Yes There Will Be Pain...but There Are Results *top pic before CS/bottom pic after 1 treatment* - Fort Washington, MD

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I did one treatment. I strongly recommend doing...

I did one treatment. I strongly recommend doing one and seeing how you feel. I really dont think i could have handled two. I am now on day 11 feeling much better. I stayed home 2 days after my procedure as my tummy had that needles feeling and the itching was madness! I didn't take anything for pain but my tummy was so sensitive. I couldn't even let the top sheet from my linen touch my belly because it would become painful, itchy. I have seen some results. I think the problem is they use very particular set of photos/models so the expectation is higher. You can't show people women with tummy flat as a board but then all your paperwork say "well it only removes 20% of fat" They need to use more realistic images that show 20% fat lose. So far i see a difference. One thing I read online is if you are considering CS you should have a BMI of 30 or lower. I am right at 28 but I noticed at the open house several women that were over 30 bmi and I think that does them a disservice because they are not in the optimal range to see results that are anywhere near the promotional photos. Lastly, this procedure is in no way in hell painless. No the pain isnt as bad as labor or dropping a bowling ball on your foot but when you take a shopvac, place it on "Wicked hard suck" and set the temperature to something Elsa from Frozen could do with a touch of her hand ..then damn it its gonna hurt and they really should just state that upfront so folks can make a informed decision. "Do you want to build a snowman?" No chick, no I sure dont!"

Things are progressing along. Top pic w/black panty before 1 CS treatment/bottom pic w/blue ink 15 days after 1 treatment

The pain has stopped, some occasionally itching when i touch my tummy. The top picture w/black panty before 1 CS treatment/bottom pic w/blue ink 15 days after 1 treatment.

I keep my compression garment on because it helps with the itching. I also use a firming lotion on my tummy before putting on the compression garment. Results are small but I am pleased so far. Unlike the top pic my tummy doesn't hang or pouch out as much and it doesn't touch my thighs when I am seated like before my treatment. I was told that I would need 2 treatments but I don't think I really want to go through the recovery again. I still believe what i read about have a 30 or lower bmi. I worked out to get my bmi down before my treatment. Still working out but I only do cycling. More to come.

It's a marathon NOT a sprint/17 days post 1 treatment

So we are feeling better. Able to cycle comfortably though I still wore my compression garment for slight itching. I really want folks to.remember CS is a 20% reduction and you cant expect to see washboard abs, unless you do liposuction? I've never had liposuction but I would assume it provides pretty quick results. Anyway. I am taKing all my pictures seated because I can gauge what my tummy is doing. I am pleased that it no longer touches my thighs. Also I noticed that I cant grab as much tummy with my hands...yes I use to jiggle my tummy fat whenever I wanted to gauge how out of shape I had become lol. Not trying to flood this page with pics but I just wanted to provide as many realistic pics as possible. I will tell you that I wasn't sure it was working that we'll but when I look at my before CS, the day 3 pic and day 17 I caneed really see how my body is changing. One other thing is diet. I am doing WW. I have been on WW since February, very slow weight lose but I sat that to let you know I am watching what I eat BUT ESPECIALLY since I had a CS treatment. I drink a ton of water and NO alcohol. I figure if I want my body to successfully flush the fat from my system them I don't need to introduce alcohol into my system. So that's where we are today. How are you doing?

Oh hey forgot to mention

The itching is annoying as hell. Trying to sleep and once again have to keep sheet and night my tummy or I break out into a itching fit. Grrrrrrr

Good night

Making progress Quad City style - Day 20

Cotton candy, sweetie go, I AINT GOT NO TUMMY ROLL!

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Check back - Stay encouraged :)

Post 28 Days- 1 Treatment- No More Tummy Roll

Just another update. On day 28, no more pain but still a little itching at bedtime. I have been working out and on WW, though weight-loss has been slow. Still limiting alcohol intake just so my body doesn't have a lot to deal with while flushing my system of fat. So far so good. I'm the top pic my tummy use to touch my thighs when seated now it doesn't. Just wanted to provide my results...still have a few weeks to go before my follow up appointment at the doctors office. I will not have another procedure though...the recovery is a little rough.

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