast it went. For those of you in your first few weeks I know this sounds so far away for you, but these 16 weeks have literally flown by for me. I am so thankful for Doctor (PS). He made me look and feel better than I have ever felt my entire life. So at 16 weeks I still SWELL!! Yes Yes Yes... swelling is going to be your word for the day - EVERYDAY for awhile. Don't let that discourage you! I swell especially after I work out. The pictures I posted are "Post Workout" as you can tell I have the making's of a 1 pack - so I have 5 more to go!! lol....and It is impossible to take a "side selfie"!! Seriously, I just really started doing hard core AB workouts at 14 weeks. Everyone is different with starting points but I encourage everyone to start working out as soon as you feel comfortable. But with that being said I still love my tummy even when its swollen a bit. It's really all part of the journey.
I went to my 14 week Check Up and my Dr said I'm doing fantastic. So he doesnt' want to see me until my ONE YEAR anniversary. He told me to continue to massage my tummy, belly button, and scar line with Cocoa Butter Oil everyday. There hasn't been one day that I haven't done that and I'm pretty sure that routine has worked out well with my healing process.
So I'm going to get a little TMI here. I have had a slight irritation with getting ingrown pubic hairs right on my incision line. Yukky and I have had 2 get a bit infected and leaving another scar like mark. I told my nurse at my Dr's office and she told me to come in and get laser hair removal just on my incision line to prevent that from reoccurring. So I'm not sure if any of you have had the same problem but there is a solution!
My life has literally changed. Physically, Emotionally, Socially, and Positively!!!! This procedure has made me love my body again physically. Emotionally I'm not sad or hiding or disgusted with the way my tummy looked. Socially, I do more now since I'm comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy Pool Party's and really all social events now. Before I made excuses not to go places and do things - making excuses was easier than trying to figure out what I was going to wear to camouflage my belly. It was exhausting. Even though I have always had a pretty positive attitude - my positivity has grown to an all new level. I truly enjoy each and everyday with little to no stress. It's amazing how your entire outlook on life changes over a procedure like this.
I hope you all are doing wonderfully and enjoying your new bodies. Tummy Hugs to all and I'm be sure to update my journey in a few months!

Just a Quick Share for all the Ladies!!

So yesterday my daughter and I went the mall to return a few things at Victoria Secret and I thought what the Heck, while I am in there I was finally going to get fitted for a bra. For years I thought I was a 36 C, but I was so wrong. I am a 34 DDD! LOL...I was like "Holy Perfect Boobies". This bra fits like a glove. I'm so glad I did that. I highly recommend the next time you are out shopping to go get fitted for a bra. The pictures I posted are of me in the Body by Victoria bra. I would have never thought to do this before, but my daughter actually suggested it because she was fitted a few weeks prior. I seriously was considering getting a breast lift, but my mind has completely changed just because of this bra...lol! I'm sure some of you think I'm a nut - hehehehe- until you go do the same...! The panties I'm got are amazing too. I actually feel like I'm going commando in them. I can't remember the name of them though. As you can see my scar looks pretty dark in the picture but it's not. its been fading really well. My PS said it can take up to 2 years to fade to more nudey shade...but I don't really give a hoot....I love my scar! Happy Shopping Ladies!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Update

So my last update I was talking about getting ingrown hairs on my incision line. Well I went to my PS office and my nurse did a quick laser hair removal treatment just on my incision line - at no charge! It literally took 10 secs. Wow, what a difference. My bumps were completely gone within 8 hours. I have to go back in 4 weeks for one more treatment. She also gave me this 100% Silicon Gel to put on my scar Thought I'd share a picture to see if anyone else has used this and what their result were.....looking forward to any input!!!

Favorite Protein Shakes that I Promised....

I totally forgot to share more of my favorite post workout protein shakes with you. If you don't have a Oster Myblend Blender run to walmart and grab one for $17...This little blender is amazing and super economical and practical...the nijna's are good too but for the price it's pretty comparable.
I use 2% milk and crushed iced in all my shakes except a few as specified. Let me know what you think or share your favorites with us!!! Cheers Ladies!

Chocolate protein powder, peppermint exact, a squeeze of low sugar hershey's chocolate syrup
Chocolate protein powder, almond butter or hazelnut if you can find it, hazelnut extract and a banana
Chocolate protein, frozen cherries (preferably thawed), almond butter and almond extract
Chocolate protein, blueberries - that's it!
Vanilla Protein Powder, Fresh Seedless Watermelon chunks, Coconut water or watermelon vitamin water
Vanilla Protein Powder, fresh pineapple chunks, coconut water with pineapple, coconut extract

Coming up on my 9 month Anniversary!!

Hi Everyone!
I have been off the grid for like 3 months...I'm so sorry for the delayed responses to your messages you sent me. My only excuse is that I have been literally swamped with work and my social life has been out of control...lol! Like I've said before I would not go out that much because of my insecurities with the way I looked. I don't feel like that at all ...I go everywhere...even when I look like crap because I just rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning ..now I just throw on my sweatpants and baseball cap to go hit the grocery store...Yep and I still feel like I look good....lol!! Funny but I feel good in anything now. I love shopping and being able to buy stuff that makes me feel good about myself! Holy Thrift Stores Ladies....I'm addicted...I found some awesome stuff (with tags still on it for dirt cheap...like Michael Kors and other name brands) Its hit or miss but sometimes you can hit the mother load and walk out with a few outfits for a quarter of the price you'd pay for in the mall! Now that I'm coming up on my 9 month post op mark I'm like "Where has the time gone"...I can't believe its been 9 month. I know I say that every time I update my posts but its true. I can do anything I want to. My body is perfectly back to normal. Ok, I take that back, because I do still swell a little at the end of the day. but it is not that noticeable anymore. (Only I notice it really) Always, after a workout! I ve been slacking on my workouts too....Im a bad girl....! I just got so busy that I wouldn't take the time out to do it and that is terrible....so I'm back on the workout train and lovin' it....I was starting to feel like a big fat fatty and lethargic. I hate when I start feeling like that. And since the Holidays are coming up I cant wait to eat all the good stuff... so burning calories is a must for a guilt free Holiday Season:) Because you know I like to eat!!
How is everyone doing with there progress? Or are you getting ready to have your procedure!! Love to hear from you!!!! I don't have any pics to post but I'll try to on my official 9 month mark:)
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