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I'm 39 and my husband and I are fine having...

I'm 39 and my husband and I are fine having kids-we have 4, ages 8, 6 and twin 3 year olds. From the pregnancies (single births 9.5 lbs each and twins 7 lbs each) I had 3 hernias (diastasis, umbilical, and incisional) and no matter how much I exercised they did not improve. I had people asking if I was pregnant. I'm athletic and naturally muscular but weighed 157 the day before surgery (my ideal weight is 148). I'm 5'10". I decided to do a breast lift at the same time since insurance covered the hernia repair ($8000) and my PS agreed that a breast lift would give me a good result. Before kids I was a full B with large areoles (which my friends teased me about but I kinda liked!). I have broad shoulders and wide set pectoral muscles so my breasts are far apart. I breastfed all 4 and with the twins I was a 36FF!! I cried when the maternity store had nothing large enough. Anyway, after all the kids I was a large C but it was saggy and I felt I had to "tuck" them into my bra! I liked how they looked IN a bra but not out. My husband is awesome and liked them (a lot) and begged me not to do the lift, but I wanted it for me:-)

So I went with a PS a friend had used here in Firt Walton Beach, FL. He specializes in natural looks and reconstruction and did not try to talk me into anything else. My friend had implants because she lost all volume with kids, but I was willing to lose a cup size and just "perk up".

So it's been 10 days and I have mixed feelings. Hernia repair went great. No drains, just a pain pump for 3 days and seem to be healing well. Scar is ugly but normal and actually smaller than he initially told me it would be. I have to wear the belly band at all times or I feel really weird but other than that the pain has been very manageable. The breasts are healing ok but I'm not sure if the nipples are too high. My PS warned me they would look fake at first and then settle so he told me to be very patient, and I can already see a huge improvement. I asked him to keep my areoles a little bit large because that is ME and what I'm used to! I think you did a good job with that. I admit I love the size and shape of the lifted breasts. I have pain and redness under my right breast and it is a funky shape from the suture (but improving daily). PS is very hard to reach and haven't even seen him yet! Scheduled for the 19th. Guess I'll have to just be patient-so hard!!

Nipples too high?? 14 days post lift only (no implants)

14 days post lift and still very sore. Get sutures out tomorrow (thank God!) but nipples look so high! Can't get used to it, though I'm very happy with size and shape of breasts and size of areoles (I wanted mine kept larger)...will this change? Can't see how nipples will drop unless tissue underneath is swollen??? A bit worried:-(

Day 17 post surgery....New opening/Nipples still high/Loving my bras!

Well, just like many of the others it is Day 17 and now I have an opening under my right breast. Saw my PS at Day 15 and all was well, but now I am on NEW antibiotics and putting Neosporin and changing the dressing twice a day. Not too painful but really gross! (see nasty pic)

So, my right breast is kinda "square" at the bottom due to the new hole. Hoping that clears up when I heal. Plus, I still think my nipples are a bit high on the breast. My hubby likes the look but I think it looks like 2 Hershey's kisses sitting on top:) The nipples are actually in a pretty good spot for my body - good distance from my shoulders, etc. but my breasts just have TOO MUCH FULLNESS in the LOWER POLE and NOT ENOUGH FULLNESS in the UPPER POLE. I love the volume and shape of my new breasts so don't want to mess with that, but does anyone know if this can be fixed easily down the road??!! In office? I sure don't want to go through any more anesthesia - it terrifies me!

Some of you were wondering about bras so I've posted my favorite. It doesn't have a front opening (like a zipper or hooks) but it is so stretchy I can pull it over my hips. These are my favorite for shaping and comfort, but there are lots out there. Fruit of the Loom makes a front hook one that is also nice. These are "Basics" from Walmart and come in several colors including white and are just $5.88 each, so I stocked up.


I forgot to attach these. Also, forgot to mention how impressed I am with invisible stitches-PS very skilled in that area...don't think I will scar much:-)

25 days post surgery- still have open wound but no pain and tummy feeling great!

So it's been 25 days and hubby just left on a 10 day trip. I've still got a horrible opening under right breast but saw nurse yesterday and she says it looks on track for healing and just be patient- it could be a long process. Doesn't hurt at all. Left breast still smarts a little underneath where sutures were but nothing terrible.

Breast still look about the same, but hard to tell with open wound. Will assess them later:-)

More pics - Day 25

More pics. Still think nipples are high (about 1/2 inch) but willing to wait until 6 mo. for final assessment....revision might be simple case of shortening lower pole/vertical scar below nipple? Hmmm...

Revision Time!

OK so my breasts keep dropping and bottoming out which only made the nipples appear higher and higher. My PS said it would be a simple in/office procedure to shorten the lower pool and bring the nipple down. He wants to do one breast at a time to avoid any opening of the wound (like last time) and to give the first want to chance to start healing so today I had my left breast done and on April 28 I'll have the right one done. He used heavy duty 3 month sutures (?!) and it only took 45 minutes in his office...it was fairly painless except for the needles… But now I'm experiencing some pain tonight. Gonna have a glass of wine and go to bed...here's hoping it works! It seems like it will just go back to where it was once the tape is off:-(

4 days after left side lower pole revision

no pain...nipple is just CRAZY sensitive, swollen and ITCHY!!! aaaaargh. Not sure if it's gonna stay put????, but like it so far....

Almost 3 years post breast lift (no implants)

So it will be 3 years in November and I am basically happy with the results… I love the shape and size – I am about a large B/small C and in clothes the size is perfect (especially for my broad back… Any bigger and I look like a linebacker!)

However, I know the nipples are too high still… The revision didn't really do anything because the surgeon did not want to do a horizontal scar under the breast (only a vertical one), and I think that is really what is going to be required to fix this. I won't be going back to him - I can't even find him anymore...he's moved his practice with no forwarding...and I'm not sure I will even get them fixed… I really do not want to go under again and my husband is perfectly happy with them! They only pop out of bras and swimsuits that are a demi-cup, but it can be annoying! I also don't like wearing anything brawl us not because of any droop but because people may see how high these nipples are!-LOL

Overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat because it is a big positive difference....however, I would encourage everyone to really discuss nipple size and placement with your surgeon... I am 5'10" and I don't think he took that into account at all when measuring distance from sternal notch to center of breast!! He was about 1" too short!!!


Photos at almost 3 years post-op breast lift with no implants
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