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So I've just recently found this site, and I am...

So I've just recently found this site, and I am beyond ecstatic to be apart of this community. Like everyone here, I have some areas of my body that I am not completely happy with. My goal for 2015 is to shed some weight and to eventually have a tummy tuck and fat transfer. I've had one consultation in 2014 with Dr Jimerson, which resulted in a quote of 18k... which of course I can't afford, lol. My ideal plan is to go overseas and get my procedure. In the meantime, I will continue to eat less and save more money, because I am determined to get this done this year. Good luck to anyone out there who are already in the trenches and I pray for your speedy recovery. I will update you guys throughout the year, and welcome all feedback :-)

My Area (DMV)

Hey ladies! So with doing my research on Baez and Duran, I'm looking for anyone who is from Washington D.C (DMV) area who has had surgery with either doctors. I'm leaning towards Baez, not sure. I would like a doctor that makes me feel comfortable. Just trying to put my mind at ease by actually talking to someone outside of this screen to get some insight. Thanks!!!

IASO Tea is saving my life!

So! I need to lose a significant amount of weight in order to get my surgery, so far I am at 16lbs loss, in just weeks as of Thursday March 5. I drink this tea everyday twice a day and have lost pounds each and everyday!! I'm so excited to finally get over this hurdle. I still have a long ways to go, For anyone who needs to lose weight beforehand like me check it out. For sure a life saver!!!! I will be in the Dominican Republic sooner than I thought! I wish this tea was in my life sooner! Talk to you guys soon!!

Sent my Email Request for Consul W/Baez.

After researching all the doctors in DR, I am certain that I want to go with Baez. 2 patients a day makes me feel very comfortable and I do like her work. Please tell me your experiences with her. I'm excited and nervous. My goal is to aim for late Sept early October for a BBL. Most likely I will be going alone, so I'll probably need a buddy :-)

Switching to Manual Diaz

So I am about 95 percent sure that I will be switching to Diaz for my surgery. I really like this work and he responds in a timely manner, as well as Baez. So I have been quoted $4500 for both my procedures with Diaz, and $3800 with both procedures from Baez. Diaz would like me to lose 58lbs in order to get the surgery which I am aiming to do now. I would like my surgery the first week of December. So that would about 8lbs a month to lose. Which I know I can do. doing good so far :-) I am weighing in at 233lbs right now, just lost 2lbs lol. But anywho, looking forward to the end of this year, I will prepping my body with good nutrition and exercise cause I want nothing to get in my way.

HELP!!! DIAZ or BAEZ!!??

Hey guys!! It's time I made my deposit for surgery in March and I can NOT make up my mind between the two!!! This is so frustrating that my mind is playing tug of war.... What do you guys think?? Hheeelllpppp!!! *sig*

BAEZ April 7th 2016

So I finally decided to go with Baez. What made me choose her was her tummy tuck incisions were perfect, clean and low. Diaz was was good to but Baez incisions were the best to me. So my date is April 7th 2016, Would love a surgery buddy because I am going alone.... So yea... I'm excited... 6 month countdown lol.

Mind playing tricks on me!!

He guys!! So... It will be 2 months until I go in for surgery with Dra Baez, and I have to say that I am filling very insecure about it. I'm wondering if I made the right the decision. I wondering if I will be ok, I'm wondering if there will be any complications. My mind is just spinning with thoughts. I know it is normal but It almost makes me want to back out :-(

Anyway I could use some words of encouragement to keep my head in the game. I also have not told my mother yet....so yea.. there's that weighing on me too. Also what did you guys do to help you prepare for your surgeries??

Surgery date changed JUNE 7th

So I had to change my date, due to financial reasons.
I was hoping to be ready by summer, looks like I will just be getting started in the summer. Which is fine I guess. As long as I get it done!!! I will be staying at Real Recovery Amornia the 5th-21st, don't know If I mentioned that already. So ready to get going with this, and get the recovery process over with. Who is going to DR around this time??

Change of Date.... yet again. December 6th

Couldn't get cleared by my physician for my last date, so Baez issued me a new date for December 6th 2016. I'm hoping everything goes well this time around. I still plan on flying out by myself. I plan to stay at Armornia Recovery. Anyone from the D.C. area plan on going let me know,

Can anyone tell me about Willaim Jimenez??

I have researching doctors in Colombia lately. I think I want to travel there instead. I know they are a little more advanced than the Dominican Republic. What are some good doctors that you have heard of, or had good experience with? Also I am researching for some recovery homes as well.
Dra Baez

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